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 What color should i chose to go on my braces??

 right when you get braces do you start to see somewhat of a diference in the straightness of your smile soon?

 i hate the dentist and tomorrow i have to have two root canals how can i stop this thought of canceling?
i hate mostly sitting there forever and the pain is not a problem i just can't sit still for 3 or 4 hours unless they load me up with happy gas! i just know now I'M NOT GOING AND I NEED TOO!...

 Why do people think that they shouldn't have to pay for their own dental work?
"i don't have insurance"...quit whining. if you're sick you go to the doctor whether you have insurance or not. so why do people avoid dental treatment knowing that it's ...

 What is wrong with John McCain's Jaw?
It looks like he has a funky growth on his left side.

by the way, this has nothing to do with his politics, so please, no comments about how mccain is or is not satan, thats not the ...

 I am having 3 wisdom teeth removed in a few weeks 1000 mg of ibuprofen doesn't work! What else can I do???????

 why do people cover their mouth when they laugh?

 What color should I get my braces? (PIC)?
I'd like a less noticeable color that matches my eyes or compliments them. Here's a picture:

(not my account)<...

 hEEEEEEELP! is this normal?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts A LOT!!!! also, it is bleeding a lot. the bleeding has gone done, but not much. its been about four hours.
what should i do to relieve the pain ...

 Braces help!!?
I just got my braces on today and they kill! Does anyone know any tricks or something to help them stop hurting?? Thanks!!...

 does it hurt when they first put braces on you?
like the whole process,how long does it take?and does it hurt alot?also there gonna take off 4 teeth from me,how long do i have to wait so they can put the braces after they take off the teeth like a ...

 bad Breath!?
i have really bad breath, it kinda runs in the family. well, here r the details: i hav braces, i brush my teeth fairly well, (twice everyday) my dentist says i should give my older brother brushing ...

 if you brush your teeth beofre bed can that eliminate "morning breath"?
just curious. my mouth tastes disgusting in the morning and i hate talking to people (lol) but i get rid of it when i brush my teeth. but i hate when i wake up. does brushing at night help? thanks!...

 Tooth Pull HELP!! I'm Scared?
Ok, tommarow I am going ot get one tooth pulled and I am 12 and does it hurt and what do they do? I am scared! really Iam I will throw up if it hurts HELP!!!...

 I am getting my wisom teeth out and wondering what type of pain medication the doctor will give you??

 Do braces hurt?

 Whats the best wait to relieve pain for my wisdom tooth?
A few days ago, my wisdom tooth on the lower left side started hurting. I think its starting to come in. I havent been to the dentist yet due to no insurance. Last time I saw a dentist he told me ...

 is my son old enough for braces?
hes 12...

 what color braces should i get?

 Are there any toothpastes with no taste?
I'm very sensitive when it comes to toothpastes. All of them taste horrible to me, some to the point where I feel as if I might vomit if I actually continue to use them. Therefore, I'm ...

do wisdom teeth grow back after the first extraction?
I'm just curious to know. I had my wisdom teeth (third molars) out when I was 15 and I'm just wondering if they grow back for the second time. Because all teeth grow back once they fall out.

no once they are pulled they are gone

No they dont grow back so its like an adult tooth

Not that I've heard, and I had mine removed in 1980, and there ain't no sign of any new ones yet! And I never really expected any, so . . .. God Bless you.

Daniel L
no they cannot grow back after you have had them extracted. The reason why is that they are adult teeth and then as you probably know once your adult teeth are in they are in for good.

Don't worry, they won't grow back. Humans only have 2 sets of teeth- your baby teeth and then your adult teeth. There are fewer baby teeth than adult teeth though- 20 baby teeth vs. 32 adult teeth. That's why your 12 molars are not ever replaced.

no, just no. they don't grow back.

No. Wisdom teeth once removed, always gone. It takes about 6 years for a tooth to go through its formation process. You can have more then (4) 3rd molars though. Have a dentist take a film to determine whats going on.

Ace Of Spades 117
No,they are your only permenant wisdom teeth

No they arent going to grow back, wisdoms grow once and your 12 year old molars grow once. When they are gone they are gone. Only the places where your baby teeth were grow new teeth...

i don't think so, because wisdom teeth are adult molars and adult teeth don't grow back

they can. one of my family members had that happen.

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