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 I have diabeties and i was wondering does the pump hurt? and is it easier??
I am just newly diagnosed with diabeties and pretty soon im getting the pump....but im scared does it hurt? Is it easier then 4 shots a day is it hard any suggestions??? PLease only answer if you ...

 light headed/dizzy spells.?
i'm 21 years old. i'm healthy, the only problem i have is that i have bad anxiety, i'm on lexapro. i have been on it for about a year already. no side effects. for the last week i'...

 Is there any connection with PCOS and Body Shape? If you have PCOS, what body shape are you?
Banana or Straight
Apple (Triangle downward)
Pear or Spoon or Bell (Triangle upward)
Hourglass shape (Triangles opposing, facing in)


 Help, does anyone know what the normal blood sugar reading of a toddler be?
just want to get some answers on this subject, her dad is a type 1 diabetic, and shes showing signs like excessive drinking and weeing.. Thanks alot.....

 Where do we get the cells in Stem cell research? Do people who donate the cells die?
Stem Cell Research Religion A...

 Should you give water to a person vomitting because of Diabetic Ketoacidosis?
What should be the interventions for these patients?...

 Early signs of diabetes?
So basically a couple times where i didn't eat and i almost fainted. One time i woke up and went straight to the shower and in the shower my arms started to feel heavy and everything started to ...

 I am diabetic and very dizzy?
I am visiting in Europe and my health insurance is not applicable to the health system here.. I am very dizzy and I walk like I am drunk. (I am not) I type because I can without looking. I am ...

 more diabeties questions?
the doctor just told me yesterday i was diabetic. they put me on a prescription to take twice a day with meals. i go in a week to see a nutritionist and to get a monitor for my blood sugar. i think ...

 Type 1 diabetes?
I've been diabetic for almost a decade now
i was diagnosed at the age of 4 =[
i want to kno if there is anyway to beeh like a normal kid(as possible)
because i barely had a normal ...

 If I make foods using chick pea flour (gram flour) or lentil flour, will this count as carbohydrates?
And if so, how many?

I mean making things like bahjis, and fritters, or using the chick pea or lentil flour as a thickener instead of wheat flour?...

 Ther's a birthday comin up. We're think'g somthng lik a blck forst cak; bt she's diabetic. Wht d u recommend
There's a birthday coming up.
We're thinking something like a black forest cake;
but she's diabetic.
What do you recommend?

Where can you get something like ...

 Do I have Diabetes? Please answer me. Im 16 years of age.?
So basically I been sleepy alot. I've been really thirsty and running to the bathroom constantly. Even in the night of the night like 3 to 4 times a night for the past week now. I need to know ...

 What are the real chances of complications with diabetes?
I'm just looking for a clear answer on this to be honest, maybe some statistics or something. I've got type 1 diabetes, had it for nearly 11 years now. My control is alright - not fantastic,...

 Has his ever happened to you?
My blood sugar was high but I corrected it and then kinda fainted in the car. My blood sugar was down by then.(it was 279) but when I corrected it it was higher.
Additional Details
well ...

 exaple of a mutation..?
well im having a hard time and i was wondering if u can help me
mutatian= change in dna
can yuh help me find a few examples of that and the web i need research so yeah plz and ...

 I'm a type-II diabetic and I take metformin 500mg once daily. During daytime my level is between 130-175 but e
Every morning my fasting level is between 140-165. Should this concern me that my fasting is always this high? When I exercise in the evening, my level goes down in the 130's but goes up again ...

 Did any of you celebrate your 1 year of being diabetic or diagnosed day?
Mine is coming up December 20th (4 days before my birthday too!)... I would like to acknowledge it, I mean, it affects a big chunk of my life now, my boyfriend thinks I'm bonkers haha. You can ...

 Diabetes not getting my period?
I've had type 1 diabetes for about 10 years now, sadly not under perfect control, but recently I've noticed that my periods have been irregular to the point where i haven't got it for ...

 what are the guidelines for transporting prescription drugs and diabetic syringes on an airplane?

Can a person with type 1 diabetes donate blood?
if not, why?

No, that blood will be infected with diabetes and the person receiving it will contact diabetes.

Miz Lamb
there are 2 reasons why a diabetic cannot donate blood! One of them is if you have taken animal insulin, which has not been available in the USA for about 10 years!

the other reason is no one, diabetic or not, who has lived in Europe within the past 10 years is allowed to.

Yes I have and I have had type one diabetes for 7 years.

Riley's Mommy
I work for a donation center and yes you can donate if you have diabetes. With where I work at, if you've taken insulin made from animals then you can not donate. Not all donation centers have the same rules... so call them up before you go, just to make sure. Good Luck!

Unless you've taken bovine insulin from the UK before, yes, you can donate blood.

Here is the blood donation eligibility information from the center where I donate blood:

The rules will probably be about the same for whatever center you are considering donating at, but find their website and check to make sure.

Whoever said that a diabetic can't give blood because they'll give it to the recipient clearly doesn't understand what diabetes is. Ignore them. The only possible reason why they may not allow you to donate is concern for your health because donating may make you hypoglycemic.


I'm a (was) a long-time blood donor and I have type 1 diabetes. I "retired" just one donation short of 2 gallons donated.

I had to retire for reasons unrelated to diabetes.

Contact your local branch of the Red Cross. I know that you do need to have good control and not have taken bovine insulin at any time. Novo insulin (made from pork) is okay.


"Onyx" is wrong, wrong, wrong. Diabetes is NOT contagious nor infectious. There is no chance that another person could "catch" it from you.

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