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 Will braces fix buck-teeth?
My 2 front teeth are really rather large, and well there buck-teeth...Will braces fix buck teeth if i were to get them?...

 Is it better to use mouthwash before or after brushing?
My concern is the sodium saccarine that is in my mouthwash, I don't know if that's a type of sugar that can cause cavities, and I've been prone to cavities in the past so I'm ...

 Braces andd colours ?
Hi im getting braces soon but i just need colours :D
I was looking at these colours
Light blue and light pink
Pink and orange
Pink and green
Purple and yellow
What do ...

 Wisdom teeth... Should I get... ?
All four out at once or no?

I have one bottom wisdom tooth that is causing (very) unpleasant pain, and the other bottom wisdom tooth has broken through my gums. I've gotten ...

 What suggestions do you have for a tooth that has been removed..to make the gum heal quicker?
it has been four days
Additional Details
lol..I just did the rinse and repeat thing..sounds like your talking about your hair again..lol..hey man..have you caught all my questions.....

 im getting barces???
ok so im getting braces in 2 weeks and i would like to know how they put them on and does it hurt???
and im only getting the top ones ...

 what's wrong with me?
is it common/normal that some people don't even have wisdom teeth?...

 What is stronger, dihydracodiene or co-codamol, I've got bad toothache?

 Do you know a cure for corn between your teeth?
when you are a couple hours away from your dental ...

 ahhhh my braces are killing me?
they hurt soooo badly ahhh
its giving me a headache
what do i do????...

 british peoples teeth?
i dont understand this about americans apprantly thinking british people have bad teeth ive never heard this before do americans really think this and apparently hardly anyone has braces well nearly ...

 what hurts more?
Getting a cavity drilled.
Getting a tooth pulled.

 Is it good idea to brush after each meal?
Assuming you brush gently, is it good idea even if you don't have braces?...

 Sinus pain should I see dentist or doctor?
I had a root canal done yesterday on upper molar and ever since I am having serious sinus pain on the side I had the dental work. Should I call the dentist or would it be best to see a doctor? Has ...

 Do braces hurt, Will braces change my life?
I am getting braces in 2 to 3 weeks and i am a bit scared,i read all about braces and i am getting over my fear...but i am nervous about my appearance to.Do they hurt?Well i have been through a lot ...

 How often should i replace my toothbrush?
i brush twice a day on weekdays, and once on weekends
Additional Details
person giving thumbs down to everyone, stop please.....

 Does Coke Zero and other zero/diet drinks erode teeth?
Does coke zero still erode your teeth if it has 'no sugar'.

This question goes for all other 'Zero' drinks and no sugar drinks like Pepsi Max.


 My jaw feels like it's popping out of place.. should i see a dentist?
The other day i was biting into the crust of a piece of pizza and all of a sudden the right side of my jaw just like popped and became very painful to chew. Well it didn't bother me today so i ...

 My little brother wont brush his teeth.any ideas on how to get him to?
Keep in mind he is only 2 years old....

ok im getting braces n i have not the whites but wwhite teeth n i brush my teeth too good with my braces will it leave a spot were my braces were if they get ...

Where can i buy all natural toothpaste (without having to make it) that doesn't have fluoride in it?

In the know
Why wouldn't you want to strengthen your teeth with fluoride??? So many people jump to conclusions on the "fluoride" train... but there is no scientific proof or "any" credible studies that show it causes cancer. If you are simply looking up on the internet about fluoride, you will probably find a lot of websites that discourage its use but NONE has any proof and none have any legit sources for their info.
In super large quantities of consumption, it can give you a tummy ache. And actually, to tell you the truth, we as americans found out about fluoride by accident because it is "naturally' in a lot of spring water! lol.
But if it for a small child then you can find non-fluoridated toothpaste in your grocery store or any drug store. Its by Oral-B, its kids toothpaste. Since kids like to eat it when they are learning to brush, and as I said too much ingested can give a small kid a tummy ache, they make training toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride... until the child learns to spit.
Sorry if Im jumping to conclusions here but I don't understand people that read things and don't bother to research where it came from, if the study was credible (meaning was it a double blind study, etc.) and what proof they have to back it up. I any of these people took a college course on Research they would understand what I am talking about.
Also, if fluoride kills people,dont you think the FDA would have taken it off the shelves? Dont you think lawsuits would be running like crazy and attorney's all over the television like they are for other drugs that the FDA recalls, (i.e. Phen Fen, etc).I've taken so many courses on Research and investigated this whole fluoride craze and still find nothing crediable. Ok, I'll get off my soap box. lol
Good luck with your toothpaste hunt!

Jon K
your local natural food coop

You can get it on-line......


Check you local health food store.

lois r
Try Wal Mart I have purchased natural toothpaste before. I am not sure about the no flouride.

Tom's of Maine...google it

Tom's of Maine is flouride free and you can find at most health food stores. Or there's Kiss my Face that is also flouride free.

Here are several:

I like the PLUS because it has more essential oils and seems stronger. But most people like the ULTRA because it has a texture more similar to the name brands with the poison warning labels.

BTW: When I was first searching I was disappointed with Tom’s of Maine (and everything else in my local "health food" store) because it also had SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate...originally created as an engine degreaser and used in toothpastes, shampoos, etc as a foaming agent).

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