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 if u dont brush ur teeth will ur teeth fall out when ur like 30?

 Approximate cost for braces?
I've been thinking about getting braces, could i get an estimate to the cost...?
Additional Details
Please help. Just need an estimate to the cost of braces. XD...

 How long should sensitivity last after having a filling done?
I had a filling done on about 3 upper teeth about 2 weeks ago. The evening of the filling that upper side was very sensitive. It almost felt like I was touching something raw. I went back to see my ...

For one of the dental schools I am applying to I am required to fill out a form explaining my observation experience & I want to make sure I am using proper terminology & that my statement ...

 How do you whiten your teeth?
I want a more whiter smile. Some of those products don't even work. How do you get whiter teeth? (Other then goin to the dentist)...

 Dentistry Training?
Im in 3rd year dentistry in egypt and wanted to find a training for any time in U.S,england or canada...any1 know where to start??...

 How many teeth do you have to loose before braces?
How many teeth do you need to loose before getting braces? So far I've lost 12 teeth... is that enough? Or am I going to have to wait another year?...

 i want to get my braces off?
i've had my braces for almost 3 years now and i just want them off! when i got them it was because one of my top teeth was croaked. my teeth are straight now and have been for over a year except ...

 I have a brace on the back of my bottom teeth and when i sleep I play with it with my tongue, any way to stop?
Every now and then I do it in my sleep and in the morning I have a cut on my toungue from the sides of the brace, it is on the back of the my bottom front 6 teeth and is permanent.


 Why are most peoples bottom teeth not perfectly straight?

 Braces can adjust your facial features?
So when i got my braces the dude said that it can adjust the jaw line and cheek bone.

That true?

Now i have to wear braces....


 Have you ever had braces?
Thank ...

 When would be the best time to take the NBDE Part I Exam?

 i get really bad mouth sores!?
i had my braces taken off and i need to wear a retainer at night but i rubs the inside of my mouth and i ge eally bad cuts and ulcers. what can i do to get rid of them?...

 anybody ever swallowed a tooth the dentist just pulled?

 Tongue goes up when i swallow problem!?
Whenever I swallow my tongue goes up and hits the roof of my mouth. Is there something I can do about this reflex?
Additional Details
Tongue going up while you swallow is not supposed to ...

 which Brand of Toothpaste do you use ?

Additional Details
Category suggested : Health > Dental

hmmm.. Y!A is getting smarter.. ...

 does anyone want to learn how to make gold teeth?

Additional Details
we are close ing our store and selling the stuff to make the gold teeth if you want to know more just ...

 Is it wiser to get braces before or after wisdom teeth grow out or if it matters?
Im 17 by the way and from what i've read, my wisdom teeth might be coming out soon but I need braces. I have an ...

 Teeth whitening- how do you get pure white teeth?
ive had lazer whitening with Britesmile and Zoom but it only lightens the shade and lasts at best a couple of weeks. What systems do celebrities like Simon Cowell use to get that really bright snow ...

dents on my teeth????
I have noticed this a while ago but for some reason, today I took a closer look and it seems like its gotten worse..

There are dents in my teeth.. they are located at the front, top of the teeth...why is this? the best way to describe it is, its as if something took a chunk out of my teeth..like craters sort of...I dont feel pain or anything..the bottom teeth dont have any of these...and when i pick at them, my teeth starts to feel like - biting on an icecream bar

Withouth seeing these I cannot be 100% positive, but from their location they are most likely what are called imbrication lines. These are developmental structures that are normal and are indicative of no problem with the tooth. They can best be described as little bumps or lines running horizontally across the teeth. Otherwise, these can be spots of enamel demineralization which, without proper care, can lead to cavities. A spot of demineralization would appear to look chalky and be a little bit whiter than the rest of the teeth. Hope this helps.

It can be caused by brushing too hard/ with a toothbrush that is too hard bristled (medium/hard toothbrush are a NO, NO!, vigorous scrub brushing is a NO, NO!, only gentle circles with a soft toothbrush and if your bristles start to flare out it means you brush too hard). It can also be caused by grinding teeth or clenching teeth, mainly during your sleep. Wearing a nightguard to bed will help prevent further damage. You can buy one from the store or have your dentist make you one. You can't fix the damage without a filling or crown, but you can stop it from getting worse.

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