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how much advil is too much advil?
I get really bad tonsillitis, and i took 5 advil today to help the swelling go down. I never take this many, and I don't take advil often. Will this have an immediate effect on my liver?

well it pretty much depends on if you took advil over a certain amount of time or all at once or what. if you took it all at once...thats too much i would say. but read on the bottle and see for your age and everything how much your supposed to take.

This will have an effect on your liver if you drink alcohol. But as long as you don't do too much to damage your liver it will repair itself. The highest prescription Ibuprofen is 800 mg I think, and you can take those every 4 to 6 hours. So you can take 3-4 Advil a few times a day and be ok.

Jen H
Assuming Advil is ibuprofen, then you can take up to 800mg three times a day over a short period of time (up to a week) as long as you take it after food.

Ibuprofen does not damage the liver by the way - it can cause kidney failure and thins the blood and can therefore cause haemorrhage in an overdose, but 5 tablets in a day is a perfectly reasonable amount to take. In future, if you are worried, just check the packaging - it tells you what you can take.

It's ok to take 4 advil at one time and you should wait at least 4 hours before you take anymore.

generally you should not take more than 800mg of advil every 6 hours. so, if yours is over the counter advil, you can take up to 4 (200mg)tablets every 6 hours and be safe. as long as you're not doing that every single day for months on end, you'll be fine.

If the pills that you took were regular strength 200 mg, then you have exceeded the maximum recommended dose of 800 mg. The maximum daily recommended dose is 3200 mg. There is no immediate effect on your liver, though Advil can damage your stomach and intestines.

If you took extra strength Advil and are nearing the maximum daily (32oo mg) recommended dose in one dose, I would suggest going to a clinic as you could cause bleeding and other injury to your stomach and intestines.

Do not take Asprin with the amount of Advil that you have ingested as the combination of the two could cause damage to your stomach and/or intestines.

Advil does not have a compund effect after you take the recommended dose. In other words, if you take the recommended regular dose of 400 mg, it will have the same pain relief effect as if you took 800 mg.

Stick with the recommended dosage.

Randy K
Advil (Ibuprofen) can be safely taken at 800mg three times a day for the average adult. These should be taken with a little food to avoid stomach upset. Usually a course of three days will help with pain and swelling

Wikki Z
yes advil is not the greatest to take, but its not exactly how much you take its how often you take it. If you see yourself having to take this amount more than 3 times a week i would highly suggest calling your doctor and they will suggest a safer but stronger type of pain reliever that wont be damaging your liver.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)
the liver can stand considerable abuse as is evidenced by chronic alcoholics. Ultimately, it will fail after years of heavy abuse.
Since you don't take it often you have nothing ts worry about.
See physician for this tonsillitis though.
Btw, you can safely take 4 (four 200mg) pills every 4-6 hours.

No, you're fine. You can take I think up to 8, but if you take more, say like 12 a day you'll be fine too, especially if you don't take them everyday. Um, by the way, I don't think advil has ever damaged livers...I think tylenol does that, acetaminophen containing products. anyway don't worry about it.

No. How many milligrams total did you take?

If you are well-hydrated, have no pre-existing health issues that affect your kidneys, and have not been drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, you will be fine. Ibuprofen is prescribed in dosages of up to (but NOT EXCEEDING) 800 mg. q.i.d. (which equals ONE 800 mg. pill --or-- FOUR OTC 200 mg. Advil every six hours). Many people are Rx'ed it every 8 hours (t.i.d.), which is recommended unless their pain is severe, in which case the highest dosage (800 mg. q.i.d.) is used.

DO NOT follow Mia's advice and take 8... whereas it most likely will not kill you, it has the potential to make you extremely ill. At the least it can wear away the lining of your stomach (causing an ulcer). Ibuprofen in large amounts can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic (kidney) dysfunction, and renal (liver) failure, among other things. I am unsure why "Dr. Albert" has suggested that you can "safely take 4 (four 200mg) pills every 4-6 hours", as that is an Rx for serious health problems in the long term. Please feel free to contact your PCP or Nurse Physician to check on my advice here; they will be able to explain it in better detail, as well as prescribe you 800 mg. Ibuprofen, so you won't have to take 4 OTC Advil, and you won't need to worry about overdosing. They will also be able to Rx something to numb your throat.

In the meantime, make sure that while you are taking Ibuprofen (or any other anti-inflammatory medication) that you are drinking plenty of water, as that will assist with renal function.

I hope you feel better soon.

- - -


By the way, I agree that you should see your doctor about treating the tonsillitis. Usually a PCP will suggest you wait it out, because it is often viral. This is why they tell you to return if your fever exceeds 101°F or continues for more than a week, because this might be a sign that the infection is bacterial and needs to be treated with antibiotics.

In your question, though, you state that you "get really bad tonsillitis," implying that it is common for you to come down with it, which means it may be chronic tonsillitis. This is more often than not caused by a bacterial infection, and you will need to speak with your doctor about antibiotics, otherwise it will continue to come back. Also, you will want to rule out any primary infections (sometimes tonsillitis is a secondary infection, caused by something else that will need to be treated in order to treat the tonsillitis).

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