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 can a type 1 diabetic use metformin?
my husband was diagnosed nov 2008, has been on insulin since then. he also wanted to fly as a pilot and well he cant do that while being on insulin. he wants to talk to his dr to see if he could just ...

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ok...so my mom is a type 2 diabetic.
She does take insulin injections.
Her blood sugar is normally in the high 100's-200's; that's just normal for her. Her blood sugar came ...

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Diabetes's Run In My Family And I Dunno If A Have It So What Signs Do I Need To Look Out For ? Please H...

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 My son's blood sugar was 246!?
My son has become more irritable lately and complaining of stomach aches. Also, at daycare right at 3 pm everyday he starts misbehaving. My son is usually always a very well behaved child, so this ...

 What exercises can you do if........................?
your diabetic (type 2),low thyroid,high blood pressure,high cholesterol,sleep apnea,and have fibromyalgia,arthritis.I cannot run because I have had 2 knee replacements.and walking causes sharp spasms ...

 Do you think i might have diabetes?
im not sure ,, i have been having a lot more water and been getting very thirsty ,, i have been going to the bath room a lot more lately and i have kinda been getting dizzy spells ,, and also when ...

 are the symptoms of diabetes and hypoglycemia the same?
how do i know if i have diabetes or hypoglycemia?...

 Can someone get rid of diabetes?
My 8 year old cousin just found out she has diabetes so I was reading online about the symptoms and I used to have those symptoms. Could I have gotten rid of it when I started exercising and eating ...

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Where can I fine diabetic recipes?...

 Can children with ADHD also have diabetes?
I'm just curious. A friend and I were discussing it earlier. =]...


 How often do you change the needle for a glucose testing device?
My mom has a very mild type of diabetes. I was wondering how often do you change the needle for a glucose testing device....

 Can prediabetes be prevented?
I am diagonised with prediabetes.Is it a really serious one.will I be affected by diabetes in the future.
I am perfect in my weight,no family history with diabetes and I do regular exercise and ...

 how do you know when your dangerously underweight?

 is chips and salsa at a mexican restaurant safe to eat when you have diabetes? not alot, maybe 5-10 pieces?

 I have a fasting blood sugar of 150..does this mean I have diabetes? Have not seen doctor yet?

 my husband's blood sugar at times gets up over 450 and into the 500 . he has no other side effects.?
would this # still need emergency care? he thinks he needs to feel ill and does not. he is 78 years old. should i force him to get treatment. he takes gluizide and metformin....

 Can i become diabetic? HELP!?
Im 13 and all i think about is candy candy candy,sugar!! I CANT STOP! im addicted to it.I eat like 10 gummies a day.Ice scream like 3 scoops,ALOT OF GUM!,& omq i cant stop.Is this bad? Can i be ...

Shane M
Can you get discharged from the Marine Corps for having diabetes?
i've been in the Marines for almost 4 years now and came home on leave for the holidays and got diagnosed with diabetes.. just wondering my options, if any

Here is a link for Medical Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and Induction for the Armed Forces. Unfortunately, diabetes is one of the disqualifying medical conditions. I'm not sure, however, if this includes those who have been serving already.


Their policy is to definitely remove you from active duty, but you might be relegated to a local desk job, if not dismissed. This is because the meds you might need may not always be available to you overseas, which can be dangerous. Anyone with a chronic medical condition can be discharged from any division of the military.

I would say it depends on how severe the case is. If it can be controlled by diet and you do not need pills or shots I see no problem. Even if you need the pills or shots it would depend on your job if you could preform it or not.
This is really something you should discuss with your CO. It would be a confidence type talk and your CO would have the best answer.


Sorry to say, but because of your condition you cannot go on active duty.

Physically, you couldn't do it anymore.

So sorry.

I am pretty sure you can. It would be very hard to control your sugars overseas. Especially taking shots and stuff if your T1. I would have to say most likley you will be. Talk to your doctor or diabetes educator they will know. also Thank you sooo much for fighting for us! I think we take our lives here for granted and don't always remember to thank our troops! THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR US! I'm glad your safely home!

MëñȚǻl Lońģĥõrñ ₣ᾁᾕ™
Don't know about once you're in but I know for a fact they won't let you in the marines or any other armed services. Hell I tried to enlist in the coast guard and I was denied because I am a diabetic. That and my wrists were to big.

Sadly, Yes. I'm so sorry.

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