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 can wisdom teeth grow back after you've had them removed?
I endured the horror of having my wisdom teeth removed about 5 years ago.. but now it feels as though a couple of them are coming back. Tell me I don't have to go through it again??!...

 Is it true brushing your teeth with soap will help them remineralize?
Which soap to use ?...

 Is there a brace alternative (teeth)?

I had a brace when i was around 12 years old to sort out some problem i had with my back teeth which i think is now fixed (and stayed fixed). I then had another brace when i was 14 ...

 Orthodontist. Puffy Gums. Help!?
Today I have an ortho appt. and it really stinks. My gums are puffy. I know I should floss them but It always crosses my mind. And when I am at the ortho. they always say to me you nees to brush ...

 How long should you wait before brushing your teeth after a meal?
I've heard you should wait 15 min to an hour because your mouth is acidic. I've also heard you should do it as soon as possible because the food stuck to your teeth does a lot of damage....

 when you hear the word "mouthwash", what color comes into mind?

 Will where I go for undergrad affect getting into dental school?
I've just been accepted into the University of Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University, and Grand Valley State University. I really love GVSU and SVSU, but I'm not really liking U of M. ...

 Question about getting a gold crown on a back molar?
The corner of my second molar in the far back of my mouth chipped off. The specialist (prosthodontist) recommended a gold crown. He said he didn't think there was enough room for my bite to ...

 Dentist Career Question?
i want t become a dentist but my only fear is not having enough patients the question is when i become a dentist will i have loads of patients right away ? what does it depend ...

 I have yellow stains on my teeth what to do?
My two front teeth have been stained from when I was younger. I want to let the dentist shave them.........but I'm a little worried should I do that or do you know of something else I should try....

 How long should I wait to smoke after having major teeth extractions?
I had 30 teeth pulled resulting from a very bad skateboarding accident.The dentist said wait a week before lighting up a cigarette but yet the brochure thing they gave me said to wait 48 hours.Its ...

 Why do so many use fluoride in their toothpaste while it is poisonous?
Did you have to take the fluoride bite wings as a kid, I did and just brush you teeth with toothpaste that has it in it.Before I knew this, i actuallty did pick the brand that was promoting it. It ...

 This is a question for Dentists. I am 29, and have advamced perio disease, is it the end of the world for me?
I mean should I just have all my teeth pulled and get dentures now? I can't stand to look at myself in the miiror as it is....

 I dreamed that I had really white teeth and I was always smiling, what does it mean?
In My dream I was purcheasing something and the women were looking at me and my ...

 What happens to your tongue when you sleep at night? I think I chew on mine,I wake up with a sore tongue?
Every morning I wake up and my tongue is very sore, I think I must chew on it while asleep, some grind their teeth, I chew my tongue. How can I stop this?...

 Does anyone have a bottom denture?
I'm so embarrased about this.
I have this genetic thing with my gums and nerves. My nerves on top started twisting and stretching and that resulted in my teeth to loosen up and cavity. I ...

 Tooth Paste?
My wife was using ARTHODANT TOOTHPASTE in the Gulf,
(Gum Problem).now we are in India and this item is not available,
Could some one in Dental field give me an equivalent for ...

 what should you eat when you have braces?

 Toothpaste is used on more then one tooth, so why isn't it called teethpaste?
wouldn't that be the correct english for that? and again, why isn't it called a teethbrush? hmmm...?
Additional Details
hey schumigirl, you got that backwards dear. teeth is ...

 Power Chains....Braces....Rubber Bands....???
I've had braces for 6 months. My teeth were never crooked, but this was just to make it EXTRA perfect. lol.

Anyways, yesterday, I got rubber bands, and new wires. What does it do? ...

should you brush your teeth after drinking sweetened tea or coffee?

Additional Details
eh, I brush my teeth MORE than 3 times a day. more likely 5-6!

It is always a good idea to at least rinse with water if you cannot brush to help prevent staining or decay---the problem is if you are sipping on sugary or acidic (diet) drinks. This causes an increased chance of tooth decay--it is the frequency of how often the liquid is in your mouth. Everytime you take a sip of sugary/acidic liquids, it starts a 20 minute attack on your teeth trying to cause decay. As a Dental Hygienist, I tell my patients that the only thing they should sip on is plain water--it is ok to have soda/milk/juice with meals. Watch out for the flavored water--they contain acids that can be more likely to cause cavities.

no....u'll get all of the nasties...off when u brush ur 5-6 times

Ana D
You should because coffee and tea can stain your teeth. Just make sure you don't brush your teeth more than 3 times a day because it's bad for your enamel. Hope this helps.

If you don't want your teeth to stain, but you can't always brush your teeth every time you drink that stuff. So, try drinking everything out of a straw. I know it seems odd to drink coffee out of a straw but it works. That way it doesn't touch your front teeth and stain as fast.

If you drink sweetened tea or sweetened coffee you need to rinse with water or eat something with a basic pH such as cheese or a banana before you brush your teeth. If you don't the acidity will cause microscopic holes in your teeth. If you brush immediately after without neutralizing the pH you will brush the raised areas around the holes and end up taking enamel off. You don't HAVE to do this, you can just brush after but that is the Chemistry of your mouth.

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