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How do the American and British measures of blood sugar compare?
My son has diabetes, and when I do investigations online, I find that American websites talk about blood sugar levels in the hundreds, while my son is encouraged to keep his levels between 5 and 8 mmol/l. Can anyone tell me how the two scales compare, so that I can interpret the info from sites both sides of the Atlantic?!


John F
Diabetes here in America is measured as mg/dl.

Visit my blog site I keep a chart that shows the two test results for the range of HbA1C results.

Best Wishes.

Oscar C
To convert from the American system to the British system, divide by 18, thus:

144 mgl/L divided by18 (conversion factor) = 8 mmol/l

To convert from the British system to the American system, multiply by 18, thus:

8 mmol/l x 18 (conversion factor) = 144 mgl/L

Good luck to you.

Miz Lamb answered your question very well indeed. Yes, the conversion is 18 as a rule of thumb. So, if your son's reading is 8 mmol/l, to convert this into mgl/L, simply multiply 8 x 18 to get a 144 reading. So, if my reading in mgl/L is 250 my equivalent mmol/l would be (250/18) 13.88. Simply divide 250 by 18 to arrive at 13.88. It is really that simple. Good luck to you and God bless you.

Miz Lamb
here in America we measure in mg/dL and you do the mmol/L measures. The conversion number is 18. So if you divide my numbers by 18 you will come up with approximate mmol/L. I multiply your numbers by 18 and come up with what I am familiar with.

Nick C
mmol/l is the unit in the UK, whereas the US use mg/dl.

The unit mmol/l stands for milli-moles per litre. (or liter in the US, I believe). milli means a thousandth, so what is a mole (other than a small rodent-like animal)? A mole is that quantity of a substance whose mass in grams is the same as its formula weight (atomic weight). Each molecule of glucose has 6 Carbon atoms, 12 Hydrogen atoms and 6 Oxygen atoms. A carbon atom weighs 12 units, a hydrogen atom weighs 1 unit and an oxygen atom weighs 16 units. These units are called relative atomic mass units (don't need to go into why). So the atomic weight of glucose is (6x12) + (12x1) + (6x16) = 180. Therefore one mole of glucose weighs 180g. So now we are in a position to look at mmol/l. 1 mmol of glucose is 0.18g. So 1 mmol/l is 0.18g in 1 litre of water.

So now you can see the relationship to mg/dl. A decilitre is a tenth of a litre or 100ml. A miligram is a 1000th of a gram. Therefore 0.18g is the same as 180mg. We are only dealing with a 10th of the amount of water (100ml or 1dl) so therefore can divide this number by 10 giving 18mg/dl. Thus 1 mol/l = 18 mg/dl.

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