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 Doctors dentists, medical profession ?
Do you find this damned annoying, your appointment is 9 am you get called in at 9-35 am why,?? why is the medical profession so unprofessional, why do they keep us waiting, and no apology , and dont ...

 if you die with braces
do they take them out before they bury you?...

 Do any foods help preserve teeth? What about milk?
My dental hygentist said milk was good when I asked her; but later another hygenist said it was not. Can anyone clarify please?...

 How does a mouth guard stop you from clenching/grinding your teeth & how effective are they?
I have felt tired for as long as I can remember (i'm 35 now!) & have spent loads of time & money trying to get to the root of the problem. All medical explanations have been ruled out, ...

 How painful is getting your wisdom tooth hurt and what happen if you don't do it?
Dentist or people who experience it plz ...

 What are some nicknames given to kids with braces?
writing a book. I'd never make fun of sum one with braces. thats rude, dude....

 What is the worst part of getting a root canal?
I went to the dentist today to get a filling and found out I needed a root canal, I think the dentist did the first part (killing the nerve or something like that). I'm supposed to get the root ...

 How can i help hide my under bite, my jaw looks huge and look so weird??? TIPS????
I tuck my bottom lip in to help hide it or open my mouth while closing my lips so i doesnt look as bad. but i still need help!!!! HELP ME!! Plus my dentist said i have to wait till im 20, so through ...

 Do stitches come out by themselves?
Well, today I went to the dentist to pull out 4 teeths that needed to be pulled out inorder for my braces to make my teeth get into a proper position, and when they pulled out one of my tooths, ...

 Do you think that I need braces?

 ways to whiten teeth at home?

 what was your experience with removal of your wisdom teeth?
i have an appointment tuesday im not sure if this problem is my wisdom teeth (top right hand side gum) but will there remove it there and then or will i have to wait till the tooth breaks through the ...

 How common is it to be born without wisdom teeth?
I was and I was just wondering......

 How can I whiten my teeth at home?
Well I have had my braces for 7 yrs now, and lets say I don't have the best hygene. Well I went to the Orthadontist 1 week ago and they told me i was finally going to get them off In exactly 2 ...

 Is this teeth whitening method dangerous or safe?

I found this on metacafe and seems to be legit and safe. I see no dangerous chemicals involved....

 Who decided mint would be the the flavour of fresh breath?
if someones breath smell of garlic they are considered to have bad breath. If someones breath smells of mint they are considered to have fresh breath.

almost all tooth pastes and mouth ...

 I have just had my teeth done. Are they not the whitest, straightest teeth that you have ever seen?
Even the back ones are great, Look if I open my mouth you can see them. I am over the moon with there good looks. What do you think? I am not sending a photo because the women don't need to see ...

 If you die before you brush your teeth, will a strange smell emit from your mouth?

 Porcelain Veneers?
Hello everyone. I had a question regarding porcelain veneers. I was thinking about getting them but had a question. I heard that the veneers last about 15-20, then you have to replace them. Well, ...

 I got some cavities filled two months ago and my teeth are still really sensitive?
It's pretty much excruciating to eat anything hot or cold and it hurts to eat regular-temperature things too. I called my dentist a month ago about it and she said it was normal. Is it STILL ...

should you use hot or cold compresses for a tooth abscess?

Scott R
I've always heard you use cold.

I usually mix mouthwash and peroxide, it takes the abscess away immediately. If you don't have mouthwash, mix it with water.

Jordannnnnnn <33
go to any health
food store
and ask for
oil of oregano
its really nasty
but it is completely nasty
its kinda expensive but it works
really good

try any antibacterial oral mouth wash

A warm compress will work better because the cold works to reduce swelling but in your case, you want to get rid of the infection.
Rinse with full strength peroxide several times a day. This will get rid of the infection. No need to mix with water.
Gargle with warm water and salt. This will help with the pain.

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