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person giving thumbs down to everyone, stop please.....

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 How necessary is it to take out your wisdom teeth? Do you really have too?
How necessary is it to take out your wisdom teeth? Do you really have too?...

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it's bothering me right now
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 what vitamins do i need to eat for my gums to grow healthy??

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 did you ever have a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth taken out?
were you put to sleep?
did you experience numbness.

i went today to try to get mine taken out, got the shot, and freaked out to much for the doc to do it, and it hurt and i put my ...

LD, last line.
Wisdom teeth... Should I get... ?
All four out at once or no?

I have one bottom wisdom tooth that is causing (very) unpleasant pain, and the other bottom wisdom tooth has broken through my gums. I've gotten recommendations just to get all four out at once and get it over with, but I would like to get the bottom two removed and then wait a while before I get the top two removed? After all, the top two aren't bothering me yet (knock on wood...).

Any input from people who have gotten wisdom teeth removed would be helpful. Did you get all four removed at once? How was the pain? Or... Would you recommend just getting the two removed that bother me?

Helpful answers would be greatly appreciated... I'm nervous enough as it is. :(

Tired Old Man
Just wait till they are actually in need to be taken out. I am 67 & still have my top wisdom teeth. My son had to have his all taken out & he got black& blue in the face for a long time & was in miserable pain.

April V
I say you get all for. You won't have to go through this experience but one time. I have and my children have had all four taken out at one time. The pain is going to be taken care of with the pain pills he will give you and the instructions that you need to follow to the letter. Take care of this now you will be happier latter.

I just had two pulled this year...one top and one bottom. Both dentists, my regular one and the surgical one, told me the pain from the top one is virtually nonexistant compared to the pain of the bottom. And they were right. So its a good idea just to do the tops at the same time. The tough call is if each pair (top and bottom) is on one side of the mouth...then you're suffering on your left and right at the same time. I suggest you just suffer once...get it all done...it will be a miserable few days/week but then it will done and you don't have to go through it again. And definitely do the tops with each bottom!

It is best to get all four at once, why go through pain twice?

Samantha R
I would definately get all 4 removed at once...
i just had screws placed in my gums because of my jaw, so I know the pain...trust me lol...
Honestly, there isn't much pain until the next day, and if your dentist perscribes the right meds, then you will be fine!
Of course, they will give you laughing gas or put you to sleep, so its not like you will feel any part of the surgery itself...
but dont worry....its not that bad actually...
im glad its over with, and you will be to...
trust me!!!

Millie .
Iv gotten 4 wisdom teeth pulled out. It hurt alot just to get 2 at a time so if you want EXTREME pain then get all 4 at once.
So get 2

Nancy U
When I got mine taken out, only my top ones had begun to erupt, and the bottom ones weren't even beginning to come through yet. But, the oral surgeon said it was best to get all four taken out at once, because letting the bottom ones grow in any more would have caused me more pain and crowding, and possibly grow in sideways, causing more pain. Go ahead and get them all taken out at once, it's enough hell to go through the procedure once. I was awake through the whole thing, getting the shots (about a dozen all over my mouth) was the worst part.

R.I.P the kinq of pop
i have to get all 4 wisdom teeth out on top of getting the tooth in front of my wisdom tooth out so 5 teeth have to come out honestly im a big baby with pain but every1 told me i should get all of them out at the same time they said it will be easier and believe me i think it would so honestly get them all out sweetie better now then when your other teeth gets infected by them so go for it you can do it if i can lol good luck

nissa e
i didnt get my wisdom teeth pulled out yet but i think that u should just do the bottom ones first then do the top

I had all four. I felt there wasn't any reason for me to go with the recoup. time twice. In the end, it took me a week to get over the surgery, I'm glad I did it all at once. The pain wasn't too bad.....they used some type of gas to knock me out, my mom drove me home, and I took the pain pills as prescribed. I did a lot of sleeping due to the meds, so that was the worst part.
Before you go get them pulled (mine were cut out) go ahead and stock up on some soft foods.....you will need them! :)

Lou Lou
Hi there, now this is something I do know about. I was having pain in my teeth when I was in my 20s. The dentist said my wisdom teeth were beginning to impact, and weren't lined up correctly, so I needed them removed. I had one done at the dentist. It was pure hell on toast. Or not toast as it happens because eating is near impossible. The pain is dreadful so you need good painkillers, do not let them send you home with an aspirin, it wont do any good. Once the pain had gone (and that took a good week or so), food disappeared down the hole that was left for ages, so when it came to the rest, I bottled it for ages until I had to have it done. I couldn't cope with dragging it out and had the remaining 3 done at the hospital. There I got proper pain meds, and was looked after properly until I felt good enough to go home. My advice- get them all done, it's better to get it over and done with. If you just have one or two done, you'll never ever get the others done, I promise.

Get them all out ! the human mouth on most people is not big enough for wisdom teeth. had all 4 taken out when I was 20 and never regretted it. It is easier to get all taken out at once. The tighten a tool on two at once then pry them against eachother so they have something to pry with. In time they can even grow into your jaw and you may break the jaw getting them out.

I'm in the same boat. My wisdom teeth are coming in. Two have broken through, one is causing pain. A lot of pain. So I'm going to have them all removed. The two on the right side of my jaw are the ones causing trouble but I decided to have them all removed anyways because the other two might start causing trouble in the near future and I only have to pay for anaesthetics once this way. It's cheaper, saves the dentist's and my time from having to do it twice and I can take an extra day off work lol!

If you are still unsure after reading my answer an all the other answers that other people post then go to another dentist and get a second opinion. Don't do it at all until you're sure.

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