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 i don't have any insurance?
i live in chicago il and i have a medical cardbut i need my teeth fix so bad but i want to get them replace cause i'm to young to walk around with no teeth is there any help out ...

 Bleeding Between my teeth? What causes it?
Today I just noticed blood coming between my front teeth when I flossed.
I brush my teeth 2 times a day and maybe floss. I don't smoke or drink.
So whats causing this?...

 natural ways to whiten teeth?
i've tried baking soda and peroxide mixture but it really burns my gums and tastes really bad, does anyone know any other way to whiten your teeth....low cost is best, and simple things i may ...

 How to makethe tooth more whiter?
hey my friend's problem is that she was in the US till last year and wasthere from past six years. now her tooth are becoming yellow...can anyone suggest some remedies to make that little whiter....

 Had two baby teeth taken out but new ones didn't grow?
Two years ago my dentist pulled out my second premolars (from my upper teeth) because they were moving. They were baby teeth.
I asked him if new ones will grow there and he said in an irritated ...

 What are the risks with wisdom teeth removal?
Having being referred to have my wisdom teeth removed I was informed that the teeth were lying very close to the nerve and therefore permanent numbness could occur on my bottom lip.This startled me ...

 How can I stop biting my nails?

 If you wet your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, is it more effective?
I know people who just smear toothpaste on dry toothbrushes then brush their teeth afterward. Is there any advantage to wetting your brush before you put it in your mouth (i mean aside from the fact ...

 How can I naturally get rid of tongue tie?

Additional Details
I don't have a speech disorder, it's just kind of annoying when I stick my tongue out. Is the tongue strong enough to break the fraenum by itself?...

 How do people w/ braces floss??
all i know is that its hard.......

 Are Braces Ugly: FRIEND?
Are braces ugly??? My friend is getting them and she is really nervous she'll look ugly, do they make you look ugly? and what can I say to her to make her feel better?...

 do you consider the teeth is a bone?

 whats the best toothpaste to clean and whiten naturally quite yellow teeth?
Please can someone tell me what the best teeth cleaning paste or wash is, or if they have any tips (apart from brush thurally at least twice a day lol)...

 How many times sohudl you floss a week?
i also have one more question wats the point of flossing? i don't see the big ponit of it all. I do it correctly but i j ust feel like i m not doing anything. How ocme peopel say your gonna lose ...

 does it hurt getting your teeth pulled?
Okay so thats my question up there. N anyhow imma get braces this summer. And so i know the dentist told me i have to pull out like 4 of my teeth in the back.ah! im 13. so yah.Does it hurt?! I ...

 If you're fasting, do you still have to brush your teeth?

 I'm scared of the dentist..?
I was supposed to go back to the dentist months ago for a filling, but I didn't because I was scared. I've always been scared but usually it was just a checkup. The filling is replacing one ...

 Braces!!! Please Help!! Thanx?
Hi I have a question about braces. Today I went to an orthodontist and she told me that I needed braces. Usaully people say that it takes about 6 months to get them on, but I am getting them on in 4 ...

 Mouth Ulcers, what causes them and how do you get rid of them?

 Getting braces on Wednesday, what should I eat before i get them on?
What foods should I eat when I get them on?...

Why do we only have 2 sets of teeth?

It is so that people like you don't hurt themselves MTH.

I have reconsidered my answer. I thought you were trying to be funny. You meant why do we have baby teeth. Then get one set of adult teeth. That is a good question. It would be better if one went bad that we just grow a new one.

how many were you hoping for??

it's the way it is. Although it would be great if another toioth grows when one has a problem.

Cuz thats all we need.

Miz Peaches
where would you put the other set.......

Because tooth fairies would be over worked if we had more......

Picture Taker
This way we get a second chance to take better care of them.

Addition: Oops. I missed the word "only" in your question. I like my answer anyway, even though it is certainly not vote-worthy. Someone might get a kick out of it.

Why is the sky blue?

A full set of permanent teeth, would be too big to fit into a young child's mouth. ...

how many do you want to have?
God was stuck on the number 2?
we have 2 of every thing else, so why not teeth too?
I don't know. but I HATE MY FAKE ONES.

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