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 How do you get rid of a severe toothache?
I have a severe toothache and there are no dentists open till Mon. and i need a way to solve this horrible pain. I have already taken Tylenol and it has not helped neither does Oragel. Any answers ...

 teeth whitening?
what is the best thing out there to BUY to whiten teeth?...

 name all the different type of toothpaste u know?

 how do i brush my teeth every day and remmember and make it white?

does anyone have any experience with Invisalign? do they work? anyone know the price? i am in ny. thanks. : )...

 Do you rinse you mouth using a glass or straght from the tap/faucet?
i rinse straight from the tap...
Additional Details
some people are prissy about it and would only ever use a glass.......

 my filling cracked...what is my dentist going to do?
my filling on my bottom moler cracked and i know this because he said it lol and i can also see it and i have just a little pain throught out the day and night from it. so he said he needs to refill ...

 how can you make your teeth whiter without buying anything? and doing it safely!?

ok, so like i just got my braces on a couple of hours ago,a dn they dont hurt or anything, but like i can't bite anything and i can't really chew anything. is this normal? when will it go ...

 Are there any negative side effects of chewing alot of sugar free gum?
It is suppposed to help clean teeth because of the chewing action and lack of sugar, but can the chemicals and sweeteners in it be just as harmful?...

 Do you think dentist just charge too much for their work?

Additional Details
Yes I just had a cap put on a tooth and it was $750.00. How can people afford much dental work??????...

 Have you ever taken Vicodin Extra Strength?
I just found out, that I have to have 2 very complicated surgeries on my Jawbone and my Hip, because of Bone Loss, due to a severe mistake, that a Dentist I saw years ago made, that almost killed me ...

 Teeth going crooked after braces?
Okay, so I had braces for 3 years, and I got them off 2 years ago (Feb 2008), but recently I've noticed that my bottom teeth are slightly crooked.

Its only one tooth that's ...

 I have a white tongue?
My tongues white and I have tried everything to get rid of it, brushing it doesn't help any suggestions?...

 Hairy tongue?
Okay, so I usually have a bad taste in my mouth and a brown tongue. A tactless friend with a keen nose swears I don't usually have bad breath, but it's still gross. Anyway, I heard of a ...

 help! i swallowed my bracket!?
i was just eating and i felt something weird. i expected the wire to be dislocated but my back bracket was gone! i didn't feel it go down, which i guess is good. what should i do?

 How to stop bad breath?
I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. I floss my teeth. I chew gum. I have breath mints and I drink water but I still get bad breath. How can I stop bad breath. I've done all that i'm supposed ...

 Cleaning nicotine stains?
Anyone know a home remedy for cleaning nicotine stain off my otherwise nice teeth.
Shocking as im british....

 Novacaine....how long will the effects last?
What can I do to speed up the process of the medicine wearing off? My mouth is numb!...

 if you've had an impacted wisdom tooth brutally ripped out, did you pop the extra 300 for anesthesia? worth it?
for whatever reason, this little guy decided to sprout in my 30's & it is KILLING ME.
i've two that need to get pulled, but the one is 'impacted' & it ...

princess la la
what all do they do to your teeth when they take off your braces?
do they shave your teeth down to make them even or what?

Josh R
They scrape off the cement (ouch) and yeah, they pretty much shave your teeth down. Good luck. If you've got a list of things to do before you die, I suggest you start doing it.

yeah i think they do. ask them if they will when you get there

Anita L
They just file ur teeth to make them all even at the bottom. Dont worry it doesnt hurt

Yea, they take a sander basically to get all the glue off and even out the bottoms of your teeth. Not gonna lie, if you have sensitive teeth (which I do), it's probably one of the worst experiences your mouth could ever have. It was really painful for me. Not to mention gross because you are tasting burnt sand from your teeth.

Rachel S
they take them off, & then they use all these tools to get the cement off, & then they razor your teeth down to be even. :)

Yes, they file the cement off the enamel and usually fit you for retainers.

they punch you in the mouth until ur teeth are straight

L♥VE 09
I 'm pretty sure they don't save your teeth down ,they braces should have even them out .

Kkcourva...(j's WifeY)
nada they just pull off the back brackets and use this defice to take off the pieces on your teeth that the rubberbands go on but after they take it all of your teeth will feel slimy idk i just know mine did and everyone else thats gotten them taken off. it doesn't hurt just kinda uncomfortable but real quick

Joel R
They don't shave your teeth, but they do get all the excess glue off. It's a very exciting day, and your teeth will feel slimy.

They give you retainers ,http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://klarschorthodontics.com/images/Clear%2520retainers.JPG&imgrefurl=http://klarschorthodontics.com/reta
here is a pic

They will take all the wires and glue off. It is a long process but time sure does fly by! Then yes, they do kind of shave your teeth to be all even and straight. They even kind of make your side teeth turn in, like corners. When you first get them taken off it will feel very slippery lol and weird! But they will also have to get a mold of your "new" teeth so they can make retainers.

Where Boys Fear To Tread
Yes they make them even and straight. Other than that they just shave off all the cement that attached the brackets. I think thats pretty much it.

..: smile if you mean it :..
They take the braces off, then do their best to clean the glue off of your teeth. If you want your teeth reshaped, you need to go to a dentist not an orthodontist.

Soup J
Well, they gave me this two piece retainer thingy...

Just saying...But who is giving all of us these thumbs downs?

Depending on the shape of your teeth, yes. This usually only occurs on the front few teeth. I had my front four teeth on my top four shaved down slightly because the bottom of my teeth resembled ridges, and they wanted it straight. They won't shave down a lot and it doesn't hurt. You probably won't even feel it.

They also remove your braces, remove the glue, and give you your retainers.

They don't shave your teeth but they do have to drill the glue off your teeth. This can be a lil painful depending on how sensitive your teeth are but it usually only hurts the front teeth. I hope this helped.

Mum Mum
They clean them and off you go, with the big fat bill !

They pull out the little wire part (it doesn't hurt). Then they pluck off each brace one by one (that doesn't hurt either, really easy). Then they scrape the glue off ur teeth (it kinda hurts). Then they like shine ur teeth with this really cold thing (i hated that part). Good Luck, and hope you love your new teeth!

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