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 can you have hypglcima or diabties if no one in your family has it ?
im just wondering ? i have not been feeling to well these days i get dizzy or light headed 2 times already i start to cry out of no were

i get all nervous and angry really fast usaly im a ...

 HELP !?
my mum and dad are both diabetic...their sugar level is pretty high...
my grand-father was diabetic too...and my father always keeps telling me i will catch that disease too! i know that it'...

 humira injections procces?

 how do you make liquid glucose?

 softened water pass through ro system what will happened for calcium and magnisium?

 After exercise feel fatigue, look colourless pale drawn?

 Why isn't the medicine working for me?
My husband and I were both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Both our sugar levels were around 250 when we got tested. My husband's doctor gave him Avandamet which worked almost overnight. He ...

 Y is my vision blurry?
I have been playing basketball for the past 2 weeks like non stop everyday pretty much for school and my vision started to get blurry before/after/during playing. And it's happened a couple of ...

 Isn't the math the same?
When Gina (T1D, age 6) has 45 carbs, if I enter that and her BG into the pump, she's fine by next check. But if she has 10 carbs and I treat it, then 10 more or 20 more (treated, bypassing the B...

 Sply medicine for the Sugar patient?
i need to know about the medicine for sugar patient, do u have any efective medicine for it, if u r conected with me then i will describe it brifly on the mail as per ur question. thanks


 My father has Diabetes do I Have it too?
OK here is my problem.. i am 24 yrs old, i play sports, and i think i eat good, dont drink beer, smoke etc. Well recently i have been stressing due to baby mama trouble, Since i have been stressing ...

 What is the lowest blood sugar can go before you could die?

 i think i have diabetes i heard that premies are at high risk of getting diabetes is this true?

 My grandfather has high levels of sugar. Plz help?
He finds it tough to go and see and doctor frequently to check the sugar levels. Please suggest the website where i can buy a sugar monitoring device. T...

 If my basal metabolic rate (BMR)...?
is 1426, what does this mean? I would like to lose a couple pounds like 7 lbs. I know 3500=1 lb. How do I know how much I shouldn't eat more than? For example, some people shouldn't go over ...

 Why am I Peeing Blood?
I know this is weird, but I have been peeing more than normal for the past two days and starting today I started to pee a little blood. I don't know what this means. And my mom says that I am ...

 how dose amaryl affect blood sugar and insulin?

 Diabetic Diet: Is it a good idea for a diabetic to eat refrigerated fruit cups?
My father was recently diagnosed with diabetes. We are still trying to work out the kinks with his new diet. I know that one food diabetics should try and stay away from is canned fruit being that ...

 If the doctor prescribes the wrong type of insulin and it can not be returned to the pharmacy what should I do?
With our insurance the monthly allowance is used already so now we have to pay full price for the correct insulin....

 Drug Testing HELP Please?
Will a very small amount of prescription drugs show up in a hair follicle drug test....

How many points will 5 grams of carbohydrate raise your blood sugar?
Yes, I do realize it probably varies from person to person and what kind of food you are eating (glycemic index). I'm trying to explain to someone why they can not eat all of their allowed carbohydrates in one large meal a day.

Mr. Babu
Carb 1 gm have 4 calories, fat,oildhave 9 calories in one gram, meat has five calories. average person in day need about 2000 to 2200 calories a day, depending how active the person is.

hi t
As you suggest this question cannot be answered precisely or even imprecisely. It is highly dependent on individual physiology. Your previous responder using a weight based formula is roughly generally in the right direction but it is not possible to give so precise an answer. In general a person with diabetes will have less rise in blood glucose if he or she eats a smaller quantity of carbohydrate. Most experts would agree that it is best to divide allotted daily carbohydrates into smaller amounts more frequently through the day in order to minimize elevated blood glucose which is the key to preventing diabetic complications.

you were right to point out that you do know it can vary, otherwise you would of gotten a million poeple telling you. Anyway I am a type 1 and i can remember my diabetes educator that you should figure apx. 20 points for every 5 grams.


the answers you seek are here
1 gram of carbohydrate will raise blood sugar by about

o 3 points (mg/dL) in people who weigh ~200 lb

o 4 points in people who weigh ~150 lb

o 5 points in people who weigh ~100 lb

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