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 Do i really need insulin if my blood sugar ranges between 87-114 during gestational diabetes?
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How low does ones blood sugar have to be before going into a diabetic coma/insulin shock?

Horse Prints and Hoof Beats
I believe under 20 but i am not sure

Everyone is a little different. Make sure you keep written track of these things so it will easier to keep your doctor informed. Shock and coma are serious issues and are not to be taken lightly, or as a way to get high.

Pretty darn low. Many diabetic people, especially those with frequent lows and hypoglycemia unawareness, can function normally with very low sugar levels. A person who does not have diabetes could go into insulin shock quickly with a dose of insulin. This was actually a medicla practice some years ago, google "insulin shock therapy". You won't find a specific number any where because it varies from person to person.

Koter Boters misses Rufus!
The lowest I have been(the dr's fault) was 16 and at that point I was out!

once I woke up after they gave me glucose shots I was like what happened to me!I have been 27 and I was out too until the paramedic gave me the glucose shot.

The lowest I have been awake was about 60 and then I feel shaky,and I know I need something to eat so I don't go any lower.

Victoria-Marie Heshka
Mine is 45 but I'm fine.

Peter M
The way I felt at 50, I don't want to go any lower. I certainly don't want to personally experience a coma to find out! On the other hand, 6 months ago the folks in the ER were amazed I wasn't in a coma when they tested me at 700+! 11 days in the hospital with that one.

You Betcha!
it depends on the person. I've been as low as 40 and was still able to treat the low by myself.

I feel the butterfly in my chest 64-70
the two times it got low on me - but I think under 50 you start getting into trouble

all the best

Heather C
well anything below 30 will knock the average person out cold but everyone is different. I start feeling weird around 65, but at 45 I am confused, shaky, stuttering, and stumbling.

Anything below about 70 or 80 is considered "low," and many people will feel extremely hungry, tired, or dizzy. However, around 60 it's nothing to worry too much about, most people will have a juice and a snack and will come back up to normal with no problem. Anything below 40 or 50 is considered dangerously low and there is a risk of going into shock. There is no set number at which a diabetic will just suddenly go into shock, everyone and every situation is different. I know of someone who passed out at around 45, but one time my sister's was below 25 and she felt completely normal. Checking your blood sugar regularly and paying attention to how your body feels is key to staying healthy.

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