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 Whats a quick and easy way that dosent take much time to get your teeth whiter?

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i cant go to ...

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 how do they pull out teeth?
and does the injection hurt and how long does it take and how long is the injection in for lol
i have to have 4 out in like a week

 How many times a day should I floss my?
split??????? you know the one i'm talking ...

 i am a addicted gum chewer..?
i have about 4 pieces a day..of sugar free trident gum. is this bad ?...

i'm 30 and my back teeth are already breaking off. I take good care of my teeth, why is this happening?

I remain unknown
You might not have enough calcium, More milk, or it could be ur wisdom teeth. If not go see a dentist :)

if you chew gum alot that could be the cause

smart kid 22

brushing too hard

May be chewing gum if you are using. But the real problem is it is extremely difficult to clean properly between teeth especially the molars. The only way is to use dental floss every week once in the beginning. Once the teeth have alsready got spoilt better floss daily.

Broken wings
Your calcium intake may be to low. drink more milk

You may have weak tooth enamel even if you take good care of your teeth. The enamel is what protects the rest of the tooth, from breaking and decay. See a dentist, and they'll let you know for sure what the problem is. If your tooth enamel is the problem, they can use a synthetic enamel on your teeth so that they stop breaking. Good luck!

its medopuase it happened to my bro. it happenes to alot of black people you have to go to the pharmacist and get a Casodex Rx 50mg take one every other day

Wutz it worth 2 ya?
Have you had children? I was like you, after the 2 kids came my teeth fell to pieces. I got dentures yesterday and this is no fun either. Good luck,

Outlaw Immortal
Maybe not enuf calcium? Drink more milk? If that's not the problem then I have no idea.

Tyler B
Could have a blood sugar problem? Im sure your dentist could enlighten you..

It genetics if your parents and grandparents had bad teeth you will too. my grandma got dentures at 25.

It's hard to say because it can be a number of things. If you have anything like a tongue piercing in your mouth, you may unconsciously be hitting it on your back teeth. A lot of people grind their teeth at night when they sleep and don't realize it. All of that pressure will eventually fracture, wear down, and/or break the tooth. When you drink soda or juice, do you chew the ice? That may also contribute to it.
I would just recommend seeing your dentist and seeing if he can find the cause.

its Bush's fault lol

you might have an enamel deterioration problem, like grinding your teeth unconsciously in your sleep, or too many sweets. Check with your local dentist.

☺ мαℓℓσяу.
if you have kids, that could be some of it.
that happens to a lot of people after having children.

Go to a dentist.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

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