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white coating on tongue with red spots?
recently i have noticed a white coating on the back of my tongue also red spots as well. it can be painful but its so painful when im brushing my teeth or if i use mouthwash...is it cancer please help

I have no clue what it is but I would go see a doctor just make sure!

Harry B
Its not cancer, its nothing to worry about i have a white coating on my tongue and its been there for a while and the red spots can be a mild allergic reaction to something.


No it is NOT cancer... Usually though when ever you have a virus your tongue will develop that white coating to help keep bacteria out of the mouth. This happens to me allot. You might have eaten something that irritated it too. Hope this helps :]

SwedishBoy :P
its either germs and your not brushing you mouth well another or ask your doctor

You need to put friendly bacteria in your mouth that the saliva glands can use. Lactobacillus salivarius will clear up the tongue/throat imbalance. This bacteria is in the lozenge probiotic called Super 5 by Udo Erasmus. His probiotics are quite popular and you should find it in any health store. There might be other brands in a lozenge tablet too, just make sure it contains the salivarius strain. It's the only one that will populate in the mouth. The salivarius strain is still fairly new to North American products, but it makes sense to put it in since we are born with it in our mouths.

But get it checked out by a doctor.I could be wrong.

Could be thrush.

This is really common and easy to get rid of with over the counter medication. You could probably get away with just asking at a local chemist.

sounds like a local infection, definitely not cancer i'd say.
go see ur dentist

White Coating on tongue could be an indication of a latent disorder. The normal tongue remains pink with a light coating of saliva. However, an occasional white or yellow coating may occur in the dorsum of the tongue due to deposit of food particles and can be treated as normal. A white tongue is a tongue that has a whitish coating or white spots on them. A white tongue can be caused by Leukoplakia. In this medical condition, the cells in the mouth grow excessively and forms white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. Leukoplakia can develop if the tongue has been irritated or the patient has been using tobacco products. Leukoplakia is not dangerous in itself. However, it could be a precursor to cancer. So persons who have a persistent white coating in the mouth and tongue should immediately consult their dentist and seek a cure for the problem. White tongue can also be caused by oral thrush or candidiasis. Oral thrush is a yeast infection that creates white patches in the mouth and tongue. This problem is very common among infants and the elderly. People who are diabetic and who are on steroids for asthma or lung disease are susceptible to oral thrush. Antibiotics also cause oral thrush as they kill the good bacteria in the mouth. Plain yogurt with live and active cultures can cure oral thrush. Patients are also prescribed appropriate medications for oral thrush. Oral Lichen Planus creates a network of raised white lines on the tongue. The coating has a lace like appearance. The cause of this condition is not known. However, it resolves on its own. Oral hygiene, avoidance of tobacco, and limited consumption of foods that irritate the mouth are considered adequate treatment for this condition. White tongue should nevertheless, not be ignored. If it is accompanied by pain, the health professional should be immediately contacted to rule out possibilities of any underlying serious or life threatening illness. References:

The first thing that comes to mind when you say white coating on your tongue is oral thrush. Nobody will be able to diagnose you without seeing it first and only your doctor will be able to give you something to treat it. So yeah, see your doctor. If you are still curious do a google images search for "oral thrush" and see if it looks anything like what you have.

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