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Staying Quiet
ok to leave a tooth abscess untreated if no pain?
I have had an abscess for about 2 years now according to the dentist...the dentist keeps telling me I need to have a root canal and crown, but I have no pain. Since it doesn't hurt me, I don't want to go through the pain of "fixing" it....but I don't want to regret it later. Do you know if anything can become worse from not treating the abscess? thanks a bunch!

I did the same thing and spent an entire night in sheer agony as a result. It COULD become painful. If it's a molar, just have it pulled. Your dentist will push you to get a root canal because that costs more money. If it's not one of your front teeth, just get it pulled. The only problem you MIGHT have in the future would be that its mate would shift up or down (depending on which one it is) to fill the void. The solution for that is just as easy- have it pulled too. I got a back molar pulled and have had no problems.

racer 51
just have him pull it. for me anyway, the root canal was a waste of time and money. the tooth fell out anyway. i can't believe your dentist hasn't insisted on something sooner. it can be dangerous to go too long with an abscess. lots of infection in there. take care of it one way or another. lack of pain doesn't mean theres nothing going on in there.

Y.vonne 19
oh you should probably need to treat you tooth... it will become worse than you think if you didnt do it... i have a friend who has the same problem and he didn't want to treat it... and the cause? hhmmm... he got a hole in his face!!! because the abcess destroys the alveolar bone because it didn't have the way out... so it find a way out through destroying the jaw bones and out it went... he suffers so much pain than having a root canal and you will see the inside of his mouth that makes it worse for him...

>please don't wait too long to be treated because you will really regret it... we should not take it for granted...

The problem lies with the fact that an abcess is a source of infection. Our body has only one bloodstream, your allowing infection to exist in your body without interruption. The root canal is a good step to eliminate source of infection.
The crown placement is a preventive step to protect the tooth after root canal. There is a risk of tooth fracture after root canal and the crown helps eliminate that risk by surrounding it and keeping it together.
If you have been with your dentist for a long time, you should trust his/her advice, if not, it's ok to get a second opinion.

I hope that this has been helpful. Good Luck.

A serious tip: Just treat your root canal and crown problem! Believe me! Even if it does not hurt you right now yet!

Heike P
well i have had a tooth,that get`s abscessed at times and the first thing i do is get me some 500mg penicillin.An abscess can kill you you know.I can`t even afford to get this tooth pulled.The penicillin get`s rid of the infection,which is the dangerous part. I would really only call it an abscess if it is swollen and infected.Other than that it is just a bad tooth.That dentist just want`s to make that money.Root canals are very expensive

Any major infection like that can cause other problems. It will only get worse and could eventually spread or require plastic surgery to replace the damaged tissue instead of just a root canal.

Also, since your immune system is busy fighting that infection, it will be more vulnerable to other infections that might occur. Lots of nasty bugs out there just waiting for an easy place to land...

You could also need a new dentist. Maybe it isn't as bad as they think, but they'd make lots of $$ on a marginal treatment call. Get a 2nd opinion (your choice, not your dentist's buddy) to make sure you aren't the one paying for their next vacation or their kid's college books.

$Sun King$
I'd hate to have to smell your breath.

The only pain in a root canal comes from the infected root.
Since you don't have that pain, the dental procedure should be painless.

I really do think that it would be quite a remarkeably good decision if you got this fixed.

If you do not treat an abscess you can get a major infection. It is a bit painful to repair but well worth it in the long run.

Any infection when left alone has the possibility of getting into the blood stream and infecting other parts of the body. This could be serious and even cause your death.

If you want to save this tooth, you should do it now while the tooth is not bothering you. Since the abscess has calmed down for now the root canal wont be painful. Now if this tooth acts up again your talking major pain during a root canal. Even worse it may get to the point where its to late to save the tooth. Check out doctorspiller.com and click on root canal. This info should help you.

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