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‚ô•femme fatale‚ô•
do the teeth whitening gels and paste really work?
well I had braces for about a year and when the were FINALLY taken off you could still see where they were. well that was a little over 8 months ago and I have been brushing my teeth regularly and they ARE wight and healthy, but I can still see the slight discloration from where they were. will the gels and stuff help to get rid of this??
Additional Details
everyone that i ask about it says that they don't know what I'm, talking about, or that they can't see it....but I can and it sorta bothers me..

They are only good for maintenance. You need to get a professional whitening to really see and maintain great results.

Jeniece C
they dont work that well. the best thing you can do is go get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Most of the gels are messy and dont stick to your teeth.

well they do work, but if u look at ur teeth really closely, at the very bottom of ur teeth, it is whiter. most pplz whiten their teeth to get rid of that. but when you whiten your teeth, it whitens that part too. so go ahead, i hope it works for u!

yes but you have to use them every day for them to really work and the nyour teeth get really sensitive and they chip.

I've used regularly for about 3 years and I've had good results. There are two types. One contained peroxide carbomide (or close spelling) - that one doesn't work so well with me, the other one is hydrogen peroxide and that one works great. If you use, make sure to get a kids toothbrush and brush gently with a sensitive tooth toothpaste for regular brushing during the bleaching process. The strips stink, they feel strange and slip around. I actually order my bleach from the web however it's more expensive but it works really great. It's white bright bleach. My husband uses Nupro Gold from the dentist. It works for him but not so good for me. Plus the Nupro takes 2 hours a day, the white bright works in 2 - 1/2 hour sessions or I do 1 hour at night. After about 2 weeks of regular bleaching, just do a touchup every couple of weeks or once a month. IF your gums get sensitive, it's just part of the process and will stop within a day or two of ending the bleaching. You do have to use trays, so either get them at the dentist, more money, or buy the cheapest bleach you can find that includes trays and use those.

Well, the whitening gels are best for extrinsic stains, the superficial stains on the enamel layer of your teeth. At higher concentration, some gels also get rid (but not as effectively) of the intrinsic stains which are deeper inside.
From what you described, it looked like that you've had some decalcification around the brackets due to long term plaque accumulation. If this was the case, when the brackets are removed at the end of your treatment, you will see some white lines making the shape of the brackets where they were placed, especially in the front. It's a lot harder to brush, floss, and keep your teeth clean during braces. Even though you've been brushing your teeth "regularly", you might not have brushed correctly and efficiently. The key is to clean between the brackets . Also, decalcification cannot be reversed by whitening gels, and can only get better with some special enamel conditioners.

Helen Scott
yes, they really do work. i like anything that comes with a tray - they're a little more expensive, but you get way better results a lot faster. just make sure you don't get the gel on your gums....after a while it really hurts.

After I got my braces off (how long ago it was!) I used Crest whitestrips for as long as you were supposed to and I thought my teeth were a lot whiter.

I think the over the counter things only work on surface stains, so if your teeth are really bad you'll need a procedure from the dentist. I don't think those whitestrips were very expensive though, like $20, and I didn't have a problem applying them or getting them to stick. It is worth a try.

One of the dental offices here offers free teeth whitening if you switch from whatever dentist you're at to them. Maybe you can get some of that!

Steven A
Yes, tooth whitening or bleaching works, but the safest way to finally get rid of the slight discoloration you say you notice is to have a professional dental whitening done in the office. It is safe, painless, very effective and carries the security that you can have it re-done if you still aren't totally satisfied.

I used Crest Night Effects and that worked wonders.....You use this whitening paste before you go to bed and then brush it off in the morning But for 2 weeks.....You start to notice a difference after about 4 days though.

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