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 Toot extractions and a root canals? is this normal for a 27 year old?
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 i had this bubble on my lip?
i woke up this morning and had this bubble on my lip.
when i poped it
it had water in it
and it itches
now there's a whole on my lip (that sounded weird)
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 Is it really necessary to have wisdom teeth pulled if they're not bothering you?
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 I'm getting this finally off my chest! :) Honestly, how do my teeth look (pic)?
I have spaced teeth. They are pretty much white, and I'm extremely conscious about them.

Are they really that bad? Okay? Or good?

Please be blunt.. I'll take anything....

private n
does it hurt to have stitches taken out of your mouth?
I had a very painful extraction last monday, an experience i dont ever want to go through again, the dentist had pulled an abscessed tooth, anyway, i take coumadin which they didnt stop for the procedure so they stitched me up really tight and i have to go in and have them removed this morning, im really nervous it will hurt, the last thing i need is more pain. thanks for your replies.

back from the dead
Taking the stitches out is a picnic compared to the dental surgery. It's no more uncomfortable than someone pinching you on the arm.

Andreia D
It all depends how well it has healed. You might experience a little bit of discomfort but that's normal with everyone.

It will hurt to have stitches removed from your mouth . I
t depend however on the dexterity of your dentist. It should be 1 snip on the thread and a quick tug.You can probably request for spray anesthetic prior to the procedure. Now, if the stitches will be removed while you are still on coumadin, sure there will still be oozing of blood. If it is minimal, ice water in your mouth might control it.. plus pressure on the area.

no it does not hurt

No it is not that bad, you may feel a slight pinch when taking the stiches out and your gum maybe sore from the pressure that the stitches caused, from being sewn together tightly but don't be nervous you'll be fine!
I had 2 surgeries in 3 months, the 1st sugery I had 21 staples taken out of my stomache then the 2nd surgery I had 47 staples taken out of my stomache and I felt a slight pinch. Not to worry!

wel im sorry but yes it will be a little painful howevr u can avoid it by using LA local anesthetic in the from of gel or cream or paste which is applied to the surface of the stiched place

not nearly as much as the earlier procedure.... trust me it wont be anything you cant handle

ѕnoogυмѕ вoogυмѕ ♥
no, i had sum in b4 and u cant really even feel nufin

Spirit Girl
Stitches being removed dont hurt. There might be a little bit of discomfort or tugging feeling when they pull the stitches out. I have had it done and it is not painful, but you will feel the sensation. Good Luck.

having the stiches removed will reduce your pain because you will no longer feel the pull of the stiches. having stiches removed is usually only painful if dried drainage is crusted around the stiches and this doesn't happen in a moist mouth. this can be prevented in other parts of the body by cleaning with peroxide daily , using a q-tip on crusted areas

The area may be a little tender, but nowhere near the extraction pain. Rinse with some warm salt water, 1 tsp in 1/4 cup of warm water. This will also speed healing and help remove inflammation from the tissues.Good luck and try to relax the worst is over. :o)

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