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 What color braces should i get?
I have an appointment this week and i have no clue what colors to get, i am terrible under pressure and i will pick gross colors. i need to think ahead, any help?...

 I am getting braces 2moro,excited,wondering?
i am getting my top braces on and i am soooooooooo excited but what do they do??? i am so scared that since i'm a flyer in cheerleading,will it get caught in my cheeaks if they dropped me???

 I get my braces off tomorrow?
Hey, I get my braces off tomorrow after a long 7 years of straightening.
What should I expect?
Thanks :D...

 i'm getting my tongue pierced but i need to hide to hide from my doctors?
the month after i get it done i have to go to the doctor for a check up and after that i have to go to the dentist. what should i do i need ...

 What's your favourite toothpaste?

 Is it okey to use a pacifier for the babies?

 what colour braces (rubber bands) will make your teeth appear whiter?

 Toothache and can't see dentist?
I've had a toothache all day in a tooth that I got a filling in about a month ago. It's not a REALLY bad toothache, but it's pretty sore, but unfortunately I'm 250 miles away from ...

 how to get rid of bad breath??? i need help!!!?
so i have had bad breath since i was little and i cant quite figure out why so i brush my teeth and tounge everyday so i need to find out why plez help ...

 What's the best cure for a mouth ulcer?
Also why do mouth Ulcers form? I clean my teeth and use mouthwash everyday and still I get one now and again! :o(
Is there anything more I can do to prevent them?...

 What colors should I get my braces?
This is my second set of colors....so i want something bright but cute. Im a girl btw. And Im going to Italy with these colors, but I dont want green and red. Thanks!...

 every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

 Are apples good for your teeth?
one of those things you hear from dentists.....

 hey just got braces in mega pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
got them today
anyone no a way i can get rid of some pain that dont inlclude tablets
and should i go school tomorrow or does it get worse on the 2nd day?

thanks xx

 How much do spacers hurt?
Ok so I have to take something before I get them so I know they must a hurt but like how much? On a scale from 1-10? I get them tommorow...
Additional Details
lol ok so some people are ...

 What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it....

 do i have ugly teeth? [i have pictures]?
do you guys think i have ugly teeth?


please be honest

ps. thats not how i smile. im just ...

 Usually we see Amercians with really good teeth, but do all Americans have nice teeth?

Additional Details
The reason I'm asking is simple that here in the UK we are led to believe that all Americans have good teeth. And that allegedly Amercians think that us Brits ...

 do dentists delebrately damage peoples teeth to make more money?
have any dentists ever been prosecuted for this?...

 Should I get braces? I need your opinion. Please!?
I don't really need braces but just listen...
I have this one tooth that is a little crooked.
the dentist said i would prob have em for about one year at the most.
But whats the ...

when you get braces do the dentist ask you what color you want?

if ur like a little kid then yeah

Well Hello There x
at mine they do. and when i get them tightened i can change the color too, which is every other month.

Carrot-Top Fun((:
Yes, he does


i want black or gold

u tell the dentist otherwise he will put u black on it aske hhim for white its a nice color!

Yes. its like getting a tattoo. they ask you what you want because its your body. they dont just draw something random. the same goes with braces.

yes they usually let you choose what color you want, there's usually a lot of colors too! :-)

But don't worry , if they don't ask you just ask them if you can pick a color.


i have blue and green right nowww. (:

yes well i was 18 when i got them and they asked me lol i went for purple and pink haha how sad am i???

Not right away, I think you have to wait until your second visit that they let choose what color to put on them.

yes, they do. but don't worry about the color that much. elastics are changed every time you have your braces adjusted. so you can change colors every month



Patrick H
It is usually an Orthodontist that deals with braces, and usually,Yes They ask what colour you would like, but just in case, ask him as soon as you see him/her. Just politely say: "umm, exuse me, but i was wondering if i could make my braces (insert colour here)."

Well....i had braces b4.....btsadly my dentist hadnt asked me anythin.....bt make sure u ask ur dentist fr d colour of ur choice nd he'll get it fr ya.....
Best of luk!

Yes you can choose from 30 colours. They also allow you to have more than one colour somethimes... they look quite awesome to be honest... lovin' my colour!!

Purple Punk
Yes they do. The ask you right after they put the wire in

yes but if he didn't ask you tell him

Victory ♥
yeap. remember to choose your favorite colour =)

But its usually not the dentist. You get braces from an orthodontist. You will not get to choose your colors if you get a certain kind of braces (I think they're a little more high-tech), but really, any color is fine. And you get to change the colors every time you go in for an appointment (about once every 6 weeks).
Have fun with your braces. :)

Sweet Pea
They ask you what color bands you want to go on your braces.

Basically most everyone is going to have the normal silver metal, but the color comes from the little rubber bands that hold the wire on. And yes, normally most have a selection of colors you can choose from.

I was even able to do two colors, every other tooth. Good for holidays. lol : )

yup...it's pretty cool...you can coordinate to match holidays too.

Blythe T
Yeah they do

Yes! but it depends when the dentist needs to put a thin wire around a tooth..it's because of my teeth's case.

Tanya. ♥
yes, if they don't, just say "can i get them in _____ (and _______)" then they'll do that, unless you're like over 20.


Tip: Darker shades look best, brighter ones stand out too much. Light green/yellow ones make your teeth look yuck!

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