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 Is stem cell implant in pancreas help in restoring proper function of pancreas?
I am diabetic and have not taken proper care for years.

I was hoping stem cell research could bring solution and cure the condition.

In India stem cell implant and research has ...

 How do I set the time and date on a One Touch UltraMini glucometer?

 i've heard that eating a banana can stop a nosebleed. Does anyone know if this is true?

 How do I stop the binge and purge cycle?
Ive been bulimic for about 7 years now. 5 years ago I quit when i found out I was pregnant and relapsed after my daughters first birthday. I feel that my body has finally had enough. I wake up from ...

 I have hypoglycemia???????
i just found out a few days ago when i fainted a felt nauseous and then like fainted in the middle of class. what am i supposed to do when i have low blood Sugar in school?...

 Anyone with psoriasis being treated for diabetes?
Has anyone undergoing treatment for psoriasis also had to take medicines for diabetes ? Can diabetes medicines have negative impact on the person who is also taking psoriasis treatment ( mostly the ...

 I have diabetes and my carb coverage with insulin is not good. I need 1 unit of novalog for 5 units of carbs?
is this ...

 Type 1 diabetic with vomiting.?
My fiance is 33 and got type 1 when he was 23.

He has had vomiting all day (about 9 times now) and his ketone reading is negative, but his glucose is positive.

What does ...

 Is the sugar content in both green and red apples is the same?
Someone told me that there is no difference in the sugar content of green or red apples. But I feel green is not sweeter as red. I am a prediabetic and I usually take green apple only. Please solve ...

 How bad is it to drink 4 or 5 Cokes a day if you have type 2 diabetes?
My husband's aunt was diagnosed with type 2 (I think) diabetes last week. She eats crap all day (chips, cookies, fried food, fast food) every day and also drinks at least 4 or 5 Cokes a day. S...

 why is insulin not always used wiyh type 2 diabetes?

 help is this diabetis it runs in my family bad
i am 23 years old and losing weight without trying and if i don't eat all the time get super sick weak and shaky!i don't know what is wrong with me !my lips also feel dry and like they are ...

 if you have your sugar tested and its fine in six months could it show you are diabetic?

 Ways to improve blood curcleation?
hi, im wondering ways that i could improve my blood curcleation, as my hands and feet are always freezing cold, alos i get cramp very often. I regualry do a lot of excerise as i go to a gym often, ...

 Can someone explain what these symtoms could be?
I'm 14 and I'm scared that my blood sugar is going really low. I checked it one my father's meter and it says that it's at 97 and that's exactly where it's suppose to be ...

 Honeymoon phase............?
My son is 2 years old, and was diagnosed with type 1 about 3 weeks ago. He was taking two shots a day, one at night and one in the morning. The shots consisted of a long and a fast acting type of ...

 my glucose is 290. does it mean i have diabetes?
hba1c is = 13.3...

 I've been hungry, tired and mega thirsty lately. what's the deal?
I'm 13 years old, and I've been really tired and hungry lately, and not to mention that I cannot have a single meal without drinking. I drink constantly. During the school day my mouth ...

 I'm using a new Medtronic Minimed Sof-set Ultimate QR, and I have a few questions.?
Is the quick release like that on an iv where it's sealed to the site when disconnected?

I'm connected to a Terbutaline Pump and the Sof-set I was using before didn't have ...

 what happens if glucose levels in the blood are low?

Additional Details
A.) Glycogen would ne broken down into glucose
B.) Insulin would be secreted by the pancreas
C.) Glycogen would be formed
D.) Cholesterol would be ...

Can a parasite cause diabetes?
15 years back I stayed at a family friend’s house for about 3 months, This person was an insulin dependent diabetic.

I no longer have a way of getting in contact with this woman so it is not possible for me to ask her any questions.

The home owner had a 2 dogs that stayed inside and used the garage to relive themselves (from time to time they would relive themselves in the house) and she had some weird ideas about handling meat...she would leave it on the counter for 24 hours to defrost.

About 3 to 4 months after moving out I became an insulin dependent diabetic.

When this happen I was 24, I walked or road a bicycle everywhere (I was in school and didn’t have a car), and I was 5 to 10 pounds over weight, I am the only diabetic in my family.

Being that the home owner was an insulin dependent diabetic (and may have gotten diabetes from her environment), had indoor dogs that relived themselves in the garage and in the house, the home owner handled meat in a not so safe way, and I became an insulin dependent diabetic at the age of 24 (only 3 to 4 months after moving out) could the cause of my diabetes be related to a parasitic infection picked up during my stay at this house?
Additional Details
I did not state that “the home owner has diabetes” because I think “I can catch diabetes" so please stop telling me the obvious.

My point was to say that we could have been exposed to the same environmental factors.

Please stop telling me “I can’t catch diabetes” thanks

You cannot "catch" diabetes because it is not a contagious disease. The only way that it can pass on to another person is when it is genetically linked. You say you are the only one in your family who is diagnosed with diabetes, have you checked back to your maternal and paternal grandparents. If you discount the genetic link, then it is possible you developed diabetes through some other factors. Check with your family doctor on this.

Wish you could be health.
Maybe you can see this web: http://www.diabeat.cc

Gary B
It is not possible to "catch" diabetes from another person, except by inheritance.

it is NOT possible to "eat the wrong foods" and thus acquire diabetes. Eating sugar does NOT cause diabetes.

Diabetes does not normally have environmental causes, except those common to other diseases like cancer. But in this case, cancer is the primary result, not diabetes. Diabetes from environmental causes is VERY rare, and it is VERY unlikely that either you or the other person got diabetes from the environment.

Insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes) is a COMPLETE FAILURE of the pancreas, although this tendency can be inherited, it can happen to anyone, and has no known outside cause. It canNOT be prevented -- if you are going to get Type 1 Diabetes, then you ARE going to get it, no matter what you do. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, nor the fault of anyone you have ever known.

Type 2 Diabetes is a partial failure of the pancreas, and is caused by being overweight. you can PREVENT Type 2 Diabetes by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and controlling your weight.

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