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 which is better to have a gold or white crown? and is gold too unsightly ?
i need 2 crowns on 2 premolars and do not know which would be best gold or white, there are 3 types for the white which are priced £200 £400 and £600 the latter being stronger and more natural ...

 is there a link between having sensitive teeth and having a period?

 Rotten teeth causing bad breath.?
A friend of mine always tells me how her boyfriend has these teeth in the back of his mouth that is causing him to have really bad breath. I never imagine it to be so bad until I got a small wiff of ...

 Garlic breath.........................?
how to get rid of it. I've brushed my teeth like crazy I've done mouth wash I've chewed gum and I can still smell it. My mouth is even hot from it. I had some last night. It was ...

 IF a person doesnt wear their retainer?
after getting their braces removed, will their bite gradually shift into the place it was before orthodontic treatment, or will it just be a mess? I ask because my sister had braces to get her gap ...

 if i wear a retainer while throwing up, will it protect my teeth?
I have the clear retainers, like invisiline. If i wear them when i throw up (im bulimic, im trying to stop but its a slow process) will it protect my teeth?...

 my jaw pops?
every now and then when i open my mouth theres an annoying pop on the left side around my jaw.. it started about six months ago but is really starting to annoy me now, any idea what it is?

 Braces Question?
I just got braces today but there is a problem that is getting on my nerves. I have an overbite. My top two middle teeth are
resting on the front two brackets of my middle two bottom teeth. I ...

 Is this really true about the Listerine mouthwash?
Are there really little tiny people in your mouth spraying hoses of mouthwash on your teeth?...

 Gum Disease - Keeping Pockets Clean?
So, I went to the dentist today for the first time in like 9yrs. I am embarrassed to say that but Hey!NO Cavities! sweet!

Anyway, I have gum disease which i was aware of. My pockets are ...

 Can you name every step/path/way/product/etc to keep a/create perfect mouth/teeth?
Can you, all answerers, please name every product that will give me what I desire. Any answers that will "push" me in the right direction are greatly appreciated. I would, also, like to ...

 Do you think a lot of dentists want to pull wisdom teeth just for the money?
How many times now have I heard people say that the dentist wants to pull so-and-so's wisdom teeth when they don't hurt, aren't causing any problems with the skull and/or other teeth, ...

 molds before braces.?
uhm, i have a VERY HIGH gag reflex.
what can i tell my orthodontist that is giving me my molds for my mouth.

i heard they gave you really nasty crap in your mouth and it's so ...

 How do they put striped toothpaste in tubes?

 how can i fix my sensitive teeth problem?

 What colors should I get for my braces?

 toungue hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
when i brush my teeth, my tongue stings when the toothpaste goes on it.
its only started in the past couple of weeks and i havnt changed the toothpaste or the make of toothbrush i use.

 Braces Cost?
I have read online that braces usually cost 4-5k. Does this include the monthy visits to the orthodontist? My insurance pays 1500k, but I will be paying the rest. Also, my ortho said that I would ...

 Why did orthodontics prices quadruple?
From the mid 80's to the mid 90's it generally cost about $2K for braces at that time from beginning to finish by reason that every appointment was about $100 smackers for re-adjusting and ...

 How much would it cost to fill my gapped teeth?
I have straight, white, healthy teeth (apart from two milk teeth which still havnt come out, and dont have a root, so not sure what id do about them?)

I dont have loads of money, but I ...

why does my cheek skin ( on the inside of mouth) peel after i brush my teeth?
it's been happening for a month or two now... it used to never happen but now it does, is there something wrong with me?

Thats actually a symptom of AIDS. See how much skin is peeling off, if it's substantial you should get to a doctor.

That happens to me every time I brush my teeth too (and since I was little). Do you usually brush your teeth for a long time? I do and that's why it happens to me. I don't think it depends on the tooth paste you use, I always buy a different one and that still happens. So it depends on how long you brush your teeth (in my case, it's about 6 minutes). Or we have sensitive skin. I don't know.
By the way, Kay.ce is probably right about the tooth paste being too strong. I remember the few times I used mouthwash, which is much stronger than tooth paste, it caused my cheek to peel completely in a few seconds.

are you using a whitening tooth paste
if so there is an ingredient in most of them that causes
people to shed their skin faster than normal

I had this happen and phoned the company and that is what they told me

I can not use most of the whitening ones out there

if you are not using a whitening tooth paste you are using a tooth paste that is too strong for you
switch to another more gentle one

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