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Why does a toothache pain come and go?
it was severe a few days ago and now it doesn't hurt, why is this?

There is really no true answer for this question, unless you are on an antibiotic. If you are on one, then the antibiotic is knocking the infection down, causing it to become less painful.

Have you had this tooth examined by a dentist? If not, then you probably should, because it could be more serious than you think. :) I'm just trying to help you, because like I have told everyone else that I've answered for, I've been a dental assistant for a looooong time and all I really care about is helping others understand the importance of keeping their mouths and bodies healthy! I don't want anyone to suffer when they really don't have to! :) Sorry I don't have a solid answer for you, but it's a very broad question and there could be a number of problems ranging from needing a filling to needing a root canal. That's why I recommend you have someone take a look at it. :) Hope that helps! Good luck with it!

sabi (^_^)
if depends if ur teeth are weak or strong >> u hve toothache when ur teeth get damaged when u dont brush ur teeth for a long time as acids comes out and damge them buh it hurts even more when ur wisdom teeth is about 2 come

Jonny Dangerously
Your nerves get exposed causing it to throb but after a while you could get some build up in the area impacting the tooth that covers the nerve endings.
That'd be my best guess, it seems logical enough.
Weather can bring about pain also.

Might be an ear problem that's causing your tooth to hurt, sounds stupid but it happens.

MUM OF 2 &BRIDE 2 B(june6th 09)
well if u aint been eating anythign sugary or hard then thats y

You may have had a cold, which may have caused a secondary infection, which has now cleared. Or you may have had an abcess, which could have subsided temporarily. If it starts again, it will be VERY much worse and may mean the tooth has to come out.
Do ask your dentist, who may have to take an Xray
Don't mess about, as there may be time to save the tooth if you have an abcess, since the proper treatment delivered promptly may save you much suffering, agony and a gap in your teeth

It may not be toothache!

It could be sinus problems.

This causes pain that could be construed as toothache

lita m
you might have sensitive teeth... that's just one of several possibilities though...

You have sensitive teeth if it hurts when you eat or drink something hot/cold or if the air pressure changes alot.

I'm sorry if this wasn't helpful and I hope that your tooth gets better soon! =(

It depends do you eat something sweet and sugary like chocolate, and then it hurts. or does it hurt at random times, but i dont know. It might be a cavity, or a tooth is comming out.

gum deasease

Megan W
i dn't know but it happened to me before

the nerve may be dying out where the pain was originally...as bacteria eats into the nerve it is destroyed eventually and you can get infections from it. I suspect as it eats into it a bit more your pain will return. Get is sorted a.s.a.p you don't want a nasty abscess!!

It will come back with a BANG, please go and get it sorted out. I suffered weeks of pain because I left it too late to be fixed and the dentist can't do anything with it while it is infected. You will be put on a course of antibiotics and will need to go back for another appointment. In my case the dentist gave me a course of tablets but could not give me an appointment until two weeks after the course finished. The pain came back worse than ever and I had to go to the emergency dentist who could only give me another course of tablets as the infection had come back again - another dentist appointment later I had the tooth extracted (I had left it too long for the dentist to fix it) and my sanity returned.

Worst pain I have ever had, but then again I haven't been through childbirth yet.

Al Scusi
Pains are impacted by many things, such as hormones and other stimuli

The pain may have been due to infection that has now been dealt iwth.

Still a good idea to get youur teeth checked though - next time could be agony!

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