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 Yellow Teeth :'(?
Hi, my teeth are EXTREMELY yellow. I am only 13 years old and they are a huge embarrassment. All my friends have perfectly white teeth. My top teeth and side teeth are fine, it's just the bottom ...

 Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your @rse?

 I have braces but i want to get a vertical labret lip piercing will it effect them???
If i get a Vertical Labret Piercing will they effect my braces???...

 What will drinking lemon juice mixed with water do to my teeth?
I drink a glass every day.
Will it make em yellow? Cos I'd hate to see that!...

 Dental Braces?
i've to remove two of my permanant teeth in order to put the braces in. i'm wondering if these two teeth will affect my look in the future....

 what does the dentist office do with all of the teeth they pull?

 I am absolutely petrified of the dentist. Does anyone have any advice on how to relax about going.?
I know that I will have to be getting some dental work done. I'm not even sure if I am nervous about getting the work done or the cost. I know part of it may just be humiliation since I have ...

 Can't Get My Tongue Bar Out?
got my tongue pierced 2 and a half weeks ago, and i wanted to change the end of the bar to a pretty end, but i can't get it off, they screwed it on really tight. any tips to make it easier to ...

 Does everybody have to remove there Tonsils?
im 16 and just heard about this.. is it MANDATORY?
i never have a sore throat.. i only have the flu and thats about it.....

 Favorite gum?

 Do you like going to the Dentists ?

 How much does Porcelain veneers cost ?

 I have a wisdom tooth is really gone (shattered) and has to be removed.The main question is below?
The pain from the broken tooth is spreading to parts behind my eye and over my ear on the same side.It has just started as of yesterday.On my left side upper if that helps,I worry that this might be ...

 what is the function of blue 1 in toothpaste?
please no lectures about it just why it is used in some toothpastes and if you don't mind, you can briefly explain the process.
thanks a lot....

 I got only four braces on my front teeth upper? Why?

 how to prevent bad breath? ?
i sometimes have it
i dont want to b seen bringing a bottle
of mouthwash to school or b seen poping
tic tacs every 5 min
what can u do that would last the whole
day (at least ...

 Do You think the military should take care of denal work after it was desttroy by them?
The military removed teeth and put in bridge that destrod all my ...

 i need something quick?
to stop my cavity hurting :( ( hole im my tooth ). apart from paracetamol it doesnt work o.0...

 What are some ways to whiten my teeth?

 What's a good, cheap teeth whitener product?

feels like there's hair on my tongue?
Hello, for some 5-6 days i have feeling like there's hair on my tongue. It's just a feeling as i've looked in the mirror with a flashlight and there's nothing there. So what could it be? Should i go and see a doctor?

I've been using Corsodyl mouthwash for some time (20-25 days) and i'm afraid it could be a reaction to it (it certainly did make my tongue coloured)...

Dranubha m
as there is hairy tongue it may be in ur case. u visit ur dentist first d let doctor decide what is it? u s/d use tongue cleaner d maintain oral hygiene

It could very well be a reaction to the mouthwash. Try changing brands for a while and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, then you should see a doctor.

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