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 My lips are TORN UP from my braces! What do I do?
I got braces on Thursday, and my teeth do hurt, but the worst part is that they are tearing up my lips and cheeks. It feels like a cheese grater went into my mouth and went wild. It hurts a ton to ...

 Can any dentists or specialists help with my question? I need a smile makeover.?
Im 25 years old and hav an extreme phobia of dentists and drills.Over the years dentists have used novacaine in me and it never works so it was horribly painful. I had braces when I was younger and I ...

 How long does it take to recover from having a tooth removed?
I need some help... about a year ago I had a root canal done, and when the D.A went to put a cap on my tooth it was EXTREMELY painful and I couldn't let them continue so i've had my tooth ...

 How can I convince my parents to take me to the orthodontist?
Ok long story short but I am 16 and I have really bad teeth that I know should have been taken care of years ago, but they weren't so now here we are. Well I really really want to get my teeth ...

Im 13 and one of my teeth's, bottom left canine, gum line is pretty low. Like half a centimeter lower than the other teeth. Also, it's pretty sensitive. I did some research and i think its ...

 My insurance doesn't cover braces, and I need them badly!?
My dad has a lot of money in checks and he's being selfish and not wanting to cash them. I've tried to talk to him to have him buy me them cause my teeth are horrible. But I can't get ...

 Best Toothpaste? 10 points best answer!?
I recently got my braces off so I and really working on getting my mouth back to normal (braces didn't exactly leave my teeth looking fabulous, except for the straightness ha ha). What is the ...

 Tips on getting my teeth whiter?
Please give me tips on getting my teeth whiter other then brushing my teeth.


 How to I get a pearly white smile?
So I have yellow/discolored teeth. I use crest whitening toothpaste, but that's not helping. I brush my teeth for two minutes when I wake up, and then for another two minutes before I go to ...

 Damon, Ceramic/Clear, or Metal Braces?
I'm getting braces in about a month and I need to decide which type I want..I was thinking of going with ceramic because they are less noticeable than metal braces, though i heard that they can ...

 How to get rid of an interdental lisp?
I have an interdental lisp, meaning my tongue goes beyond my front teeth when I speak. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Or make it less noticable? Or is it just my braces? I've only known ...

 Is it ok to drink a couple of beers while taking Amoxicillyn (pennicillin) for a dental infection?

 I want my teeth whiter?
I don't know if i should try whitening strips. Do they work? Which ones are the best? Is there any long term affects from using them?...

 Would love advice about apicoectomy ?
I recently had root canal treatment on my front tooth, but a week after having the procedure i developed a gum boil above my tooth that would fill then empty,I went back to my dentist and she said I ...

 What age should children start to floss their teeth?

 how i avoid bad smell in mouth?

 Sneezing after a mint or minty gum?
Why do i sneeze after i have anything minty?
When i have a cold i dont take anything minty for my throat because it makes it worse or just itches my throat.
Why does this happen?...

 my medicaid expired and i need to go to the denstist.?
my medicaid expired. But i applied again and its in process.... IT takes from 6 to 12 week to arrive... But My tooth hurt really bad and i cant take it anymore... If i go to the ER they give me ...

 are my teeth straight yet?


 Braces: since the day i put on braces,they dont hurt(been 3 days) just tight feeling & sensitivity...?
..what cud b the reason?..are my gum bones soft? & they r able to adapt to movements?
Additional Details
basically my teeth is overbite & tht cud b d reason too.maybe not as ...

veronikA h
why do i hear a clicking noise when i walk after wisdom teeth extraction?
i had 4 wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago. I didn't leave the house the first few days. I sat around, ate vicodin and kept my mouth clean. When i did go for a walk i noticed a clicking noise. that seemed to be heard in time with my step and hopping down stairs. i thought maybe it was the hood on coat or just my backpack. after a few days it was obvious that was coming from my body and has not gone away. I also thought it could be the sound of fluid, I did notice some blood pressure elevation i assume from returning to working on my feet and less vicodin. the only other possibility (i am just taking stabs) i have had a neck problem for a couple years and i wonder if i hurt my neck while i was sedated and they pulled my teeth. I am looking for similarities between my story and the background of those who describe the same clicking on soft impact noise. any help and thoughts appreciated.

See teh dentist who did the extractions perhaps he can have a look

It can be one of the following :

1. it is possible that your neck might have gotten hurt, but I doubt it.

2. You might have sustained injury to your TMJ from the overstretching of the jaw during the extraction.

3. It is an abnormal / irregular response of one of your nerves and tissue. Because the area is swollen and / or manipulated, the branch of the facial nerve (Nerve to Stapedius) might have gotten slightly irritated. As a result you are hearing the sound in a distorted from.

This might have happened just because of the internal swelling of the tissue as well.

So, you should at least talk to your dentist and see what he has to say.

Give it at least 6 weeks to heal.

I would also make an appointment with the doctor to get the neck checked.

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