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 Do I have Type 2 Diabetes?, alcoholism?
I'm 26, and no one in my family is diabetic. For 4 years I was a pretty serious alcoholic and I got sober just shy of 3 years ago (Oct 31st is my sobriety date). After getting sober, I lost ...

 Why are people with diabetes at higher risk for hypoglycemia?
I can see why hyperglycemia would be a problem, but hypoglycemia doesn't make sense unless they were purposefully avoiding sugar, and if they were doing that, then they probably also check their ...

 Blood Sugar Level is high for an unknown reason!!?
I recently came off glucophage because my Dr said I was fine now and didn't need it anymore. (I was diagnosed with insulin resistance). I just joined weight watchers so I'm not eating ...

 how do you know if your diabetic?
how do you know if your diabetic???...

 How can diabetics safely lose weight successfully?
I am diabetic and morbidly obese and desperately want to get this weight off. I have no time frame, I just want to do it safely. I am sick of hearing 'you have to lose weight' and not ...

 FOR DIABETICS ONLY. what's the highest and lowest your blood sugar has ever been?
heeey! i've been diabetic for like two and a half years now. i got it when i was 12. and this is only for diabetics to answer. so what's the highest you've ever measured? and the ...

 I feel like type one diabetes is setting me apart from everyone else, please help?
So I've had type one diabetes since I was 2 years old. I've went to the same school from k-8th grade, with the same basic group of friends, so my diabetes was always just my ...

 I had my A1C ReliOn come bak in the mail today..It said 6.2 I am not trying to cause problems..I just am scare?
Please my number came back 6.2......

5 months ago I took one and it was 5.3

January I had a fsting blood test done and it was 84..

Could this test be right is all I ...

 Will the swine flu kill me because I have diabetes?

Additional Details
I don't want "could's" or "maybe's"
I wanna know if I am gonna die!...

 what is the treatment for diabetes?

 Can you get diabetes from not eating sugar?
Or very little sugar.

By the way, My parents have it and my aunts and uncles have it too.

What's my chance if I stop eating junk ,sugary foods?...

 Where can I get free insulin ASAP?
I am diabetic and i don; have any health insurance at the moment. I ran out of insulin and i cannot receive more unless i have insurance. does anyone know a program or can anyone send me some insulin ...

 How to reduce my blood sugar numbers to the 80s and HA1c to lower than 5?
recently diagnosed with prediabetes-skinny and exercise daily.
hemoglobin a1c - 5.2- which is average 103 blood sugar
Here is example of 2 hours sugar activity:before meal in am- 94
1 ...

 Will diabetis cause dizziness resulting in passing out?
I was standing in the kitchen and became extremely dizzy. Before I could hold onto something I passed out. I was only out for a few minutes and woke up feeling fine. This has happened twice and I'...

 Could I be diabetic even if it doesn't run in my family?
I'm constantly thirsty, even though I live in very humid climate. I drink at least 4-5 22 ounce glasses of water a day and I pee every hour or so. I can very obviously feel the symptoms of a ...

 In Ireland, can you donate blood if you're a Type 1 Diabetic?
Thanks guys :)...

 can a diabetic eat bread?wat kind of a bread can thy take?

 What should I bring to the hospital if Im staying all day/night?
My girlfriend 18 year old girlfriend is in the hospital because her diabetes got really bad, Im going to be there all day and I plan on bringing a book for me to read, Im going to buy her a cosmo... ...

 Is there a link betweenn diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis?
I have rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes runs in my family. Is there a link between diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis? My RA breaks down the immune system....

 Blood sugar question?
So for the past few days I've been feeling a little ehh. I've been having these horrible headaches, bouts of nauseousness and dizziness and fatigue. I've been feeling hungry a lot also....

Do Blood Sugar Test Strips Work long after the expiration date?
Looking for answers from people in Health Care Field or Diabetics from their own personal experience. How long after expiration date would they likely still be close to accurate. Thanks so much.

Jake F â„¢
They still work technically , like if you put it in your meter it will still give a result but the result won't be very accurate.In fact the result tends to be much higher than using a normal strip .. so you can try but i would really suggest you get a new pack !!

* Own experience

Tin S
Linda it may turn out to be a guessing game. When my strips expired I was testing at 230. Compared to fresh one that tested at 106..
So you have to make that

Good luck>

they probibly still work but might not be accurate i would not trust them, bin them and get some new ones.

Miz Lamb
So long as the vial has not been opened they will be good for a couple years past the expiration date. But the minute the vial is opened and the air gets in then they start to deteriorate. Some vials are labeled as good for 30 days, and some for 45, and still others for 90 days after opening.

Read the accompanying info to see how long yours are good for after opening the vials.

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