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 Why is it necessary to get teeth removed when getting braces?
I have heard about people needing some teeth pulled out prior to getting braces.

And which teeth get pulled out?

Why is this?...

 How hard is it to get into a DENTAL SCHOOL?
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I dont mind spending a bit on it but I want ...

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 Do aqua fresh whitening trays cover your whole mouth?
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And do you know if there are any do it yourself whitening products ...

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 Can we get braces overseas and consult a dentist back in our country?
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 Throat Pain/tooth missing/help?
I recently had a flipper made for one tooth and it was trimmed down but still pretty bug so that if I had swallowed it, I think I would have known at the time.

But, it's been a few ...

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 Anyone unhappy with their veneers?
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 how do u floss your teeth with braces on?
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 I'm still hurt after 4 days after my wisdom teeth out. Is that normal?

 Sharp pains on several rear teeth ?

This afternoon about 6 hours ago i noticed maybe 50% of the time i chewed something i would get a sharp quick pain, it does it on several rear teeth, 3 or 4 i think. However i can ...

 I work as a waitress am unemployed no insurance. My front tooth broke in half. What to do now ?
I went to a clinic that was on a sliding fee seemed great in the beginning exrays exam ect. The my first visit was a month away and it was not to fix my broken tooth. They pulled a tooth I am sure ...

 If you go to the ER with a toothache?
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Does the shot hurt? Does the whole procedure hurt at all?...

 What are the first steps of becoming a dentist? and what colleges should i go to?
please help me out with all the info you can you know about what i should do and where i should start...thanks....

 My tooth is hanging and I am trying to pull it and not coming out!?
My tooth is hanging and I am trying to pull it and not coming out! I don't have any apples! WHAT DO I DO!!
Additional Details

numbness of the lip and jaw after a root canal?
Had a tooth cracked and a root canal was done to save the tooth. When the freezing came out I had a very sore jaw for 2 days and a lump where the freezing was injected. As the swelling went down a numbness developed. The dentist gave antibiotics but the numbness is still there. What do I do next? Will pulling the tooth eliminate the numbness?

It sounds like he forgot a nerve.Well maybe cuz once the nerve is cut u shouldn't feel anything there cuz the nerve is dead.If your talking about pain there is a thing called a dry socket which u will need more antibiotics to get rid of it.I'm not to sure cuz I had a root canal done n it was a long time ago n that's all I remember the dentist telling me.

i think i can relate to your question.....
i had a wisdom tooth extraction almost 2 months ago now and they numbed me up pretty good.
most of the numbness went away but there is a certain part of my lip,jaw and gums that are numb not really bad though.
i asked the dentist about it and he just said that it will all go away in do time, and that they probably did something to the nerve while working on my teeth.
worst case scenario is that the feeling wont come back but that is very rare. the feeling in mine is slowly coming back. :)

i think you should wait it out.
if you're worried talk to your dentist.
i dont think pulling the tooth will help any.
good luck

SOmetimes when a dentist injects you, it hits the nerve. You may develope some bruising, have some ice on the area, it should help it a bit. The numbness should go away in a few days.

I hope you feel better, if not sue the dentist:)

You may have to because it probably damaged your nerves in your jaw

They may have severed a nerve during the root canal. When I had my wisdom teeth removed they severed a nerve. As a result, about 1/3 of my tongue is numb and has been for about 10 years now. I don't notice it so much anymore and kept hoping I would get feeling back, but now I'm used to it.

You did not mention how long this has been happening, or if it is in the front or back of your mouth!
I had a root canal on a molar and they pulled the tooth and capped it! Very easy and you don't have to worry about future problems!
But I would call your dentist or go in to talk w/ him since most of the time a receptionist speaks with you on the phone and do no help for you!

sounds like nerve damage...might stay that way or it might go away

Nora G
call and tell ur dentist what is going on, he can help u best.

numbness will eventually go away...otherwise there is a possibility that the surgery gave a nerve somewhere a headache...you'll have to tell the dentist about this one if it doesn't clear up in a few days.

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