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 Am I on the road to diabetes?
I tend to eat a lot of sugar...I can't stop my cravings for sweet things, i recently consumed about a pound of chocolate within four days! I know that too much sugar can be very damaging because ...

 I have high blood pressure and diabetes; how do I handle?
My blood pressure has been high for about a month now even with medication, the diastolic stays at 103-105. My sugar in the morning ranges between 162-275 and goes up and down, up and down. I went ...

 Why would someones blood sugar be too high and then too low throughout the day?

 Can you hear in a coma? and if so, can you understand what is being said?
My grandma was on life support today and earlier this week, and she was put on sedatives, and today, she was off of the sedatives. This time, she she wouldn't wake up for the nurses... for the ...

 Can a Type-II diabetic patient can donate blood?
Type-II diabetic and on oral pill of metformin 250, can donate blood?...

 are diabetic test strips packaged in form other than vials?

 can i use amaryl(glimepiride) med. for pcos?
can this med. be use to treat sum of the syptoms for pcos,like metformin?...

 can you build muscle thru weight lifting if you"ve got type 2 diabetes@can you use supplements?

 Piercing for a diabetic?
I'm a type 1 diabetic and I'm thinking about getting a piercing sometime before christmas (snakebites or nose), I've never had a piercing or tattoo and the internet isn't being ...

 I think I have diabetes but my won't take me to the doctors?
I have had increased thirst, headaches, and abdominal pains lately. I'm 12 and on my older sisters account. I jut told my mom about it and she won't take me to get tested any time soon. I�...

 if uyour a1c is normal what does that mean then?
if your a1c is normal does that mean u dont have diabetes? mine was 5.1% they said it was 100. if it came back normal does that mean i dont have diabetes? please help. fasting is between 95-105....

 how to control acidity?
please suggest some home remedies for acidity , purely herbal....

 other causes of diabetes mellitus type 2?
anyone knows what are the other causes of diabetes mellitus type 2 besides food and diet?...

 few questions about epinephrine plz help!!?
1.Did someone or a group invent it? If not, how was it discovered and by whom?

2.What atoms, and how many of each, make up the chemical?

3.What type of chemical is it? (ex. W...

 Do I have diabetes or hypoglycemia or something?
If I don't eat for a long time (like skipping lunch), I start feeling really weird. I get a headache and feel tired, thirsty, and 'disconnected' from things. It goes away as soon as I ...

 how vitamin and fiber deficiecies contrebutes to the diabites?

 What the average amount of time to get blood test results?

 Does bacon hurt pancreas when you have diabetes?
Does bacon effect pancreas when someone has diabetes?...

 Is there a supplement to help control blood sugar?
I am watching my diet and keeping my blood sugar well controlled. I juat weondered if there are any supplements that are recommended to help?...

 Remedial for Diabetes?
Even after having Metformin 500 SR in the night, the next day morning it is 202 mgs (Fasting). Any one can give me proper advice, even alternative medicines too ok....

Gestational diabetic, when do I have to start using insulin?
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about a month ago...I have been monitoring my glucose and my doctor said that I don't need insulin right now, maybe later if I don't control my glucose. The problem is that it has been very stressing for me because no matter how good I follow the diet (counting each carb I eat), my glucose is still high...in the mornings is always on the 100s and 2 hours after meals varies from 123-160...I would like to know at what point other women with gestational diabetes started using insulin. I don't know what to do anymore, is so hard to control my glucose...no matter what I do.

For reasons unknown.
no sane doc will give u insulin, if u gestational blood sugar levels r lower then 200, consistently; stop eating white starchy foods, (white rice/bread/pasta); & I know that u r not touching any simple sugars, (candy, soda, chocolate, etc...) RIGHT?; switch to whole wheat, whole grain products, do not add sugar to any products; eat healthy, u know like ur & ur baby's life depended on it! Research on glycemic index of foods u consume

mean evil woman
How far along are you in your pregnancy? It usually goes away
after the baby is born....Give him your daily blood counts, your Dr.
should be able to keep you on track, or refer you to a dietitian.
Good luck.....m

Lynn Bodoni
Your doctor is really the only one who can tell you when you should start insulin, if you ever need to start. Every woman is different, so every woman's answer will be different.

I'd advice you to adhere to your doctor's recommendations and not worry about the problem too much, if it does not worry your doctor. When a patient uses insulin will vary from individual to individual, so any comparisons are pointless, just follow your doctor's advice. What you can do however is research natural remedies and consult with your doctor before trying anything out. By natural remedies in this context I refer to dietary measures and lifestyle changes, rather than herbal remedies. Many herbs can be toxic and dangerous in certain doses, so don't try self medicating. Whatever you do, first consult your doctor.

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