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 Do you chew a lot of gum? If so..?
do you chew a lot of gum?
if so have you gotten a lot of cavities because of it?

my friend just stopped chewing gum because
apparently her dentist saiiid the gum gave her
3 ...

 How long do anesthetics last after wisdom teeth extraction?
In other words, how long will I be acting funny due to drugs after I get my wisdom teeth removed?...

 Getting Braces??
Okay, I have had braces before, but I barely remember getting them, because I was 9, and now I'm 13. I only had them for 9 months, and I didn't wear my retainer. So I have to get them again ...

 Tooth pulled and has this happened to you?
Today the dentist gave me 2 shots of novicane to numb my mouth before pulling the tooth...all seemed well enough as I was very numb.... BUT, when he started pulling it out it hurt like H*LL!

 is it harmful to swallow the little laytex rubberbands that you put on ur braces?

 Scared to Death of the Dentist?
Are there any dentists that will put you under with mild anesthesia in the Southeast Kansas area, i've searched but haven't yielded any answers...it sounds childish but I cant even have my ...

 Bad breath...?
I have a friend who has bad breath. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Besides using mints?...

 Has your dentist ever broken a bit of a dental tool off inside your jaw and LEFT it in there??
I had a root canal to try to fix an infection in a tooth about three months ago.

After it was done, the dentist (endodontist?) did a final xray to view the results, and while exhibiting ...

 How much are mouth gaurds for ppl who grind their teath at night?
im just wondering cause if they r not alot then i have to get 1
Additional Details
i mean the kind u can get from walmart not from the ...

 How many days do i need to stay home from school after wisdom teeth removal?
I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth tomorrow and i was wondering how many days will i need to stay home. Also can anyone tell me how it will feel after i get them removed....

 I have this white bubble like looking thin inside my bottom lip?
Its similar in size to an average pimple, but it's like a whiteish/clear bubble...it really hurts when I touch it with my tongue. What is it?...

 Any tips for tooth brushing with mentally challenged individuals?
I work with a young adult that is working on this but they are continually resistant and doesn't allow the tooth brush to touch their teeth. Any suggestions?...

 Do you get novocaine with braces?
I am going to get braces in a few months. Last month, I had a cavity filled for the first time and I think I had a reaction to the novocaine. So through out the whole process of braces, is novocaine ...

 I am having my wisdom teeth pulled soon.. How bad is the pain and how long will it take to recover?
I am getting them pulled close to my birthday I want to make sure I have enough time to recover!...

 how many years can you wear braces on your teeth before damage occurs?

 Is a dental policy legal/ethical that prohibits a parent being present during treatment of a preschooler?
When reporting for an appoint with my 3 year old daughter this morning, the dental assistant told me that I'd have to remain in the waiting room. When I asked, "You don't allow a ...

 does it make a big diffrence in your teeth and face after you get your braces off?
i have braces and i really want to know if it is worth all the pain in the end???????...

 never been to the dentist before. what should i expect?
i was meant to go wednesday but i was ill
Additional Details
got dentists on 22...

 does anybody know what the term "bite"..i heard about getting your "bite"fixed up..what does it mean??

 Im 21 & if one of my tooth falls out, will a new one grow back?
Or dont adult teeth grow back if they have fallin out due to cause it was loose for some reason? or would i have to go to a dentist & get a fake tooth put in? & once they put that false tooth ...

can wisdom teeth start growing when you're 56 yrs old?
ive got a lot of pain right in the hinge of my jaw in my ear and temple my teeth are ok, no pain there, and ive just finished a course of anti biotics

yes but rare

mini prophet of fubar
It's probably something other than wisdom teeth but a dentist is probably better to see than a gp first to rule out it bieng a wisdom tooth then a referral to a hospital specialist based on thier diagnosis - a dentist is more likely to have an x ray machine than a gp's surgery is, of course it it is a tooth they can deal with it.

Yes they come out of your eyebrows.

i wouldn't think so. It could be an inner ear infection that's not cleared up yet? Ask the dentist/doctor

×ღ Stacie ღ×
Maybe you should go to the dentist again, it can happen if your mouth is irregular or you didn't start growing teeth till late when you was a child! :D

Yes. My father got his when he was your age. Seriously. I have the same condition as him, where some of my wisdom teeth will never erupt.

josh s
i dont think so

The Truth ®
it could be something more simple like a mouth ulcer!

Picture Taker
Yes, they can. I think the record in my office for removing a wisdom tooth at an advanced age due to typical wisdom tooth problems is (coincidentally) 56. There was nothing else wrong, but the tooth just woke up like a sleeping giant and started to cause the man trouble. The solution was to remove the tooth.

Yes, it's very unusual, but there does not seem to be an age limit for wisdom tooth troubles.

Amazing Magenta
I thought my problem was wisdom teeth, but it turned out that I clenched my teeth/jaw when I'm stressed and grind them when I'm sleeping!

The dentist gave me a splint and I wear this and I have noticed that my jaw is not as sore - suggest it to your dentist?

Good luck!

bobbi b
There is no upper age limit for wisdom teeth but a more likely cause of pain in that region is TMJ. ( The jaw joint) See a dentist and you may need an xray of the area. This will also show any wisdom teeth in the area.

Buzz s
They can erupt at any time. If I was you, I would pay a visit to the dentist and get this looked at.

wisdom teeth mostly(not always) grows between 20-33 ages..may be u have some problem with ur mandibular articulation..go to dentist immediately i m sure he/she will solve ur problem

Lisa P
Usually no, your wisdom teeth have probably been there since your late teens, but did not come through the gums. You may be experiencing pain now because they have just decided to shift a bit, this can happen throughout your life, from time to time. If the pain gets too much you need to see a dentist who will advise you as to whether you should have them removed or not.

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