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 how come out in the country these folks have missing teeth?
i went to waffle house out in country of ga and customers and employees have no teeth ?...

 Getting braces...T_T?
Hi I'm 16 and I'm getting braces. My orthodontist said that I only have to wear them for 9-12 months. At first I was very excited but now that I realized I'm getting them tomorrow I...

 tongue oiercings YES or NO ?
im getting one on sunday should i or not....

 I'm getting my braces off tomorrow...?
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow, and i was wondering since i have the little bumps on the bottoms of my teeth, will my orthodontist shave those down or something cause theyre really stupid ...

 did u actually brush your teeth before you go out for your date?
honestly answer...
Additional Details
Rocky - the girls will still kiss u even if u didn't brush teeth for whole years, hahahahaha.......

 What works better for whitening your teeth?
Any type of toothpaste, product, or anything that would help whitening your teeth?...

 does diet coke realy rott your teeth?

 Can I file malpractice against this dentist?
I recently went to the dentist because my lower right wisdom tooth was giving me troubles. Apon a full mouth X-Ray it was prompted that I would need all four wisdom theeth removed. I agreed to do ...

 could i have an absess on my gums that doesn't hurt?
ive had it for about a year it quite large and i have went to the dentist they took several x-rays a said it wasn't an absess and to go to an oral surgeon but now without insurance i can't ...

 please be honest, do braces hurt?
i am getting braces soon and i really want the truth about if they hurt so please tell me honestly


 A serious problem. Who knows what's wrong?
Hello! First of all, sorry for my incorrect English, it's my 2nd language.
Ok, now what happened...
My mother went to a dentist on Monday and she had a root canal done. After she went ...

 How often do you floss your teeth?
Just wondering-I only floss about once a wwk....

 is 4 years too long to wear braces?
i only had mine for 2 years and already i am eager to take it out. however, i know people who have worn theirs for 4 years! their teeth looks fine to me they are just too busy to take their braces ...

 I been having pain on my tooth on the back of the mouths, the pain comes and goes the dent es said?
its dessied and i need a root canle, will a root canle get ride of the pain?...

 can you use white crayon to whiten your teeth?
My teeth are yellow. My brother did it while i was sleeping with a yellow sharpie. i am very mad. can i whiten them with a white crayon??...

 My orthodontist left his practice with no notice and no forwarding information. My braces are paid for. HELP!?

 Braces-what happens when you go back?
When you have braces and you have to go back every 6-8 weeks,do they give you new braces or check they're clean?...

 OH MY GOD HELP ME! I just got my braces in. How do I make the pain go away!!!?
Please! I am in unbearable pain!...

 Tips on getting braces?
I am getting braces on the first day of fall and I am kind of scared. My cousin gave this account to me for an hour right now and she let me ask a question because I am not allowed to have an email. S...

 My dad has had 6 teeth extracted today, it bleeds a bit, how should he sleep tonight?
Any other advice you could give too would help, hes 60 and had to have 6 teeth pulled out and hes worried how to sleep tonight and if he can drink any alcohol to help him sleep?

Answers ...

John H
teeth rotting?
Ok, so...

2 of my top front teeth are rotting away from behind the teeth. The rotted gap is so big now, you can see where theyve rotted from the front, its like the rotted part of my teeth are semi transparent. The teeth are my my middle right tooh and the one to the right of that. So thats the right big one and the one to the right of that. The two rotted holes are next to each other, making it FEEL like one big whole when i rub my tongue on it. To be blunt, it looks disgusting, and no matter how much i seem to treat my teeth (brushing etc) its just getting bigger, and pretty soon its just going to be a gap, like its been chipped or part of the tooth is missing.

What is my best option? Ive thought about getting like a false tooth put there but apprently it costs a lot and my families quite poor...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

long w
go consult your dentist its the best thing as answers on here will just tell you the same

good luck

go to the dentist. that is the obvious answer

Hmm... it sounds pretty bad...I have to repeat the same answer for another time... consult your dentist... the longer you wait, the more problem your teeth will create for you...and it will definitely cost you more as time goes by. Talk to your dentist and find a solution for your problem.
Since the problem area lies with your top front teeth, it is going to affect your appearance as well... you are going to lose out more if you let this problem goes on.

I have bad teeth too and no insurance or money. Medicaid doesn't do anything with dental. You could contact a dental school near you that could offer care at reduced or free rates. This is done by students studing to be dentists and the dentist checks their work. It is a slight risk but you need to get this taken care of.

Go to the dentist please.
My mum never took me regularly, my last visit was at the age of 9.
Recently, my sister died, she had been ill for a long time and she was so brave and watching her made me feel silly about not going to the dentist, made me think if she can cope with all she has to go through, surely I can visit a blooming dentist. I was extremely lucky, i went and everything was fine, i didnt need any fillings and have reached 30, but go because they will try and sort something out for you, they won't want to leave you in any kind of discomfort.
Good luck. :-D

xoɟ ʍous
You could talk to your Dentist there might be other options or if you are living in the UK see if you can find an NHS Dentist.

As everybody says, go to a dentist. After a while, they won't just look bad, they're going to start aching. If you don't have the money for a dental visit, try going to a dental teaching school. The students there work on your teeth for really cheep, but they are closely supervised. They may be able to do some whilte filling, or even a cap.

Ally S
mate u have to go to the dentist after 4 years from running from the dentist last monday i went and had 2 teeth pulled out as mine had been rotting away, now i have to go in hospital and have anever five out scarey have a gum infection. u have to go to dentist if u want to save u teeth.

You don't say where you live but if in the UK then you need to register with a NHS Dentist. I know that even then some treatments can be expensive but you need to enquire at the surgery as if you are on certain benefits then a lot of treatment is free. I feel real sorry for you as I had to sit by and watch my friend's teeth fall out one by one. This was because she had gum disease because of diabetes. I wish you well and hope you get your teeth sorted.

candace b
Check with one of your local dental colleges. They will treat you for a minimal cost. I live in LA, and I know a few people, who go there regularly. You should go soon, as you have decay.

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