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 There's something in my mouth!
on the inside of my mouth ( the gums) i have got likw this bubble thats clear..
it doesn't hurt but its getting on my nerves!
Does anybody know what it is ?

 Could I Get Into Dental School With a Business Degree?
It's always been my dream to go to dental school, and I started out as a biochemistry major in college, but at the end of my freshman year I switched to business management. The reason being: If ...

 I'm getting braces tomorrow. How are they put on and does it hurt?

 Do I have a nice smile?
Ignore the hair pictures. Its the first pic
I guess you could do 1-10 and be honest!
Additional Details
oh.... also are ...

 Is it ok to use tea tree oil as mouthwash?
If so, how much water and how much of the tea tree oil should i mix together?...

 Help - my braces are making my teeth hurt BADLY.?
I just got braces, and they're so tight that my teeth hurt really badly. The only things I can eat are rice and scrambled eggs, I can't even eat Jello! Does anyone know a way to make it ...

 I went to the dentist for a check up and she said I needed a root canal.?
I have no pain at all. Should I trust her and do the root canal?...

 which is better invisilign or braces?
my two front teeth are squint, the rest are fine. have looked up both types. no where really mentions cost, help please.
Additional Details
sorry forgot to say live in uk, usa prices no ...

 bleeding gums?
I have had bleeding gums for about 2 years. When I first told my dentist they said it was because I was pregnant and not to worry. After I had my baby they still bled and then I fell pregnant again ...

 Has this happened to anyone who has or have had braces before?
So i have had my braces since August 25th. I gave in to temptation and ate a snickers bar today. I was cleaning my teeth and pulling on the wire to get the nuts and caramel away. Well i pulled it out ...

 Can i get a root canal and party the same night??
or is it tooo painful???...

 BRACES: how long...?
for gaped teeth,
i have a little gap between every tooth, and then a slightly larger one between my two front teeth.. if i did get braces, how long would i have them on for?...

 Will a Dentist Know I smoked?
Last night at my friends party, i smoked ten cigarettes and many hits of pot. Before you lecture me, I did it only because i know i have asthma and I knew I would immediately hate it, and I did. C...

 Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your bum?

 how do you whiten your teeth naturally?

 something stuck in front teeth BLACK and ugly cant get it out plz help?
hi i mustve eaten something black, cos the last 3 days, ive had a ugly black thing in between my two front teeth! its so noticable, even though my front teeth dont have a gap, like only a little one, ...

 Which toothpaste available in india currently is best for preventing tooth decay?
I am heavily suffering from tooth decay even after brushing twice a day.Personal experience only....

 How do I know if a dentist is good?

 Is it normal to feel faint after having a tooth extracted?
I had a rear molar extracted this morning, at first I was okay but after leaving the dentists practice on my way home, I started feeling extremely dizzy and had black spots appearing in my vision, I ...

 What are elastics?
okay im getting my braces tomorow and it says on the paper my orthodonist gave me i also need elastics but i dont know what they are so can someone tell me what they are and what they do and does it ...

can i get chewing gum for dentures?
hi im looking for a gum i can chew with my denture without it sticking to my plate?

Just Me

Hope Summer
try searing in google search .:

yes, freedent won't stick to most dentures

Bertie D
No but you can get dentures for chewing gum

Angela H
I am sure that there is a gum out there for dentures. I believe any gum that is sugar free is a good one. Otherwise ask your local dentist office and they can help you.

You Can&#39;t See Me
Yeah, It's called Free-dent. Really! It's made for dentures.

I think my grandpa had dentures and he always chewed sugarless gum.

it called freedent gum most stores have it.

my nicorette gum doesn't stick to mine

hey i to have dentures and i have found that i can eat trident ice breakers and freedent hope this helps

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