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 Is there something wrong with...?
Chewing to much gum? If you constantly chew on too much gum, (Let's say 15 pieces a week, 2 pieces a day, 1 piece for 4 hours) what would become of your teeth? Will it make them decay? Serious ...

 I hate mint...but I want nice teeth? ?
I really hate the flavor of mint. It makes me gag. So it's hard to find dental stuff (floss, toothpaste, mouthwashes) that work for me. I don't have the brightest teeth, but Im a young teen ...

 Why in the world did my new dentist tell me I had A LOT of cavities and come to find out I only have THREE?
Jeeze, I was actually worried that I had like 15 cavities for some odd reason. /pfft
Additional Details
Just had two filled and they hurt now. Wahhh!...

 Has anyone gotten Zoom Whitening done on their teeth? Did it hurt?
I have heard that Zoom hurts real bad after you get it done....is it true?
Additional Details
If you have had it done, tell me about your experience....

 Do you have to get braces to get a retainer?
When I sleep, for some reason my teeth overbite and it hurts really bad. Sometimes I can't even sleep it hurts so bad my jaw going over and I don't even have an overbite, just when I lay on ...

 Why are my gums so red and inflamed and why are they growing over my teeth?
I got braces a couple of months ago and recently i noticed my gums turning very red and starting to grow over my teeth! is this normal and what can i do to sort it out?...

 Native American teeth, pits on the backs of teeth?
Hey, I remember my orthodontist told me awhile ago that the little pits on the back of my teeth mean that I have part Native American or some other race I forget. Does anyone know anything about this ...

 Is this emergency room bill normal?
I am on vacation in the US, I am european.
Yesterday I felt great chest pain, and it become unbearable during the night, so I needed to go to the emergency room. I've had some days ago a ...

 When I close my mouth I have an EXTREMELY weak chin, will braces fix this?
Arghh it's SOO damn ugly! It looks "normal" when my mouth is half open, but once I close my mouth it's horrible. Also I got crooked teeth. I am getting braces in a month, will ...

 white lines on my teeth help?
i have these white lines on my two front teéth in the middle what is that and how do i get rid of ...

 How can I make my teeth white by just using toothpaste in the least amount of time???
plz coz i have yellow :( teeth and i want them to be white on time for saturday...i can only use toothpaste and toothbrush. how many times and HOW do i make them white or like the best as possible. ...

 I got my braces off!! Put need help!!!?
hi,i just got my braces off yesterday, and everytime i went to my orthadonist they said i had swallen gums, and they would use a laser to make then shorter, But my mom doesnt want me to get it done ...

 how to turn yellow teeth to shiny white?
hi , i am going to be a braid mate at my cousins wedding any tips on turning my yellow teeth to shiny white,as i want to look my best in the photo
that would be a great ...

 How do I get fangs? Not vampire fake-*** caps?
Ok first of all I hate twilight. I also am actually not a fan of a vampires. Its just since I was little I have also been fasinated with fangs and biting...(and yes I do mean "playful") A...

 Whats the best way to whiten my teeth? thanks x?

 i have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
i have 4 impacted wisdom teeth that cause uncomfortable pressure sometimes. one is becoming more and more visible and the two on the bottom are completely sideways. the dentist's assistant told ...

 Do I have a infected tooth?
My right molar is always throbbing severely, constantly. I haven't chewed anything on that side of my mouth since my son was born two years ago, and about a week ago while chewing a single ...

 URGENT! Tooth/ Gum pain- is this my wisdom tooth coming through? PLZ HELP?
For a day or so now, I have been experiencing pain around my left, top (middle ish) molar tooth. It is hard to tell if the pain is from the gum or the tooth itself. It is very uncomfortable ...

 Bad Breath?
Although no one has complained, I feel I have bad breath. I always have a bad taste in my mouth especially a while after I brush my teeth even! When I wake up in the morning is when I feel it the ...

 Tooth hurts when I sit down and lay down aaaahh?
I have just had a tooth drilled and filled as it was previosly hurting. However, it is still hurting (I have no absess) if I sit down or lay down, but if I remain standing up the pain goes away. I...

how to make your teeth crooked so you get braces?
I want braces but dont need them please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go boxing

The Ugly Truth

Extremely expensive

HURT. Braces HURT. You go in every other month to get them TIGHTENED.

Cause Cavities. It's almost impossible to floss while they're on.

If you want a metal mouth go get a grill...http://www.icedoutgear.com/grillz-gold-teeth.php

it's me
You can't. I remember going through a year where i was desperate for braces. But i had even teeth so there was no chance. I soon got over it , especially when a friend got them and she informed me how painful they could be!

Kevin H
I hope the hand on face artist sees this. Some time in the future I will be writing a book. Your question will be in it. For that you get a star.

If I were you, I'd just be glad that you don't need them. Why would anyone (through choice) want to have to wear them for a very long time, I reckon they must be really uncomfortable and they cause all kinds of problems when it comes to kissing boys, etc.

If you really do want crooked teeth, the best way is probably just to get someone to punch you in the mouth and then you risk losing them.

Be grateful that you don't need them and enjoy the perfect teeth you do have.

why would you wanna do that???

Try i think its called retainer or something like that..its not braces. Google it up. Braces look ugly anyways...i dont recommend it cuz you'll slober all over the place!

I am THE babe x уαѕмıи
You really want crocked teeth.
It's disgusting having crocked teeth.
I need braces but not badly you can hardly tell what I need fixing.
I remember wanting braces so much when I was younger but now I am older (14 yrs) I really dont want them. I wish I had straight perfect teeth naturally.

James N
Why would you want to do that? You can have my wonky teeth if you like!

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