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is getting your wisdom teeth out scary?..?
does it hurt?..does the medicine make you throw-up?
Additional Details
i have to get them out this summer


Sylvia D
Make sure you don't eat anything around the time you have the teeth out, because it's usually the medicine mixing with the food that causes you to throw up.

Getting teeth pulled is scary for a lot of people, but the dentists today have much better methods to minimize the pain. Consider this. It will only take a few seconds for the dentist to pull the tooth, and then it's all over. In my experience, the dentist told me to take Tylenol for the pain, which only lasted a few days.

One thing I know for certain. The more nervous you are, the worse it will be. So try to not be scared. Think about something else that you really like. Take your mind off it. It's not easy, I know, but just try.

Worse case scenario - you could suffer longer with an infected wisdom tooth that can only get worse and cause even more pain. Compare that to a few seconds of pain and a few days of less pain.

I once had a tooth out and was very nervous. The dentist told me to open up, he reached in, I cringed, and while I was still cringing, he told me I could close my mouth. The tooth was out. So it's quite possible you won't feel a thing.


Getting your wisdom teeth out is simple and virtually painless. Don't worry. I have had this done. The medicine they give you very rarely will have any side effects. It in some cases can make the user vomit...but the pain of keep your wisdom teeth will become greater if you don't get them removed.

Don't eat or drink anything after 8pm.(They will give you directions and follow it.) They will give you anesthetic to pull out your teeth. When they wake you up you might be tired and sore in your mouth. Don't eat anything or drink anything for an hour or so.(follow their directions) Please remember to not eat nor drink anything cold. You have to eat soft food. apple sauce room temperature, warm soup. Take care!!!

well it depends how many you have 1,2,3, or 4. i only have 1, so it won't be that bad for me, but either way it'll still hurt. good luck if you're getting them pulled out!

I had surgery with a general anaesthetic.
I threw up when i woke up.
I had a lot of pain after for about a week, but I would hate to imagine the suffering, if I had been born 100years ago!

the medicine can make you throw up
they put either a numbing so you dont feel it being taken out
its only scary if you think it is

Amused Contestant
Insist upon "laughing gas" (Nitrous Oxide) before he hits with the Novocaine needle. Dentists use it upon request. You won't care what he does in your mouth after the gas. It's great stuff!

Piece of cake, with all the new technology, recovery time should be about a day. Good Luck, You'll be just find.

I had all 4 of mine out at the same time. They stuck a needle in my arm, put me to sleep, and 30 minutes later I walked out...well, stumbled, out. My wife drove me home. I slept the rest of the day and most of the night. Woke up in some pain. Took some more pills.

No, it wasn't scary. Make sure you get some good pain killing drugs.

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