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 Diabetic? Please, i'm only eleven :'(?
I was tested for diabetes two hours after eating chocolate pudding almost a year ago. My blood sugar was 124. I am eleven years old, 4'11, and 95 pounds. This is what has been happening lately......

 should someone be punished for having high blood sugar?
you see i have friend that lives in a group home every time her sugar goesup they punish her i don't think it't ...

 I'm seriously not happy with the blood test results...?
I've been tested for diabetes quite a few times. They eventually came up with Mono, but while that may be true, I don't think that's entirely what I have. I just want a name for what I ...

 Diabetes with me and family?
I don't want my family to think that I am overreacting so I haven't mentioned my suspicions. But I have noticed that I have some of the symptoms of diabetes. My dad is also diabetic so that ...

 what should i do if my mother is thirsty and wants some water?
I dont feel like getting up. What should i do?...

 I wake up and my sugar is always around 272, I don't eat late at night. I have been on several different
meds and they don't work. It doesn't get below 230 & gets as high as 450 most the time. It makes me tired. Went to hospital and they gave me a IV to hydrate me, wasn't ...

 Diabetic Blood Sugar Machine?
My grandmother is diabetic and I saw a commercial for a blood sugar machine that you take it on your arm. please help me!!!! I need to know the name if there is a link to a website please link it!!!!<...

 Thirst: How much is too much?
After talking to my mom tonight, she told me that if I drink a lot and pee a lot, it must be diabetes.
I told her that I wasn't drinking that much and she seem to think that I do. I drink ...

 what are the first signs that your a diabetic?
because i don't have diabetes and it runes in my family and i am scared what can i do i have to go to my doctors tomorrow what should i tell him....

 Is it true that diabetics....?????
Can have kids but they are prone to have diabetes as well?...

 What kind of doctor do I need to go to to see if I have diabeties?
Actually my husband thinks he might have diabetes, we have no money and we need to see if he does or not. Can he go to a just a medical clinic with a nurse. Also what are some things that would help ...

 I am a type II diabetic patient. The recent reading is 272mg/dl What kind of vegetables & fruits I can take.?

 can a person receive medicade and medicare at the same time?

 could not eating breakfast and lunch cause tiredness?
For the past few weeks, I've skipped breakfast and lunch, but ate a big dinner.

Also, I just got off spring break, so ive been sleeping in that whole week lol

When I wake ...

 if i have low blood sugar am i supposed to eat something sweet?
can someone have low blood sugar and not have diabetes
Additional Details
is ginger ale ...

 My husband is killing himself!!?
my husband has type 1 diabetes & injects himself with mixtard30 twice a day. he's had it since he was 2. hes now 34. only problem is, he dosent check his blood sugar, or eat the right foods. ...

 do you feel like all the fun is out of cooking and baking now that you can't eat the stuff?
cooking and baking was a big part of me....now it's no fun...
Additional Details
i don't do well with the artificial sweeteners they give me bad headaches and stomach flu like ...

 Difference between Hypoglycemia and Type 2 Diabetes?
Just looking for an explanation between the 2....

 could this b diabetes or wot?
I am female,144lbs @5ft2'' .51yrs I urinate 6/8times at nite,always thirsty,after eating sugary food I lose the ability to stay awake,and it seems like I go into shutdown,this also happens ...

 can diebetics drink alchohol?
i have a diebetic friend who likes to drink. i always worry abouit her when she drinks but she will nnnot stop! what do i do for her if she gets sick from drinking it? should i feed her if she feels ...

I have a teenager who sleeps a whole lot all of a sudden and complaines of being nauseated. What could it be?
She's 15 and usually doesn't sleep that much, we're talking like 10 hours or more.

she could have mono, too. Dont automatically assume pregnancy...

When I was a teen I slept ALL the time. It's scientifically proven that teens need more sleep than any other age. Because their bodies are going through SO much right now. With the hormone growth and new 'things' growing all the time it takes up a lot of energy in the body. As for the nausia...She's probably just trying to get out of going to school. Either that or again it could be that she's growing up and her body just isn't taking it too well.

you have on your hands a typical teenager. unless she might be pregnant but highly doubtful? then maybe she is just being normal?

Any chance of pregnancy?

You could have her thyroid levels checked. My daughter was having similar symptoms and it ended up being an under active thyroid. They put her on thyroid supplementation and she perked right up.

Mary Boo
if iw was you i would take her to see a doctor because on telling what it is.

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