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What are the problems arised due to diabetes??
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what are the symptoms??? and consequences of diabets???????
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 Can Muscular fasciculations be caused by having high glucose in a diabetic person?
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 Do all people with diabetes loose weight?
i have nearly every symptom of diabetes the thirst, the hunger, the excessive urinating, and the fatigue especially, also the dizzy, disoriented confused feeling.

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 Kidney infection? Didn't show up on the test. What could it be?
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♥ fOrgOttEn ♥
Diabetes going bad?
I have type 1 diabetes and I'm just about to give up. I dont like poking my finger 6-7 times a day... so I only do it 3 times...

My doctors are giving me more and more insulin which is causing me to gain weight rapidly. And I dont count my crabs... and eat whatever i like whenever I like.

I really want to get better... I try pushing myself but i end up not doing anything.

Is there anything I can do to make my confidence go up and want to do whats right for my body?

thanks for listening :-)

Dear, I know what it is like. My husband has been a diabetic for about 18 years, I am also a diabetic. I have watched him struggle for many years. He wanted to take care of himself, but it seemed to me like he just didn't have the will power to do so. I tried to encourage him to stay on his diet and exercise. He would for a while, but then he would slip off of it again. He just stayed so hungry all the time.

He was like you, his doctor just kept raising his insulin till it got to the point that his body wasn't even recognizing the insulin at all. He also gained a lot of weight.

This is why you should want to do right by your body. There are some very bad things that can happen to a diabetic, if a person neglects their diabetes. You may say this won't happen to me, but it can!

This is what happened to my husband because of his neglect:

1. High blood pressure
2. Coronary Arteries Disease, he had to have a stent put in , 90% blockage.
3. Neuropathy foot pain, very painful, it keeps him awake at night.
4. Renal failure, he has 3rd stage renal failure, in which stage 5 is complete kidney failure. This was caused by high blood glucose levels and high blood pressure for so long. This also caused him to be anemic, since a persons kidneys help produce red blood cells.
6. High glucose and high blood pressure can cause tiny blood vessels to bleed behind the eyes which can lead to blindness.
7. Death, from the complication of diabetes due to nelect. Thank God my husband hasn't reached this point yet, but it could happen anytime! The Lord is giving him a chance to get it right. He now listens to me and his doctor. He has been on a diet for 14 months. He watches his carbohydrates. He has lost about 65lbs in a year. His blood sugar is normal!

Honey, diabetes is a struggle every moment of ones life, but you are not alone, even though it seems like it. Many, many, diabetics are going through just exactly what you are experiencing. We are a big group that cares and want to make it better for all diabetics. That is why I am sharing my husband's story with you, so you can have the courage to change your lifestyle for the better.

I want to tell you that you are precious. The Lord created only one of you. He also gave you a big responsibility to cherish and pamper your body. We all have only one body and one life to work with, so please start taking control of your body and treat it with tender loving care. You are worth it! If you do, then you will feel better, and live longer, and be doubley blessed.

My husband told me this week that he felt so much better since he has stayed on his diet and lost all this weight.

My husband's doctor sent him to a dietitian and she designed a diet just for him. He gets plenty of good lowfat, low carbohydrates and even snacks everyday.

If you haven't seen a dietitian, then please ask your doctor to send you to one. This has made it so much better on my husband.

Good luck! and don't give up! there is hope for you!

Have a blessed day!

There are glucose moniters that you can draw from your arm instead.

Some larger cities are testing glucose moniters you wear just like you would wear an insulin pump.

Change one thing at a time. Try to change only one un healthy behavior a week.

Counting carbs is no fun. Try eating with a buddy to make a game out of it. Or parents or siblings. Make them a bet, a contest if you will, who comes closest to the number.

You poor girl! I'm sending you some needed support and sympathy! Type 1 diabetes is a very big struggle to live with....I hate it when I hear people say to diabetics that "it could be worse". That is the most ridiculous line ever...not having a pancreas IS quite bad!

First of all, admit that you need a break. Unfortunately, as you can never take one with Type 1 diabetes, see if a trusted (trained) friend or family member can "take over" your care for a week to give you a break to get back on track. This is commonly done for teenagers with Type 1. Sometimes you just want to be a normal person.

The problem with eating whatever and whenever means that you are at risk for becoming insulin resistant (which is seen in Type 2 diabetes). As a result, you will need more insulin, and you will gain weight. Type 1 diabetics injecting massive amounts of insulin are becoming insulin resistant so often now that the new name for it is "Double Diabetes".

Try a healthy diet 90% of the time, special treats 10%.

Take it one day at a time, and realize that you only get one body. Do you REALLY want to be blind by 30, have kidney failure at 35, and drop dead of heart failure at 37? Without living out your life and having a family? Of course not. So take the time to vent, feel sad, be depressed, seek support, but NEVER let your routine stop and make your own body pay the price.

It's not easy to take care of yourself, but unfortunately you HAVE to.

I would look into an insulin pump, and perhaps a more encouraging doctor. Joining a support group or fundraising group may also help.

Best wishes for a long happy life!

I am living with a person who has a whole lot of other illness besides diabetes. He was abandoned by his family & they hoped that he would die & then cash in on his life insurance. He wanted to kill himself but just like what I sense in you, he actually didn't want to die. So, he went to a church for help & there's why I became his friend & now his companion.
It's not easy for you but you can help yourself by helping others who are also sick and to accept each day as a challenge to be of help to society & yourselves in any way whether its a small deed like cleaning your room or taking care of someone's pet.
It's unpleasant poking your fingers 6-7 times a day. But thank God, at least you have fingers to poke. See, you must look at each bad situation with humor in order that life is fun.
My friend enjoys eating. So, I tell him, "eat evevrything but in moderation so that you can live longer to eat more."
I also want you to know that you are not despised or alone because inspite of the sickness many people love you very much & this includes the medical people who are trying to help you. So, if you want to do a good deed, why not co-operate with them and give them the pleasure of seeing their care for you turn into positive results.
In Church, we sing a song that says: Count your blessings, name them one by one". So many times when I feel down and weary, I sing this song & I am able to see life as an adventure where there are different types of mountains for me to conquer. But because I have persevered on inspite of the obstacles, I have added value in my life. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a handicapped person too. Cheer up & take good care of yourself. Your life is not over yet.

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