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 how do i put on the wax for my braces ?

 Can I save my teeth? I'm only 17?
I haven't told my mom yet, but I really need to go to a dentist. I'm also really scared because even though I went last summer and got 4 fillings, I feel like I need 5 more... like all my ...

 why does britain offer free orthodontic care?
britain offers it for people under 16, but why do they do it for free?...

 Wearing a temporary crown.. but.. my tooth?
I'm currently wearing a temporary crown and I check it often with those little bendy mirrors that the dentist uses to look at the back teeth. I don't know if its my temporary crown or my ...

 what is a natural tooth whitener ?

 I'm getting my braces off in February and have some questions?
What's the basic procedure?
Does it hurt?
Do I get a retainer?
Will the retainer give me a lisp?...

 my one tooth hate badly last night.. I have no idea why.?
I try to take some Advil.. and it doesnt seems work...
what I can take to stop the pain before I see my dentist on Monday..?
Additional Details
Wanda.. thanks.. I will try that ...

 How do sensitive teeth toothpastes make the teeth less sensitive?
I have had varying degrees of success with them and I know that they only last for a day or so. But what I want to know is how they actually make your teeth less sensitive and are there any long term ...

 What's wrong with my tooth? (read details!)?
hey, first of all, i've had my wisdom teeth taken out on dec. 27th because they were all compacted, and at the bottom, one molar on each side couldn't erupt because of the compacted wisdom ...

 Which is better? colgate or pepsodent? And how many times do u brush daily?
which one do u use?
which protects teeth better? tell me based on your experience and from what u have heard from ur friends
And i brush only once in the morning. should i brush in the ...

 Does getting braces hurt?
Im getting my braces on Friday. and im a littl frightened can you give me some advise?...

 what colour braces should i get?
i am getting braces tomorrow, i am 13 brown hair blue eyes, ive been thinking about thiis for a while and im really not sure what colour i should get.
I dont want a dark colour or one that will ...

 my dogs breath smell literally like something died in him ...his teeth are fine..what can i do?
is there a herb or special diet i can give him...or worse is there something wrong with ...

 can a dentist in the philippines be accepted to take classes in dental assissting course in Australia?

 Gap between front top teeth...?
I have this huge gap in between my top front teeth and I think it's actually getting wider as time goes on.. I was just wondering what the best and fastest solution would be to fix the gap, ...

 How do I pull out a tooth without it hurting?
Okay 3 of my molars loose (baby teeth). I really want them out already. They aren't completly loose though. But, it's really bugging me. I just want those three out already. I have been ...

 Could a dentist tell you have periodontitis from just an X-ray?

 How exactly do I use Baking soda to whiten my teeth?
ok, im the morning i rush to brush my teeth because im late :p . i do brush day and night, but i can see a difference in my teeth's color since i have been being late. i was wondering, how ...

 Bad taste in my mouth after I eat or drink anything? What could it be?
For the past two days I've noticed that after I eat or drink (anything) I get a bad taste in the back of my mouth. Does anyone know what this is or how I can get rid of it? I've kept ...

 Why do some people have to remove some of their teeth with braces on?
Most of my friends who have braces, they don't need to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. Only a few have to have them removed. And I don't know if this depends on the person, or the Orthodontist?...

spacers...Herbst... braces... pain!!!?
okay well im getting the herbst appliance (look it up if you don't know what i is) and im also getting braces all on january 28th, and okay well a loooong while ago (like in december 17th) i had spacers and like they hurt but not too much for like the first 3-4 days and well yesterday i had another appointment and they had to place in bigger/thicker spacers in because they had trouble placing these metal things in to measure the shape of my tooth (like around it for the herbst appliance) and my new spacers (3 times the size of my old ones) hurt like crazy!!!!! like oh my god, i cant eat! and one spacer keeps cutting my tongue and the back left side of my tongue is like all bleeding and stuff, what do i do? they said it'll go away but ughhhhh, pain!!! and also teeth pain in general!! how do i make it stop!!! please help!!!

for the pain - pain killers. hit up tip Advil (ibuprofen)
and OMG the Herbst Appliance looks like something from SAW.

for the bleeding - if its super bad, place a piece of cotton over the spacer. or even get a rubber (latex) glove and cut a piece roughly 5x5 and fold it into a 1x1 square. place it over the spacer. but the cotton works best. If ur at work/school i recommend u talk to ur dentist top get something better.

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