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 I pee a lot do i have diabetes ?
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 Do you think i may have diabetes?
I have these symptoms and i am a healthy teenage girl

Peeing alot
Drinking alot
Eating alot
Tingling in hands and feet
Stomach aches
Feeling tierd<...

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 What should I do to increase my energy level?
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 Should I get checked for diabetes?
some signs of diabetes are:
* frequent urination
* excessive thirst and hunger
* weight loss
* dehydration
* recurrent infections
* sores and ...

 Does a fasting glucose level of 189 mean I have diabetes?
I am overweight. I have noticed a tingling in my toes and fingers when I eat a lot of sugar. If I exercise, I don't feel it. However, I have not had any of the other symptoms (excessive ...

 my father has been diagonised with diabetes.kindly suggest...?
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 What are signs of diabetes?

 I think I have diabetes all of a sudden my left foot has no feeling.I can feel me pokeing it..can anyone help!?
one day it just happend my left foot is not functioning properly.I want to know if this is a diabete symptom......

 If a diabetic eats sugar and does not take insulin, what happens?
I mean, if a diabetic drank a pop or something without taking any insulin shots, would anything bad happen, or would the sugar just pass through their system with really no affect on them.


How do people become diabetic, what is it, how do you prevent it? what medication do they have to take?

its most common it over weight people i think...

The Prisoner
It's not really known why. It happens when your pancreas fails to produce insulin. Type one diabetics have to inject with isulin to control it, along with diet. There is no way to prevent this type.
Type 2 diabetes is caused by being overweight and is controlled by diet and tablets. This can be prevented by not getting overweight.

Audrey M
unless you are born with type 1 then generally a healthy weight (diet and exercise) are your best prevention. No meds to prevent it, just live a healthy life by maintaining a healthy weight

to much suger stay away from sodas

There are two primary pathways, divided into Type I and Type II diabetes.

Type I diabetes occurs because the pancreas gets destroyed and can no longer produce insulin. Type I diabetes is not preventable (at least not at this time).

Type II diabetes develops from a gradual process where the body becomes less responsive to insulin, and eventually, the amount of insulin needed to make the body respond to insulin is greater than then amount of insulin that the pancreas can produce. Type II diabetes is preventable by managing diet and exercise.

For both types of diabetes, the patients need to take insulin.

Dr Study
People become diabetic because in there blood there is not enough insulin or low level insulin in there blood, so the glucose level increase so that make you become diabetic. If you want prevent it only one way do more excises and eat less Sugar or high level glucose food. The medication help is injecting insulin in to there blood system, or you may eat insulin pills. There are two primary pathways, divided into Type I and Type II diabetes.
Type I diabetes occurs because the pancreas gets destroyed and can no longer produce insulin. Type I diabetes is not preventable (at least not at this time).
Type II diabetes develops from a gradual process where the body becomes less responsive to insulin, and eventually, the amount of insulin needed to make the body respond to insulin is greater than then amount of insulin that the pancreas can produce.

Mildred P
you become diabetic because you eat to much or you eat to much salt.Eat ting to much salt can give you high blood pressure.

it can be passed down and down...........i don't no of any to prevent it

It&#39;s That Guy
There are a lot of theories about how people become diabetic, but nobody really knows for sure, and the evidence is not very solid one way or the other. The most common theory is that diabetes is 'programmed' into you by genetics, and there's no way to prevent it. These days people are told when they are 'pre-diabetic' and told how to take care of themselves, on the idea that if you control your blood sugar you might prevent the onset of full-blown diabetes or at least delay it. But there's no real evidence that this works to prevent diabetes.

90% of diabetes is Type 2, which is insulin resistance. In type 2 diabetes your pancreas makes plenty of insulin but your tissues aren't able to use it, for some reason, to metabolize sugar. So sugar builds up in your blood, where it can do damage. So type 2 diabetics have to control their blood sugar through diet and exercise. Often by the time they are diagnosed they have already done some damage. So it's not a bad thing for a pre-diabetic to begin watching blood sugar. Even if it doesn't prevent the onset of diabetes, at least you won't do as much damage to your body.

Type 2 diabetics don't need to use insulin, but there are several kinds of pills they can take to help control blood sugar, depending on how bad the disease is and how they respond to the drugs. I think metformin is the most common one, its very cheap and it works pretty well. You still need diet & exercise though.

Type 1 diabetes is completely different. Your immune system attacks your pancreas and it doesn't produce enough insulin. Type 1 diabetics have to use insulin. It's injected, but they're working on an insulin nasal spray! But type 1 diabetes is about 1/10 as common as type 2.

Chloe C
Dibeties is also generic problem

gangadharan nair
Diabetes mellitus is impaired insulin secretion and variable degrees of peripheral insulin resistance leading to hyperglycemia. Early symptoms are related to hyperglycemia and include polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria. Later complications include vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, and predisposition to infection. Diagnosis is by measuring plasma glucose. Treatment is diet, exercise, and drugs that reduce glucose levels, including insulin and oral antihyperglycemic drugs. Prognosis varies with degree of glucose control.

Many times diabetes is genetic. (both types) In type one, the pancreas is not making enough or any insulin. This person is insulin dependent and must take up to 6 injections of insulin each day. They believe that at some point, the pancreas was attacked by a virus and damaged. They have no sure reasons though. In type 2, many people start out being insulin resistant. This is when the pancreas is making lots of insulin, but the body does not use it properly. Many cases of type 2 are genetic, more than in type 1. In some, the pancreas is actually making more insulin than it should, and in some the pancreas is not making enough. In those that are insulin resistant, most of the time later in life, the pancreas becomes tired and weak, and can't make enough insulin now. This is what happens to most people who are insulin resistant later in their life. Most type 2's (89%) have to take medications. These can be oral medications, insulin, or both. The oral medications work on the pancreas, liver or both and there are many kinds. Some type 2 diabetics can control their disease by diet and exercise, but most are not able to acheive this goal...through no fault of their own. Many have wonderful diets but it is just the disease itself that keeps them from being able to not take drugs to control it.Most of those that can usually will end up taking medications later in life. It is a documented fact. Being overweight does not cause a person to develop diabetes. (the disease itself can cause weight gain....or loss) Eating too much sugar or junk food or not being active does not cause type 2 diabetes either. A person can be very healthy and active and still develop the disease. And according to new studies, 62% (up from 51%) of type 2 diabetics are not overweight and never have been. So you see, it is a common misconception that weight causes type 2. Even many doctors do not know all the facts because they aren't specialized and many just don't keep up on the research. Most doctors do not use out dated terms like "pre diabetes" or "borderline" diabetes these days. If a person is "pre" or "borderline" they are in fact diabetics. There is absolutely no such thing as a "mild" case of diabetes. That's like saying you have a "mild" case of cancer. There is no way that you can prevent diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise may DELAY the development of type 2 if you have a risk factor, but you cannot prevent it.

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