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 About two weeks ago I have been eating watermelon I put a little salt on it . I started developing ankle pain?
I have type 2 diabetes I have not eaten watermelon with salt for a few days now and I have no more ankle pain. Is there a common denominator to this that I should know about?...

 my bp sugar r controlled.i am 73.i had vertigo i hv been taking vertin since 4 months. and since 2 months i hv?
devoloped peuking sensation.i walk, take nextpro 40 rd before lunch bu no improvement what is the cause and cure?...

 Can you still have kids?
If you have type 2 diabetes, can you still have kids, if so how many?...

 what are we allowed to eat when you have gestational diabetes?
my result showed that i developed a gestational diabetes but i need to wait until next week to have a appointment with the dietitian so can you please help me to know what to eat or not, but because ...

 Is there any real hope for me?
I'm a diabetic who has had 2 strokes,hypertension,asthma,high cholesterol,a below the knee amputation and I'm currently take 22 yes I said 22 medications,my kidneys are starting to fail and ...

 what is the usual treatment for diabetes in the U.S.?
I don't have it but I'm doing a project on them for health. Please help!!...

 How much does blood glucose blood work cost at a hospital for somone without insurance?

 diabetes type 1, does it cause weight gain?
hey everyone ive just been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 3 weeks ago and the insulin im taking is novomix 30 im eating plenty of fruit everyday drinking water, i eat weatabix for breakfast then a ...

 how high can blood sugar gets after a meal?

 when i have 410 in high blood sugar and i have pain in my pancrease....?
my mom is making me as you guys this....these are her exact words...
when i have 410 in high blood sugar and i have pain in my pancrease and my doctor tells me im dying. why is this? what is ...

 Do these sound like accurate results from my meter?
I used outdated test strips to test (yes I know you should just throw them away, but this is all I had) and the fasting glucose in the morning was 70 and the 2 hours after eating glucose was 117. I ...

 Was this too much sugar?
Breakfast-One cup of freshly squeezed orange juice nothing added, a cup of Activia (Dannon) peach yogurt.
Lunch-Just a plain bagel.
Could you tell me how many calories I ate, if this was to ...


 What causes cells to become insulin resistant?
Is insulin resistance reversible? I am prediabetic ( in the form of impaired glucose tolerance) so I wanted to know if the cells in my body that have become insulin resistant will become normal again....

 Can a doctor detect if an unborn baby has type 1 diabetes?
Just curious....

 Isnt type 2 diabetes just too much sugar consumption over time? Soda, candy etc.?
Can you cure it by changing your diet, drinking water, exercising, eating a lil heathier?...

 what diet for patient with seizures?

 My mind has totally changed, I'm losing weight physically, while eating, I'm getting to the end of my rope.
Doc can't figure it out. He says it's not diabetes or cancer, But i've gone from 238lbs to 195lbs in 6 months, And i've never been below 215lbs, muslce wise. I have an athletic ...

 could i have kidney failure?
hello , well in november 09,i was hospitalized due to one my kidneys swelling. It hasnt happened ever since, although i do sometimes get pain in my lower back, similar to the ones i got back in ...

 hypoglycemic.... 5 stars best answer?
I have hypoglycemia. there are 3 stages.. Normal, moderate, and severe
I used to have normal..but now im up to moderate. What did i do to make my hypoglycemia worse?
im 13
BQ: How can ...

How does having Diabetes affect your mood?
A lot of people who I know with Type one diabetes have told me that diabetes causes depression for them, and I'm just asking how it can affect you mood, or cause depression, ect?

Yes, all your mental and physical condition may affect your diabetes.

Mental stress for patients with diabetes Adaik damage occurs. Because of emotional stress on blood pressure has to increase the blood pressure is too low and could be. It also increases the possibility of leakage brain and its effects on the heart also has to Kaeednee.

Hey, I'm a a type 1 diabetic and I don't really feel like my diabetes is what causes me to get into a bad mood. Its more of that fact that if my blood sugar is high, I don't feel good and I think THAT'S what's causing the moodiness. Don't think of it as the diabetes is making me in a bad mood. No, the diabetes is making me feel horrible which, in turn, is putting me in a bad mood.

Hope that was helpful!

Yes,it can! I don't have it,but my boyfriend has type one diabetes, and when his sugar gets high, he gets moody. He tells me that it happens, and now for the most part i can tell when it starts to get high, because of the attitude change. It's not really that bad, but it's definitely noticeable.

It sure can. But don't make the mistake of assuming that anytime that person seems upset it's always because of their blood sugar. Maybe they have a good reason.

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