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 has anyone ever asked for?
a mercury poisoning test from their doctor
i have fillings and suffer symptoms that cant be explained, night sweats, extreme tiredness, fatigue, mood swings, digestion problems, rashes, ...

 How could I sharpen my teeth?
I had chewed ice when I was young and they are really dull....

 Crest White Strips/other whitening strips??
My teeth aren't that yellow, but they are a little and i want to hear what everyone has to say about crest white strips. which kind should i get? what are the pros and cons? do they really work? ...

 Any idea where I can get a toothbrush and/or case?
I want to buy a new manuel toothbrush, certainly not an electric one. I'm required to take it to work sometimes (and other places I stop out). I'm having trouble finding a one that comes ...

 What should I do about my bleeding tongue?
My tongue started bleeding and I have no clue how it happened, but there is two holes close to each other. It has been bleeding for over 4 hours and I have tried everything to stop the bleeding. What ...

 How to get rid of gingivitis naturally? or how is it called when your gums are all dark?
I used to be a smoker and my gums are all dark and i want to find a home remedy to clean that up. I brush my teeth and then listerine them. My gums don't bleed but somebody told me it could be ...

 Pain after dental injection?
I had local anesthetic injected into my mouth for a crown prep. The dentist went way too fast and the injection hurt quite badly. Two days later (today) the injection site is still hurting (...

 What is the estimation of the number of people in the world who do not have wisdom teeth?
I do not have them....

 When you floss your teeth, should the floss go into your gums or just between the teeth?
I've always wondered this, what is the right way? Sometimes if you put it into the space of your gum it bleeds. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!...

 Effect on facial features after extracting teeth for braces?
For people who have had teeth extracted (besides wisdom teeth), is it true that after taking them out, your face will be less defined, your cheeks will sag and your lips may be less fuller than it ...

 i cant understand why these braces hurt so bad?
i'm 18 just had top braces put on friday afternoon as well as having spacers flosed in between my molers i have 8 spacers all together 2 on my bottom right 2on my top right 2 on bottom left and 2...

 are small teeth unattractive?
i have very small teeth and i always get commented on them.
but recently some people have been telling me how small teeth are such a turn-off and even though they are very white and straight ...

 Do i have OCD i like to pick at my fingers a lot!?
I pick at my fingers until they bleed and it doesn't stop there and i tear off the skin with a knife because i like to pick at my fingers i can not stop and my skin looks soo messed up right now ...

 Don't you brush off your enamel on your teeth every time you brush your teeth?
Isn't enamel very sensetive?...

 braces to you brush at school?
well do you brush your teeth at school when u have braces or what im getting them tomorrow! :(...

 Will I have white spots on my teeth after I get my braces?
I'm getting them off in a couple of days and I'm really nervous.

I brush them 2-3 times a day.

I don't floss.

I've used an orthodontist ...

 Is getting braces dangerous?
I watched a video on youtube and this one girl was talking about when she had braces that her throat was closing and she couldn't breathe and she had to go to the ER 7 times. She said that the ...

 The edges of my top teeth are all slightly bumpy and chipped, if I ask my dentist would he file them for me?
Like, just into a straight line, cos i used to bite my nails excessively and my teeth have developed small chips and bumps. Would it cost me loads of money or would he do it with my usual check up?...

 Does this really work for curing tooth decay*details inside*?
I was reading an article online awhile back and they said that if like either every day or ever week if I rinse my mouth out with all natural salt or that my cavities will go away and be prevented. H...

 Is it bad to whiten your teeth with straight houshold bleach?does it work by directly puting bleach on them?
im all out of Crest white strips, and i need perfect white teeth in 2 dayss!! could i maybe dip a que tip in regular house-hold bleach and lightly rub on my teeth?? or will this destroy my teeth for ...

Sammi M
Will adding a little bit of Baking Soda or Peroxide to my toothpaste weaken my teeth?
I was wanting to whiten my teeth but I don't want to use a whitening kit to do it because of all the other chemicals involved, and I've read the baking soda and peroxide are whitening agents, but I've also read NOT to use them by themselves, so can I add it to my anticavity Crest toothpaste? Will using it like once a week harm my teeth?

White strips use soda and peroxide.

If too strong it can harm the enamel of the tooth.why not buy a baking soda toothpaste or whitening toothpaste?

David L
You can actually use peroxide as a rinse because it is healthy for your gums. But use a mouthwash afterward because the peroxide can taste nasty.
also, you can make a mix of salt and peroxide and that is additionally good for your gums. some toothpastes will also show that they contain peroxide.

I have always gotten compliments on how white my teeth. I wet my brush and then put on the toothpaste, (put a little in a container with a lid or keep a special box.) I dip my brush in the toothpaste and brush away! I do it a couple times a week. I tried several different methods that included the peroxide, but it only made my gums sting. Good luck.

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