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 Could the stannous fluoride in crest pro health stain veneers?

 What kind of glue do dentists use to glue in bridges?
Is there a glue that can be used at home to glue the bridge back in?
Additional Details
The cost of a dentist visit is out of the question. Until money can be saved to see a dentist. I�...

 Does getting braces hurt?
Need to know might be getting them ...

 Pain and swelling of my Cheek due to one of my back tooth pain. Please help me!!! I feel like dyin?
I have had a root canal and crown put on my tooth about 4 years ago and everything was fine until recently the past week first I started feeling slight pain in my back tooth what I thought is due to ...

 So I tried whitening my teeth with baking soda...?
I didn't swallow any baking soda, I just rinsed it out... but I kind of have a slight stomach ache (could be a psychological thing or a coincidence I guess...) and even worse was the dead fish ...

 How do you smile, with all teeth out?
Hi, this is kind of interesting and hard to categorize! Maybe dentists are the best people to ask this question.

I found that when some people smile, they show their teeth on their upper ...

 Are all your teeth supposed to come out?
Are all your teeth in your mouth supposed to fall out, mainly the top?...

 My wisdom teeth are coming in straight and are not bothering me, do I still need to get them removed?
I feel like my dentist will only tell me to get them removed so he can make money off of them. They're just there, they are coming in straight and are not affecting my other teeth....

 What is the best brand of toothpaste to take nicotine stains off your teeth?

 Was it a dentist that invented taffy?

 What is the procedure of getting a route canal? And the after effects?
i'm getting a route canal on my 19th tooth, http://nycdentallab.com/images/Copy_of_universal_teeth_numbers.gif ......... if that helps, does anyone know how long, or the pain of this procedure ...

 Why do I get hungry when I chew gum?
Does this happen to anyone else? My stomach starts to growl....

 yellow teeth from swimming?
i read that people who swim more than 6 hours a week( that's me) especially teenagers (me again) can develop yellow teeth (me for the third time.) i have devoloped yellow teeth, i brush and ...

 Crack in tooth?
I cracked on of my front bottom tooth. The crack is on the side and it runs from the top to the bottom at the back of the tooth. At first there was no pain and it just irritated me, but know ( not ...

 Have you ever accidentally bitten the vein on the bottom of your tongue?
That happened to me earlier when I was chewing my gum. It STILL hurts & pinches very badly. I don't know how I did it. & I was chewing with my mouth closed & properly @ the same time....

 Is it possible when you have a bacterial throat infection that your tongue and gums act up?
Around two Thursdays ago, I began experiencing a sore throat - specifically, the sore throat that hurts when you swallow. I've been reading into it and all I'm getting is "pharyngitis&...

 Is diet soda just as bad for your teeth as regular soda, even though it's sugarless?
I am a college student who does NOT want another cavity buuut, I was just wondering if I could drink diet soda or not (I've already given up regular soda), or if it would still be bad for my ...

 Urgent! - how can I get rid of the garlic on my breath?
Going out in about 15 mins!!...

 Wisdom teeth questions?
Does every one get them?
If im starting to get them now,when with i have to get the surgery?

Additional Details
got mybest answer already so thanx!...

 Can patients demand certain treatments from their dentists?
According to my dentist, I may have a fractured tooth. It is a second pre-molar tooth, with just one root. When I chew it hurts when the mouth opens after a bite - i.e. as pressure is released from ...

Baa goes the sheep
Why do I have green gunk on my tongue?
even when i brush it it is still there and its horrible, i brush my teeth twice a day usually, and sometimes use mouthwash. Thanks in advance =]

do u smoke marijuana?

Are you sure its green and not a greenish black?

Either way you need to get to your Dr and tell them to look and then have them check your kidneys and adrenals if they are too stupid know the symptoms. Take this serious!

If you go to the store they have little kits to clean your tongue which includes a scraper which works better than a tooth brush and if that doesn't work see your dentist.

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