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my dad's mom has it...so does his three sisters and his mom's mom...

i had my friend ask her doctor if it was possible that i could have it...she asked if i had my ...

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 Toddler high blood sugar?
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 A word to the wise about Disetronic insulin pumps...?
These pumps are now obsolete. The company (now Accu-Chek) no longer services or inspects these insulin pumps.
If you have one I suggest starting to look fo a new one.
I learned the hard way....

 How many people are affected by getting laid off?
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Brenda S
129 blood sugar normal or high?
i am 33yrs old 7 months pregnant 5'4 179lbs and just took a glucose test. My blood sugar came back at 129 my dr said it was normal but also high so is it normally high or...? he said to cut down on my sugar and carbs..(everything in my house has sugar and carbs so what do i eat? just veggies and meat? )i guess my question is.. am i on my way to becoming a diabetic?

Looking for answers
I was told that in the morning your blood sugar should be under 95 and 1 hour after a meal it should be under 130 for pregnancy. So I guess that's what she means by the high side of normal. Your ok. My doc also told me that during pregnancy that you should try to eat no more than 45 carbs each meal and no or that 15 carbs per snack. Hope this helps a little.

it is on the high side of normal

look up good carbs on the internet and try to eat more of those.

If you are 7 months pregnant and have a lot of sugary things in your house
, that is not good healthy eating.

179 lbs sounds like a lot, you should try to eat healthier.

They have just moved the normal high down to 100 from 120. You may have gestational diabetes and that happens to a lot of women when they are pregnant but it is an indicator that it will come back later in your life so you need to start learning so you can head it off. With diabetes you want to keep your insulin/glucose level even so you want to eat small meals often. A meal is going to be a balanced meal but you must leave the white things pretty much alone or eat extremely small portions. . .potatoes are the worst, flour, sugar, rice, milk starchy veggies like carrots, beets. Your carbs will now be the green things like string beans but not regular beans, spinach, broccoli, etc lettuce, some tomatoes, onions. Fruit has a lot of sugar so you will want to watch that too. Portions are just as important. Don't over eat to keep your level even. Ask your doctor for some vitamins and some good ones. Start reading up on diabetes and change your lifestyle. To learn about balanced eating and being prediabetic, check out Dr. Sears diet. His isn't one of the crazy ones, but talks about balance and what shoots your glucose up and then makes your body produce insulin and how it all works. It will give you a lot of real basic information and in the back it has a list of food that quickly shoot your glucose level up like the above ones, and then those that are slower. It's a good place to start for basic information and is easy to comprehend and take in what he is practicing. I have never gone on his diet of five small balanced meals but I try. It is the answer if you are diabetic. The other thing you may want to do is recheck your sugar. Your levels should be between 80 and 120 in the morning and then should return to normal in two hours after you eat. If it doesn't, you have eaten too much of the wrong things or you have eaten too much or you are diabetic or all three. You can buy a cheap meter at Walmart and cheap strips. You can also go to www.bayer.com and sign up for a free contour meter but the strips are more expensive. I don't know if you have MedCheck Labs but you can go to them without a prescription and get your blood work done. The meters are not as accurate as the blood work. But my best advice is that you are responsible for yourself and if I thought I was having trouble, I would take it very very seriously and test myself occassionally for life. Diabetes is progressive and horrible and it will kill you slowly and a piece at a time. It affects your entire body. The sooner you control your eating, the longer you will live. You have the choice at this point to control your insulin/sugar level with how you eat. You can back it off for a very long time but it is always coming. I don't mean to scare you but you must take care of yourself and it is your responsibility. Don't just laugh this off. If your doctor doesn't tell you all of this, I would get another doctor. Start reading and start testing. The life you save will be your own. I went to a class on insulin the other day and a lady was there, thin, attractive, much younger than me and she exercised daily. . .did it all right but the diabetes came. You check yourself for life. You can have it just while you are pregnant but it will come later again. Be very careful. You want to see those grandchildren. . .so you do it.

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