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 How to keep your teeth white? Does bleaching harmful?
I don’t drink tea/coffee and I don’t smoke also....

 does tooth filling hurt ?
i am a 13 year old and i am very scared of dentists n now i have a cavity in my teeth n i have 2 go to the clinic this week im really scared cuz it i feel it hurts so does it hurt??...

 I get braces in three days. what color should i get please help?
choose from these::
pink and orange.
teal and pink.
or just teal.
or just pink.
thanks so ...

i have a cavity. i am getting it filled tomorrow. does it hurt? what are they going to do to my teeth to fill it? any needled involved?...

 i paid 500$ to have my teeth bleached and they still r not white!?
is there more to it? does it take time or do i have to go back again? does any one know? im for sure not paying another 500.
Additional Details
they did 40 min. and thats all i could ...

 Had root canal yrs ago, now the same tooth has broken. Should I bother getting it fixed when it doesn't hurt?
The tooth is a molar, and isn't visible to anyone....

 Did this happen when you used crest pro health rinse?
Ok...So when I spit this stuff out it had blue clumps of stuff in it and my tounge was blue...after a while my tounge turned black and I got a bad taste in my mouth...Is this normal?
Additional ...

 Does it hurt wearing braces?
just wanna know if it hurts when they put the braces in and aftr ...

 how do i stop my gums from bleeding everytime i brush my teeth ?
im 16 and they have bled everytime i brush my teeth all my life, i brush 1 or twice a day....

 Why is it, when you have an injection at the dentist, it takes so long for the numbness to go??
My face and mouth feel like jelly, anything I can do to speed up the process and get back to normal???...

 How long does it take to get braces put in?
im thinking about gettin braces n i wanna kno like cn u get it the same day u go to the dentist or like several ...

 What are some alternative ways to whiten your teeth? W/ BRACES!?

 my little girls two front teeth have turned blue/grey within 24 hours...???
couple of weeks ago my wee one fell and banged her face of the ground she's had a couple of bangs to the face (front teeth) friday she went into hospital to get her tonsils removed before she ...

 Can i EAT BEFORE getting my WISDOM TEETH out?
Im not getting an IV, their just numbing me. I heard you cant eat for 6 hours before surgery. Why?...

 Can I use regular household bleach to whiten my teeth...?

 Has anyone had a completely horizontal wisdom tooth removed....?
and was it difficult to remove by the dentist, or straightforward? Also, was it painful?
Additional Details
Basically I have been told I need them removed. The wisdom teeth on the bottom,...

 How is a tooth extracted if the top part is broken off ?
I mean only the root remains....

 after braces are off/wearing your retainer?
i really dont want to wear my retainer...and to make matters worse i am by far the worst person to keep track of it. i have had 3 retainers before and i threw it out everyday we had to got through ...

 is rinsing really as effective as flossing?

 what are the best foods to eat that wont get stuck when you have braces on?

can you smoke a cigarette after your tooth got pulled?
i want to smoke a cigarette really bad, i got my tooth pulled at like 1:30 and it's still bleeding a little bit but i've been using gauze. if i were to smoke a cigarette while there is gauze putting pressure on the area of where the tooth was pulled, is that okay?

Jordan W
go 4 it

Hell ya smoke 2

The first and most important physical activity your body must complete is to breathe fresh air into your lungs.

Please tell me why you would want to draw even second-hand smoke into them?

I had three very good smoker friends - they are now all dead!

when my friend had her tooth pulled a month ago the dentist told her she couldnt smoke for 5 days it can cause dry socket which hurts like a SOB. She did good for about 2 days, but when she tried it hurt so she went about 3-4 days without smoking.

Chris C
I wouldn't because you can get a infection or something and you need to let it heal.

Vote congress out!.
No don't do it. Wait until the area where the tooth was pulled to heal. In the mean time, it's a good time to quit.

Just Another Hooligan
It could cause you to get "dry socket"; I think that is what it is called...I an under the assumption that it is a pretty painful infection where the tooth has been pulled...Good luck...

No, you will develop a dry socket......and believe me, you DON'T want that !!!

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