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 Wisdom teeth removal?
i had two teeth reomved 5 days ago. I'm still in pain to where I have to take pain killers every 4 hrs. how long can I expect this to last?...

 I have a foul metallic like taste in my mouth, what could it be?
My dentist says I don't have any infection in my mouth, and my ENT says I do not have sinus problems. He did say I had a slight deviated septim, but not a big deal though. He prescribed Nasonex. ...

 Tooth Extraction. How Do You Distract Yourself?
Need to have a tooth extracted.
Haven't had one pulled for years, and had some bad experiences with dentist in childhood.
How Is the Procedure these days?
How do you distract ...

 I had a toooth pulled about a month ago and now it is killing me is this normal and is there anything i can do

Additional Details
Thank you its actually my husband he grinds his teeth in his sleep and so he had to have a back tooth pulled about a month ago and now that whole side of his jaw ...

 Does the dentist put the entire needle into your gum before haveing a filling?
im haveing a filling tommorow and my family are all telling me it hurts like hell and ive seen answers on here that say the needle is really big!do they put the entire needle in your gums and does it ...

 how long one has to wear tooth braces for straightening of teeth?

 What is wrong with my tooth/gums?
ok so my gum has a weird white thing on it it pretty small but it hurts when i chew or touch it. what is wrong with my tooth/gums and what should i do?!?!...

 How many of you brush your teeth multiple times a day?
Just curious...and if you brush after lunch, do you carry a toothbrush with you?...

 whitening toothpaste that actually works?
i've tried so many "whitening" toothpastes, but none of them seem to work. my parent's won't let me use actual teeth whitening strips or the kits.. so are there any ...

 When is it safe to eat after a filling?
I had two dental fillings done on my back teeth, and they were finished around 9:30 this morning. They were the white resin composite fillings. How long should I wait before I can eat? Are there any ...

 Why are my gums feeling weird? The bottom gums kinda itch..?
The only thing to relieve is rub my knuckles real hard against my bottom gum line.......

 Is a filling really necessary?
Just come back from the dentist. Have been told that there is slight decay inside my tooth. he picked up something 2 years ago, and the xrays show a tiny darkened area suggesting slight decay between ...

 Should I get braces?
Help...I am 13 and most of my teeth are naturally quite straight however some of them have started to grow a bit crooked. Should i get braces fitted? Do they hurt when they get fitted? Or any other ...

 How long are you supposed to wear your retainer after braces?
I wore mine solidly for 4/5 months, then nights for the rest of a year, then more alternate nights for about another 4 months, now I've been wearing them less and less and my teeth just seem to ...

 will i be asleep?
k in 1 wk i have 2 get mi gum scraped 5 times by mi orthodontist. will they put me 2 sleep?...

 Should I floss before or after using mouthwash?
My order is usually this:
1. Brush teeth
2. Floss
3. Mouthwash

I do it this way because I figure that floss gets all the bad stuff cleaned off, and the mouthwash can get in ...

 LAtely,when my gf is brushing her teeth, it bleed..Wat is really happening? i dont know,can someone tell me?
It happen 2 continuous days ad.i'm worry bout it.....

 im getting braces in a week and im very worried!?
im really scared that i wont be able to get my lips over the braces and that they will ruin all my photos? im not being vain but im just worried :( please let me know what its like. thanks....

 Can I use Temporary Dental Filling if I just broke a hole in one of my bottom teeth in the back?
I noticed this tooth was turning a pale white on the top and I was chewing some of my little cousins nerds and it broke(made a hole) in the top of that tooth and I was wondering if I can use some of ...

 What will the doctors do to you before you get your braces?
Im going to get braces pretty soon and i just want to know what will be done to my teeth before i get my braces. Does anyone have braces or had braces? Please tell.......

i have an adult tooth growing behind my baby tooth?
the baby tooth is slightly wobbly, i've tried pulling it but it wont come out. it's the second molar on the top left, it's quite painful, my next dental appointments are in march, one to my dentist & one to my orthodontist. what shall i do? shall i leave it til i see my dentist/orthodontist next or should i try to pull it put again?

Additional Details
Rachel: i'm 14 lol

Rachel *
how old are you??

i'm thinking not old enough to be on here. you have to be 13.

i guess assuming you're just late with your teeth, let it get a little looser then keep trying to pull it.

Timo G
pull it out, it can block your new tooth and therefore your new tooth may become poorly alligned

That's pretty common, i not that long ago had a baby tooth pulled out. Nothing major to worry about, just get to your dentist and have it removed.

I had that happen to me but i left it like that for a long time (like a year)and the baby tooth sorta pushed up into my gums and my orthodontist pulled it out (with that numbing spray stuff which really didn't numb it at all) and it really didn't hurt(:
and idk if it would look weird on u but it didnt on me, it shouldnt, its just a tooth, but then i got braces like a week after that xD

Shadow wolf
Don't try to pull the baby tooth out, the adult tooth will just work its way toward where it actually is supposed to be.

Leave it until you see the dentist, if the pain gets worse or if you can't bear the pain call your dentist to see if he/she can see you in advance.

If you pull the baby tooth out one of your other teeth might come out looking crooked and you might have to get braces, and believe me they hurt!

call your dentist and ask they shud help u

answer my Q pls...


Dani Lou :)
that happened 2 me
make a dentist appointment and they will like push it out
if you dont your new tooth will look horrible like in a weird place

it will fall out sooner or later. If it gets too painful, go see your dentist because you can get an abcess and cause a lot of problems. he will pull it and give you antibiotics (if needed)

You need to maek an appointment as soon as possible to have the baby tooth removed. But don't do it yourself as you likely to cause more damage then good. Get to the dentist as soon as you can.

Leave it - the adult tooth will eventually push out the baby one.

If the pain becomes unbearable - get an emergency appointment at your dentist's and he/she will advise you on the best course of action :)

It'll eventually loosen up some more and come out. If not, try rescheduling your dentist appt to an earlier date.

Scott Bull
Book an emergency appointment in the meantime, but don't pull it out; you could do some damage to the other teeth.

This happened with several teeth of mine, and whilst they hurt a bit, the tooth that was growing pushed the other tooth out.

try and get an appointment with your dentist. you need them to remove the tooth, cause if it stays there it will cause the tooth behind it to come out in the wrong position, which cannot be changed without braces later on. i had the same problem with two of my front teeth, and now my teeth are all over the place and i need braces to correct it.

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