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 braces pros and cons!?
mostly..whats bad about braces..
bcuz i know that the good thing about braces are that they straighten you teeth..
but i need to know about braces...im getting them in January but im scared ...

 please tell me how to make fake braces or tell me how to need braces i want them because evry1 else has 'em!!?
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 Does biting nails help cause bad breath?
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 Do Braces Hurt?
Help i am getting braces tommarow and i am dead sick woried.should i be woried. and how long do they hurt for? Tips.........Please!...

 Will dentists remove your teeth if they are healthy if you request it?

Additional Details
I'm talking about all of them!...

 what does getting a molar pulled feel like? I am really scared, becuase it's a cavity?
I have never gotten a tooth pulled before!!...

 What is that white slimy stuff that can be found inside your mouth after getting up in the morning?

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Seem like after I brush my teeth the white stuff goes away, but always come back getting up in the morning the next day....

 why does my breath stink most of the time, even though i brush regularly?

 Is this a cavity??
Okay well i noticed yesterday that one of my back teeth hurts when i bite into my foods. it isnt a horrible pain but it hurts. ive tried to look back there but i cant see anything.

im ...

 Most of my front teeth are decayed w/ visible cavities. No insurance, what's the right dental procedure?
I'm only 25 years old and it's affecting my self esteem. I don't want to go out and socialize. I want my smile back, but can't figure out whether vaneers, bonding,crowns,etc. are ...

 very very strange braces question....?
ok in order to get my over bite...my othordontist is pushing back my bottom teeth more...

can this leave me with a lisp?

will it have enough space FOR MY TONGUE??!!!


 Which OTC painkiller is best for a toothache?
Aspirin? Ibuprofen? Aleve?...

 Teeth Whitening products?
I brush my teeth everyday, but I just can't seem to get them any whiter.

What kind of whitening product works the best?...

 i had root canal treatment today and my jaw is still numb after 9hrs. why?

 What's your current toothpaste brand that you are using?
I'm trying out this Colgate Maxi Fresh. It is considered "the first and only toothpaste infused with cooling crystals that dissolve in the mouth completely upon brushing to release an ...

 Do spacers hurt?

 how much does root canal hurt?
I had a cavity in my molar and a fragment of my tooth broke off. I dont have the broken part of the tooth saved, and I dont know what procedures can be done to fix my tooth. I heard about root canal ...

 How much toothpaste must be swallowed to cause a sodium fluoride overdose?
I recently brushed my teeth (with Auqa Fresh) and I fear that I might have swallowed some of it, and it contains sodium fluoride. How much toothpaste would have to be swallowed to induce a ...

 I just got braces yesterday and they hurt sooo bad!?
I got braces yesterday and they hurt really bad. I have been taking pain killers but they don't help much. Any ideas? P.S 3 brackets came off and had to be replaced this morning! OWCH!...

whats the best way to pull out a molar?
i got a molar that needs to get pulled the last time i pulled one out it was 6 rs ago an all iremember is that i took my nails an pulled it out this time it aint workin an i aint doin the string thing i got some needle nose pliers do you think that would work?
i aint scared of the pain just scared of breakin the crown and leavin the roots in
any ideas....
Additional Details
the last time i did it it didnt caus eno problems and it was a molar too
whats the point of payin when you can do it yurself

OMG you pulled the other one!!! I would see a dentist if I was you. You might make the problem worse.

have the dentist do it for you! don't f#$% around with your teeth!

Go to the dentist ... seriously if you dont like pain they can give you anthesia ... so you will feel numb.

How about going to a dentist and having it done professionally? I think this is a bogus question!

michael m
with a dentist

Ron's wife
To pull out your own teeth can be very dangerous. Especially on the lower jaw. There is a major nerve that runs throughout the mandible. If you pull your tooth out on your own you are risking paralisis to your jaw.
If you do pull out your own tooth and the roots are left you will experience severe pain because the nerve of your tooth will be exposed. And you will develop an infection.
Please take my advice and see a dentist. I am a dental assistant and if money is an issue there is a company called Care Credit that can help you make payments.
Visit carecredit.com and find a dentist in your area that uses this service. The best part is that the dentist pays the interest.
Most people are qualified... even if your credit is less than perfect.
Dental care is very important for all aspects of your health.
Please don't pull out your own teeth... you will regret it later.

Go to a dentist!

Clint .
Go to a licensed dentist. There can be serious complications from trying to play dentist at home. You could find youself in a lot more pain and even get very sick.

I would suggest seeing a dentist. Removing a molar on your own could cause serious damage to your nerves- which could cause partial facial paralysis. The dentist is a trained professional and would be much more efficient at extracting a tooth. If you can't afford a dentist, then I would suggest asking them about a payment plan or something because you doing it yourself could be dangerous.

Picture Taker
You'll have no trouble getting the soft top part out, but in order to get the root out, you're going to have to go digging between the root and the bone with a very slim but extremely strong instrument - kind of exactly like dentists have and know how to use. If you don't do this, you will end up with an infection (if you don't have one already) and more pain than you can imagine. If you do have an infection and try to remove your own tooth, you'll just push it deeper into your jaw bone and end up in bad shape. Those "shards of tooth" will be at the bottom of a hole that is only 4 or 5 mm wide, but 15-20 mm deep. Be careful not to damage the nerve at the bottom of the hole if it's a lower tooth, because this could leave your lip numb for the rest of your life. And whatever you do, don't puncture your maxillary sinus if it's an upper tooth, or you will end up in the hospital with an infection.

The trick to getting teeth out smoothly is to ask someone who has done a hundred or a thousand to do it for you. I'm sure I could not do what you do for a living and you should not try to do what I do for a living. We could both get into a lot of trouble and I know that at least one of us could hurt themselves.

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