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 I brush my teeth very well and often but my teeth still feel fuzzy why is that?

 My son is 12 and he has only lost 8 of his 20 baby teeth...should we be concerned or is this still normal?
His 9 year old sister has already lost 11 baby teeth, which has caused us to be more aware of how few our son has lost. It has been years since he lost a baby tooth and none of his twelve remaining ...

 Who here has had a root canal? What was the pain before, during and after?
I was told I may need a root canal a couple of months ago. I am super scared of the dentist so I put it off. Now I am having pain that is throbbing and it shoots down my jaw. It is sensitive to heat ...

 what is a really good answer 4 this question?
i have a job interview tomorrowand its at the dentist i really want to be a dental nurse,but i always get stuck when they ask me why do i want to be a dental nurse?
i cant explain why its just ...

 What's the most common reason for wearing a retainer?
I had a friend who used to wear one when sleeping at night only and I was always curious why he would need to wear one and I never asked him.
Additional Details
eh no wonder he had ...

 how do you do a pull up?

Can you still snog someone if you have braces and do braces make girls less attractive to boys????????????...

I use to sleep with my retainers, until I'd wake up to find them lying right next to me. Is there something I could use that could fix them in place? This is my second retainer, my previous one ...

 Can a dentist tell if you are a casual smoker quitting?
I have been smoking an occasional cigarette or two for about 6 months now. I am not a chain smoker by any means. I just smoke at parties and whenever they are around. Maybe 30 my whole life. I am ...

 Is there danger in filing teeth with a nail file?
i filed my front two teeth earlier with a nail file. they look much nicer now tho but im worried if theyre going to go black or sensitive. I filed them down about a milimeter ...

 What are the stages involved in getting braces removed?
I am getting my braces taken off on Thursday 12th June after wearing them for about a year, and was just wondering what the stages are and whether it hurts at all, cos i dont tihnk getting them put ...

 What is the name of the plastic tube..
What is the name of the clear plastic tube like thing you can fill with water, and then squeeze gently to let a stream of water clean out the area where a tooth was recently removed?...

 Braces? A few Questions?
I know there are MANY topics on this guys, but I would appreciate some personalized answers... :)

I am getting braces in 6 days. All of my friends have already had theirs, and have them ...

 What will Medi-Cal pay for Dental?
I am getting Medi-Cal in CA. I want braces, how much will it cost and can I get the clear bracket braces? I don't want invislign or anything but like the clear braces and not the tin can ones ...

 Which celebrities have/had braces?
My frennd wants to know because shes freaking out about it.
And I told her that celebrities have had them and she doesn't believe me. So please tell her.
And please nobody from like ...

 Horrible pain in gums around wisdom teeth! PLEASE HELP!!!!?
My wisdom teeth came in 9 years ago and slowley been decaying I have no insurance and now my gum is swollen, ripping, and I can't sleep from the pain any advice?????...

 Weird Braces Problem Help?
ONe of my brackets came off but is still attached to my wire. I noticed my tooth has a weird square shaped bump where the bracket was. Is this normal? Also, I noticed that the area under the bracket ...

 i don't know when i will get my tooth implant?
ok well when i was 13 i fell and broke my tooth, the top half of my tooth still remained, so the dentist decided to put the broken piece tooth together with the bit still remaining on my gums. that ...

 I am embarrassed about my teeth but I am a dental hygienist in the making. How do I overcome this fear?
I had to discontinued my braces for a while, so now I have gaps between my maxillary laterals and canines. Also besides this I have other dental issues going on. We have to start working on each ...

 Got a Root Canal two days ago?
I went to my dentist two days ago and he did a root canal before I left he did a x-ray and told me to go back on the 3rd for another root canal on the tooth in front of it. I am still in pain, He ...

Yellow, hard, smelly round discharge from back of throat?!?
Occasionally I have these yellow hard roundish things that come up from the back of my throat. When I squish them and smell it, it stinks really bad. What is this stuff and how can I treat it. Also does it affect the smell of my breath?

Do you smoke, if you do this is coming from you lungs, if you dont smoke it is still coming from your lungs, but is in infection, you might be getting the flu since it is yellow, that is a sign of infection, you should consult your doctor

This is not a dental question, per se.

The back of your throat gets discharge from four sources: the mouth, the nose, the lungs, and the stomach. What you have to do is to eliminate each one as a source of your discharge. A dentist is only licensed to look at the mouth.

Your best bet is to consult with an ENT: an ear, nose and throat specialist. Be prepared for the following questions, and more:

1) are you allergic to anything?
2) have you had a recent cold or sinus infection?
3) have you had a cough or chest congestion?

If the ENT can't find anything, THEN go to the dentist.

quit smoking

Sounds like u need 2c the doctor!

ah yeah. i used to have that before. and sometimes it goes back. last time i saw it was a week ago. it really smells bad right? what i did is to gargle with a warm salt water every night. but i dont think it works.. maybe that yellowish thing coming from the throat is a formation of phlegm or something.

i think it does affect the breath.

Hollow ✌
omg i used to have that!!!!
i dunno wdf it is but yeah i've been there.........i know it's gross but yeah ask ya doc.

They are called tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones. They are nasty smelling calcified gobs of mucous (from post nasal drip, esp if you've had a sinus infection), food particles and bacteria that collect in the pockets of your tonsils and start to rot there until you cough them up. Yes, it would make your breath pretty bad especially if you happen to break them open in your mouth. Yuck! You could try gargling with a warm-hot salt water rinse to dislodge them and clean the area. Then do the same with an antiseptic mouthwash. Good luck. =)

They are actually tonsil formations and are called tonsilloliths. As far as I can remember, there are some holes or depressions on the tonsil surface that may collect food, mouth debris and bacteria. When all of these things are present and mix in one whole, tonsillolith is what you get. The smell probably comes from bacteria.

I used to get those quite a few times when I was younger, but I don't get them anymore. I've read that it occurs a lot in adolescent age. So hopefully, it will clear up soon for you. Good luck!

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