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 I've heard of a third type of diabetes?
My doctor was telling me about how theres not only type 1 (which i have) and type 2 but also a third type of diabetes. She didn't really go into in too much though so im not sure what it means ...

 How long will blood sugars stay elevated after a steroid shot?
My daughter (age 3, type 1) went under general anesthesia on Friday. They gave her a steroid shot for nausea ... she was fine at first, but a few hours later on the way home her blood sugar started ...

 How can this be possible?
A person maintains a high-carbohydrate diet for 2 months, eating absolutely no fat the whole time. At the end of the 2 months, the person discovered that his amount of body fat has actually increased....

 Splenda side affects?
Ok I stopped using splenda a week ago and my body is going back to normal. I've been using it for about 2 years and all so a sudden it turned on me. I got zits, back acne, and my eyes would itch ...

 what do you think? diabetes?
i have a numbness in my arm, and ive been dying for a thirst, i drank to many times today, and yesterday and peeing like a lot too. diabetes runs in my family my maternal grandmother and my cousin. ...

 3 months ago i started using a pump after 32 years with diabetes. now, i no longer have any energy ? why ?
i actually felt better when my bg was higher than controlled as it is now. i am weak and tired. what can i eat or do to restore my strength and energy....

 Are sugar substitutes better or worse then sugar?
Please no links and explain why you feel the substitutes are better or worse.

Additional Details
My doctor said I'm pre diabetic so I am watching my suagr intake....

 diabetic recipes! :)?
can anyone help me find them. i have to make something for diabetes assignment for cooking and i really want to make a dessert, can anyone tell me a name of a site that has diabetic recipes :)...

 Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?
& if you are diabetic, is it true that if you exercise after you eat, then your sugar goes down?...

 Insulin dependant diabetics: Does this disease every cause you to have the "shakes"?

 symptoms of diabetes?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
Additional Details
also what if u only havesome of the symptoms but u also have other symptoms?...

 How bad is DIABETES? what are some ways to stay healthy with it?
the doctor said that my grandma might have diabetes. (she gave a test... and the results are coming.)

how bad is it?
can it kill her :(
will she be okay

what are ...

 If diabetes is a disease mostly caused by obesity...?
why is it that skipping your medication causes huge weight loss.
Additional Details
I don't have the disease myself, I've just wondered because I've heard that some people ...

 Does my son have a sugar-control problem?
My son is 9, and is very lean. Not overly skinny, just a wiry kid (BMI = 13). When I wake him in the morning, he is EXTREMELY grumpy, to the point of crying that he has to get out of bed. He ...

 Do you think its very possible that i have diabetes?
I am a fourteen year old girl and i am five seven and weigh 114 pounds. I eat about an average of three packs of candy in a week (starburst, sourpatch kids, etc.). My dad was diagnosed with diabetes ...

 Are there still active cannibals today?

 Do carb blockers work?
I lost about 25 pounds in the last three months. I am happy thin. Now, summer is here and there will be some BBQs to attend. I love hot dogs, backed beans, potato salad and all the good stuff. I ...

 How can stem cells be used to cure diseases such as diabetes and cancer?

 What are foods that have zero carbs?
I have a friend that has diabetes and she needs carb free food.

Additional Details
My friend doesn't want to go completely carb free. She just wants to know what ...

 Can you get blurry vision with a low blood sugar?
She's never had blurred vision, even with a high. I didn't think it was associated with a low though, and she was low when it happened. At the same time she also had what she described as ...

Thiagarajan Sabapathi
I am a diabetic. I often have burning sensation in my feet. What is it due to? What is the solution?

It sounds like you have athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a fungus you catch in locker rooms and at pools. It grows in damp warm dark places (like between the toes and under the foot. You can get it on your hands so when you treat your feet, treat also your hands. It is not dangerous, just uncomfortable. Go to the pharmacy and purchase a product for athlete's foot. Creams work best but purchase a spray to disinfect your shoes. PS do not wash your socks in javex as it is an irritant. Anyone can get athlete's foot. This is not because you are not clean or a diabetic. Also make sure to wear a pair of flippers when you are at a pool or in a locker room and do not walk barefoot so other people won't get it. Disinfect your floor and bathtub with a germ killer. Athlete's foot is resistent to treatment and you will have to persevere to kill it. If your feet start to peel, see a dermatologist

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
I don't know, but I am starring it so that some people that I know here on Y! will answer it. There is a pharmacist here online that knows a lot about diabetes.
Sorry I know just a little about diabetes. But I can help you with nutrition to get rid of your diabetes (if you have adult onset diabetes, that is).

It could be neuropathy or nerve damage. I suggest monitoring your blood sugar levels much more closely and actually looking at your feet to make sure there is nothing wrong such as a cut, or infection.

Lynn Bodoni
The nerves in your feet are injured and dying. It's called neuropathy. You need to monitor your blood sugar more closely, and follow your diet and exercise program better.

Examine your feet every day for injuries and lesions.

This is called diabetic neuropathy and is caused by damage to the nerves from the diabetes. There are some medications that your GP can give you for this. Good control of blood sugar levels is very important also.

Ms. T
Diabetes neuropathy is a complication caused by diabetes that involves nerve damage in the body. Over time when a person’s blood sugar levels are high and not controlled there can be damage to the nerves throughout the body. This damage makes it hard for the nerves to carry messages to the brain and other parts of the body.

The best way to control or slow this down is to control your blood sugar levels.

You can do this by exercise, eating a healthy diet, medications and natural supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps.

Some supplements that will help with the pain, tingling and burning sensation are alpha lipoic acid, chromium, and b-complex to name a few.

Good luck to you.

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