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Does an increase in calcium intake help my teeth?
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 my 13 yr old has a severe abscess tooth dentist is worried it could rupture anytime how do i no if it does?
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 inflamed wisdom tooth gum?
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 urgent question!!!pls do answer!!!!!!!!?
around 8 days ago,i had my left lower molar tooth filled in due to cavity.for testing if my tooth requires a root canal treatment or a filling is sufficient,the doctor used temporary filling.a few ...

 Help, I just got braces!!!!?
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me myself&I
can you clean dentures overnite with baking soda?

I wouldn't do that, because soaking them might just make your dentures dry out considerably, not to mention you may have a hard time getting rid of that taste. I would just get yourself a good firm toothbrush and make a good past with the baking soda, and place it all over the firm toothbrush and scrub away!! We used this as kids for our natural teeth!! And we could see results right away, for brighter whiter teeth!!! This works so good for making your teeth whiter without all of those chemicals products such as pearl drops and God only knows what other products must have tons of chemicals in them!! Baking soda is a wonderful product for "All Naturell" Chemical FREE multi-tasking!! I've used this for so many things over the years!! You can not only use it for your teeth, but for scrubbing nasty Hard water-build up in your bathtubs and sinks, for doing laundry with if your out of detergent. Just add a cup or two of it, and it works Beautifully!! It helps to put one box in your refrigerator for getting rid of any kinds of odors, and giving your refrigerator a fresh smell. For cooking things from scratch, you name it!! It works Beautifully!! Especially for getting rid of stains off of dentures right away!! I would just keep useing it for about a week, every night, just keep scrubbing them down, but dont soak them in it!! Good Luck to you!! Smile!!!

Steve D
soak your teeth overnight in a glass of water with a squirt of washing up liquid make sure you rinse off, this will remove all stains

Soaking overnight with baking soda will not clean but will deoderize the denture. It will require some brushing to clean them.

The best way is to brush them with any kind of tooth paste (to kill any germs), rinse and let them soak in a glass of water over night. You can add a bit of baking soda in th water to remove any odours from the dentures.

soak them overnight with a combo of a little mouthwash and hot water..they will be fresh and clean....I do this as well with my toothbrush!

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