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 Braces off whitening...?
Ok, so I'll try to make this short and sweet.
Tuesday morning my braces are coming off! : )
I desire to have a whiter smile when I come back to school Wednesday. So I'm planning ...

 Has anybody had huge problems with their teeth like me??????
Hi! I'm 14 and a few years back I had to have my 2 front baby teeth taken out and extra teeth inside my gum taken ot. I had an operation for this and I had stitches on my gum. The orthodontist ...

 WHY does some tobacco taste like the?
the smell of dope sometimes, I mean the real dope not the pills''...

 What's the best way to clean your toothbrush?

 How long will I have pain from having my wisdom teeth removed?
I had them removed 4 days ago and I am still feeling very sore where the teeth used to be. When should I be able to take myself off the pain killers?


 When I drink cold water, a tooth of mine hurts. Is this a cavity or no?

 Braces - Pros and Cons?
I'm a 22 year old woman and I have been told I should get braces. I don't deny that I probably should and if my school dentist was onto it more I probably would have got them then. I'm ...

 I think i have dry socket, the pain isn't to bad, the hole is closing but will it heal on it's own ?
I think i have dry socket and the pain isn't to bad, the smell is.The hole is closing,once the hole closes will the pain and smell go away?I don't want to go bk to the dentits.I'm ...

 Advice on retainers?
I really need some advice about retainers? I am getting my braces off January 22nd and I am really nervous. Does any girls have any advice on what kind of design I should get? Can anyone send me ...

 why do people with false teeth take them out before they eat?
What is the point of paying all that money if your just going to take your teeth out at the table before you have a bite to eat.. lol.. thats wild. Do you know anyone thats like that?...

 aside from brushing,what is the most effective way to prevent bad breath?

 I really want to have healthy looking gums. My teeth are ok but my gums are kinda pale. Any suggestions?
Would truly appreciate your help. Thank ...

 Worried about GAPs in my teeth :((?
Im little worried about GAPs in my front upper teeth. Im 25 now and going to marry in Aug. So, I would like to get them fixed before Aug, if possible..it would definitely improve my ...

 Teeth Whitening?
I want to get my teeth whiter. I don't know the correct term, but I want to bleach my teeth I guess. I heard it's expensive, like a couple hundred dollars. But, HAS ANYONE GOTTEN IT DONE??? ...

 Any Dentists out there?
I’m in my early thirties and was diagnosed by two dentists (even though I trust my dentist, I always seek a second opinion) with amelogenesis imperfecta, night time bruxism and decreased vertical ...

 Question about Teeth?
Will the gaps between your teeth ever close and stick to eachother again? Without having to use any dential tools? I am 14 and i got a little gap between my front 2 teeth,and im not likin it ever ...

 Do they put a shot in your gum for when you get braces?
My mom said they did, but my friends said they don't. So which is it? Yes or No?...

 I take tegretol, is there any dangerous effect if my denist gives me nitrous?
I can't find any data either way. Is there any danger in having nitrous oxide while I am also taking tegretol
Additional Details
Yeah OK, call my doctor... it is the middle of ...

 Does brushing your teeth with baking soda really whiten your teeth?

 I have a huge gap in between my front two teeth because of braces.?
I've had braces for almost two years now but last year around november I noticed a very small gap in my front two teeth. I didn't think much about it because it wasn't really ...

Which one is better to have Clear Invisible Braces or Metal Braces (regular)?
I am thinking about getting braces.
Additional Details
Is there a difference in how the plastic works vs. the metal braces? Or do they work the same? Which is more expensive?

BlakeyFace Nummy in my Tummy
i think invisible lol

clear is better alot of patients in my office prefer them more because you cant see them and they're less painful than metal braces

Megannn(: [RIP Michael Jackson]
The invisible braces you cant see them,costs more,less painfull.
Metal braces cost less,work faster,more painful.

I have metal braces and I dont mind them.

I really think it depends on age. Those who are generally 22 and over who are in or are going to start working professionally should get clear ones, to look more professional and put-together. The metal ones are great for anyone 21 and under. Honestly, disregarding appearance, I've heard that nothing compares to the metal ones...meaning the invisible ones are great in their own way but you really can't fail with the quicker results from the metal ones. As a bonus, if you choose metal braces, you can pick fun colors for them. : )

Good luck finding the right ones for you! : )

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