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 how long is to long to take antibiotics?
Im getting two wisdom teeth pulled in a few days, my dentist gave me antibiotics a week back to get rid of an infection, it worked very well. i know u are supposed to take the full dose. He ...

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She was as brave as can be but as soon as we walked out, she almost toppled over in pain, complaining that her head was pounding and her stomach hurt really bad. I thought she was gonna pass out ...

 I haven't been to the dentist for a few years, what can i expect?
I haven't been to a dentist for about 15 years, mainly just fear! I had no cavities or work done as a child apart from a little orthodontic work to straighten them up for a bit. I am of an age ...

 Strep Throat, or Wisdom teeth problems?
Ok, so I have been sick these past couple of days thinking I had strep throat running a 102.9 fever. My throat is still killing me, a headache here and there but the fever has gone down to around 100....

 im getting my tongue pierced and my mom and dad dont know. (please open)?
and if i go to the orthodontist or dentist will they tell her?...

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 what is a dentist's greatest strength?

 Will smoking marijuana before going to the dentist help with pain or make me freak out when I hear the drill?

 when ever i brush my teeth my gum bleeds is there any medicine?
i have used every mouth wash i can think of but is not working....

 will the emergency dentist be free?
i need to go and see an emergency dentist, will it be free if i have a tax exemption certificate?
Additional Details
then why the hell do they give us these tax exemtion certificates ...

 how often should i replace my toothbrush?

 General Dental Question?
I have two cavities worn down to the gums.
The left side hasen't hurt in a while.
The right side has started hurting after i tried eating and got food stabbed in there.
That has ...

 How long before I can play Sports after Wisdom Tooth Removal??
Anyone know how long after Wisdom Tooth Extraction it is until I can play sports?...

 I recently put braces on my top teeth but not yet on the bottom..I was wondering if that could cause a lisp?
I never had a lisp before but now that I have my top braces on.. I do!...Is it because I dont have my bottom ones on??

(I get my bottom ones on monday...will that fix the problem?)<...

 Can an infected tooth cause you to be very ill? Body aches, fever and general flu symptoms?

 Any advice with geting wisdom teeth pulled?
I only have the option and that's to be put to sleep. But I hate it and they arnt hurting yet. What else could be my options?...

 My jaw really hurts when I open my mouth?
i'm 13 and whenever i open my mouth on the left side it really hurts. it doesnt make any noise or anything it just hurts. like a few weeks ago when i woke up from bed it's been hurting ever ...

 dentist could not make my mouth numb?
i went to a dentist last week and she injected my muth 7 times and my ace ent numb but not my gum
she could not gie me any more anesthetic she said i have had the meximum amount.

why ...

 Does a tooth extraction hurt?
I have braces right now. I have to get 4 teeth extracted next week! I'm really scared and don't know what to expect. Does it hurt WHILE they're pulling your teeth out. I know it hurts A...

how do i stop my gums from bleeding everytime i brush my teeth ?
im 16 and they have bled everytime i brush my teeth all my life, i brush 1 or twice a day.

Have you tried flossing as well as brushing?
I used to get this bleeding as well, then I started flossing twice a day and it stopped.

This can have only 2 reason:
1. Old toothbrush with frayed ends
2. Infection of the gums.
Most likely it is the second option - Infection of the gums. This will require an appointment with the dentist for cleaning or scaling. This entails cleaning plaque and calculus / tartar from your gums and teeth. This is a very basic procedure and not painful at all.
Do not try and delay it as it will only become worse. You can use a mouthwash till the time you schedule an appointment to keep the infection in check.
Good luck

Sounds to me that you may have periodontal disease. You must brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss everyday as well. When you brush, do it lightly because you don't want your gum line to recede. You need to make sure that you are massaging that gum line with you tooth brush. Don't forget to brush behind your teeth, the back and the back of the back.
About flossing, don't just pop the floss in and out; you must go around the gum line so that you don't get cavities between your teeth because they have to chop out half the tooth to get to the decay.
When's the last time you've gotten a cleaning? Schedule an appt. with your Doc. to get to the problem.

I would floss/mouthwash if you're not. If they are bleeding, you might want to try gargling some hydrogen peroxide. (Of course, do not swallow this stuff). It actually seems to hurt less than normal mouthwash to me, probably because your mouth is already wet so it wouldn't sting because it got wet.

You definitely need to floss. Floss once a day and in a couple of weeks you will notice a huge differerence. You should also schedule an exam with a dentist so they can verifythe extent of your gingivitis and quite possibly periodontal disease. Healthy gums will not bleed when simply brushed or flossed. When you do start flossing you will bleed and your gums will be uncomfortable but you need to do it anyway or you risk severe bone loss around you teeth that will cause them to xome loose and maybe even eventually come out. Periodontal disease has also been linked to heart conditions and stroke. It is reversible except for the bone loss. When you go to the dentist you should also ask them to show you the proper way to floss.

do you floss everyday? My dentist told me one of the cause is lack of flossing

Well they bleed when you actually brush the gums hard or from inflammation. The inflammation would be from plaque. You can get rid of plaque by cutting down on stuff like fizzy drinks and crisps and brushing teeth more. :)

first of all try brushing lightly and for longer so that you still clean them but if that doesnt work then i'd seek dental help.

What kind of toothbrush are you using? Be sure you get the ones with soft bristles.

Bleeding gums is never good. Please discuss this with your dentist. It sounds like you are not flossing. Brushing is simply not enough. You must floss the proper way. There are plenty of sites on the Internet to help you learn how to do it right. Are you going to the dentist twice a year? Keep up with the appointments. If you start flossing TODAY you may find that your gums bleed a lot less often.

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