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my tooth won't stop bleeding?!?!?
i just pulled my tooth out....but now my gum won't stop bleeding...what do i do??

put a tic tac in its place..

monte w
warm salt water

Angie T
I would rinse with warm salt water, and definitely call your dentist. And in the future, perhaps you should seek a professional to yank teeth. Good luck, and best wishes!

Meg...Out of Hybernation
Rinse with warm salt water. If bleeding persists, go to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room for assistance. It should stop after the salt water rinse (the water must be warm - as hot as you can stand it without burning your mouth - like a cup of tea).

put some salt water in it...

call the dentist

Rinse with warm salted water and plug the space with just enough cotton wool to overlap.Bite down on it for about a minute. If it's still bleeding badly,get medical help

Apply a Tampax.

Apply pressure to the affected area for about 20 minutes. If that doesn't help get help immediately. Is it bleeding a lot?

You don't state your age or which tooth.

The answers above are good - but in the meantime, get some guaze -- roll it up to soak up the blood. Do this with several clean pieces. Then place one in for a long while.

While waiting, call the dentist.

Keep biting down on your gauze. When you change the gauze be sure to dampen to avoid pulling out the clot. If you bite on dry gauze, the clot could get caught on the guaze kind of like when you snag your nail on your sweater. If this doesn't work after a few hours, try biting on a damp tea bag. The tea bag has tannic acid that helps to promote clotting and will hopefully stop the bleeding. Don't smoke, drink through a straw, or sneeze with your mouth closed, all of these things cause pressure changes that could dislodge a clot. You want to avoid these and similar activities. If you are on a blood thinner consult you doctor and dentist and see if it would be ok to discontinue that for a few days until you have had sometime to heal. If none of this is working, call and talk to you dentist or one of his assistants, that's what they're there for. There may have been a complication or something that would cause this that will require a different type of treatment. Hope this helps! Feel better soon!

Ana Maria
put ice on it or put a piece of toilet paper on it and apply pressure un til it stops

Caroline P
Keep rinsing your mouth out with ice cold water, or put ice on the socket. If it won't stop bleeding after 10 minutes then get yourself to A&E as soon as poss.

Definitely don't use warm salt water as this will encourage it to bleed more.

kevin T
Put a clean cloth on it and aply pressure. If it wont stop call a dentist!

My dad is a dentist and he always said not to keep rubbing it or putting a paper towel on it or it will make it bleed more. Sometimes it will itch but you can't itch it or it will bleed.

go put ice on it go the dentest

Pack it with a tea bag.

first of all.....why would you pull your own tooth?
Second.......go to http://www.webmd.com and click on ask a doctor

confidential web site, you should be able to get your answer there if you won't go to your own dentist

Hope it works for you

[BBq] Felix
you wait it out

I actually had a similar problem a couple months ago. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and one of them was uncontollably bleeding a couple days after. Nothing I would do would stop it but I finally found something that worked. If you wet a tea bag and bite on it thats houd help. You may have to keep changing it until the bleeding stops but it should work for you. My dentist said it has a tannic acid which will help to stop the bleeding. Hopefully this has been of some help to you. And don't worry it should eventually stop.

Stuff Square or rond cotton pads up in whole and bike down hard,hold for 5 mins. and change,it,s very common,don,t get scared the bleeding can go on for a hour,keep putting lot of presser on pads and use alot,roll them up so they fit in tooth whole better,The blood will start lighting up the moor pesser you put on it,bite it with other theeth to hold in place!Know if bleeding does not suside in hour after doing that,Get your *** to Docter!Good Luck,Hollywood

Elizabeth L
Put an ice pack on it, then if it doesn't quit call your dentist or go to ER

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